They are taking the F*#%ing piss!
Yorkshire Vs Derbyshire play stopped for bright sunshine!!!!!!!! Taking that piss - and cricket wants to be a a global game to compete with football - LMFAO

Just get the Dulux colour chart out Paul
'Although Warwickshire have disowned Reeve and Smith [both white] , Piper [black] , now fully rehabilitated, is their second team coach. "Funny that," Smith says. "I wish Keith well...

Freddie.................... He's to have surgery again. Time to get this problem licked once and for all. Take the rest of the year off (we got peeps

Front foot no ball
A wee lad this evening bowled with his front foot about a foot over the line. As I watched him I realised that he bowled off the wrong foot before overstepping. Bowling off the back fo...

Friends Provident Trophy: Glamorgan v Surrey 28-05-2007 at Cresselly Just wondering if a formal game, involving FC Counties, has ever been played further west on the UK main...

Captain Henry Holden
When the 1882 Australian visitors went in for lunch at Trent Bridge, during their tour fixture against Notts, it was soon discovered that no lunch had been provided. It was, of course, the l...

Not good news :-(

This is positively the worst Windies side ever
Even the 1928 side - the first to play Tests had a decent fast attack including Constantine and Francis. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website:

Dodgy Keeper
I see that Matt Prior has showed his colours as a keeper by dropping a pretty easy catch off Gayle. I despair of our selectors: they have two first rate keeper batsmen in Foster an...

India rout Bangladesh to win test series
India have wrapped up one of the most comprehensive wins you could imagine on the third day of the second Test against Bangladesh at Dhaka. The Bangladeshis were never in contention at any s...

This must be a first
Five one-day matches and a Test scheduled all round the country today, and the only place where there was any cricket was Old Trafford. -- David North Test Career Ratings: http:/...

What happens next
The batsman tries to fend off a sharp rising ball and manages only to take it in the ribs. The ball rolls in the direction on the wicket, so the batsman hits it with his bat to away ne...

CC Stats 2007 - Week 6
Record county v county partnerships : Ess 7th v Not 130 RN ten Doeschate & GR Napier Nottingham Not 5th v Ess 359 DJ Hussey & CMW Read Nottingham RPW : Week 33.9...

The dire standard of modern Test cricket
Bowlers who can't put two balls in succession in the right place, batsmen who have no patience and pathetic defensive technique. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website: ht...

The Sidebottoms
It was fantastic to see Arnold Sidebottom's daughter do so well today. (She took 6 for 54 in a day). It is also good that women are allowed to take part in men's Test match cricke...

White mercenary update
Disgraceful! Holing out for 226... Such selfish and irresponsible play!! StC

Johnny Foreigner at it again
Look at that white mercenary letting the English lads down and destroying the team spirit. Disgraceful.

Allan Donald - short term contract
I see that Allan Donald has signed a short term contract working under Kevin Shine. Not a bad name to have helping out. Well played Vaughan yesterday by the way. I'm sure quite a few ...

Ouch !
India are currently just 17 runs away from having their top four all get hundreds in the first innings againsts Bangladesh.

Cricket Poetry
How about a few posts of out-of-copyright cricket poetry, chaps? There must be plenty. Rodney Ulyate The cricket blog to which I grudgingly contribute:http:// crickex.blogspo...

Test career ratings updates
The changes to my Test career ratings following the Lord's and Chittagong Tests are at if anyone's interested. This will be updated after each Test...

Sir I T Botham
Ian Botham is to be knighted............quite right too. *bows*

KKP- R WANKERSON eat yer heart owt!
DITTO MEIN KAMPF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Johnston passes away
Bill Johnston has passed away at the age of 85. He was one of Bradmans' invincibles on the 48 tour. There are now only 5 remaining- Neil Harvey, Arthur Morris, Sam Loxton, Bill Brown and R...

Schofield report Seems fair enough to me - anyone have strong feelings bout any of this?

vaughn should prove himself
just whos dick is he sucking?? way beyond nepotism this unsavoury saga he should go back to county cricket and get some form, as should freddy too, its st...

Just to annoy Robert ...
I see that Hussey and Read have just added 359 for Notts' 5th wicket, smashing the previous Notts record of 266 by Shrewsbury and Gunn. Hussey 14 sixes, scoring at around SR 300 for the last...

Re: Who for you,are the worst or most notorious chuckers in cricket ?
On May 23, 7:05 pm, John Hall <[email protected]> wrote: > In article <[email protected]>, > > eusebius <[email protected]

Re: Who for you,are the worst or most notorious chuckers in cricket ?
On May 23, 7:05 pm, John Hall <[email protected]> wrote: > In article <[email protected]>, > > eusebius <[email protected]

Re: Who for you,are the worst or most notorious chuckers in cricket ?
On May 23, 4:14 pm, eusebius <[email protected]> wrote: > > First Gideon Haigh, then Sean Ehlers and now John Hall! > > Maybe they read 'Ulyett' instead of 'U...

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