Cricket quiz May 2007
1. Les Jackson played two Tests. Who were they against and when were they played ? 2. How old was Jackson when he played his second Test? 3. Jackson had two main opening bo...

Fixed Matches - A List
It came to mind just now that it could be very interesting to gather up a list of top-flight matches through cricket history under which legitimate doubt was or has been cast. A small number...

"Worst sports event ever..." ?
Not the words of Comic-Book Guy, but of Simon Barnes in The Times at He starts off by pondering, ...

Elysian Fields XI gets yet another great seamer
Hard on the heels of Les Jackson, Tom Cartwright has passed away.. Another who played in disgracefully few Tests. Cheers ...

Created a new cricket group named CRICKETMANIAC; Everyone invited
Hi all, I just wanted to let everybody know that I have started a new cricket forum group and would love it if you would come and check it out. We don't have many members yet and are trying ...

Who are the greatest Chokers POMS or SA?
Does it get any better than this? AUSSIES Win the Ashes 5 a canter 3rd world cup win in a row....never challenged Undefeated in last 29 WC matches.

OD Referral system
Seen something today which makes a complete mockery of the whole thing. Keiswetter was given out caught by the wicket keeper and claims he didn't hit it so appealed and it was referred ...

BC LARA: The Prince is not Dead
"Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay , Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Dylan Thomas Do not Go Gentle into that G...

World Record for Surrey!!!
Absolutely brilliant - made the Aussies look pedestrian!

Surrey 496-4 off 50
And Ramprakash didn't even get a bat!

Separated at birth?
Charl Willoughby and Simon Hughes? Richard ...

CC Stats 2007 - Week 2
Record county v county partnerships : Date Old Rec Ess 5th v Gla 313 RC Irani & RN ten Doeschate Chelmsford 2004 Sur ...

Leg spinners
It seems to me that leg spinners appear to be enjoying an enormous amount of success for so early in the season. Warne of course, but also Mushtaq, Rashid, Kaneria and even Salisbury. I wo...

Cricket Forums
Hi all, I just wanted to let everybody know that I have started a new cricket forum and would love it if you would come and check it out. We don't have many members yet and are trying to g...

"Harmison explains himself"
Has anyone read the Wisden Cricketer article this month? I'm not sure what Simon Hattenstone is like as I've never come across his name in cricket writing and whether he's an abrasive jour...

The final is becoming a joke with no one knowing what the D/L revised total is. Australia might as well have had the cup on day 1. They're clearly the best team and when it looked like Sri...

Running on the wicket
Australia penalised a run for running down the wicket. Michael Clarke had just come in and was trying to get off the mark. Mike Atherton - " the Australians wouldn't deliberately run down...

What a player! :-O To be able to do that in a final. Incredible. Dave

All this hanging around for 7 weeks just so it can piss down all day and we get a mickey mouse match for a final.

Nash for Middlesex
Interesting to see him completing his 9th first class ton today. Another name to toss into the wicket-keeping conundrum? I'd not really known much about him but the cricinfo spiel says:

OT: Footie
Chelsea are refusing to take Utd's generous offer again. Grrrrrrr..........!

World cup final
Just over three hours to go. I'm going to have a nap in time for the start, having already made preparations - like sticking pins in my Matty Hayden doll. Sid

Arthur Milton and Les Jackson gone
Two outstanding county cricketers, Arthur Milton and Les Jackson, have died. Milton was the last of the double internationals have played for England art both cricket and foot...

Substitute Wicket-keepers?
I was just reading the bbc's coverage of Yorkshire's victory today at < s/2007/4/13595/html/scorecard.stm> ...

Godleman back to earth with a bump
Only 40 runs today. Shocking stuff. His first non-half-century-or-more in his career. I never rated him anyway.

Someone draft Waters into the England squad ! Admittedly I think he was doing the nightwatchman thing - 33 off 263 balls so far, impressive stuff !...

Another massive Yorkshire win
Top of the league! 414 against Harmison and Onions. Sayers carries his bat, again! A not very generous 2-1 for the Championship.

Another thrasing for Slurrey
Surrey: 203 Hampshire: 481-9 & 171-1 Are they relegation fodder already?

Alternative England
Just for a bit of fun - here's an alternative England team with the potential to do well. Newman Hopkinson <insert no 3 here> Wagh Godleman Martin-Jenki...

England squad of 25 for summer internationals
No real shocks here. Prior and Nixon with the gloves, and Trescothick included in the list. Ashley Giles is "not fit". No real shocks here except we persist with Mahmood and Yardy. Pri...

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