Top 10 run scorers in this world cup
ML Hayden 395 GC Smith 291 JH Kallis 262 RT Ponting 262 SB Styris 258 MJ Clarke 241 AC Gilchrist 211 PD Collingwood 201 BC Lara 195 Imran Nazir 190...

Impressive Bangladesh !
They bowled 13.5 overs without conceding any extras. Well done to them.

The quick bowler bowls a no ball, for height. The batsman hooks the ball off his eyebrows. The ball has just crossed the boundary, without bouncing, when a super duper fielder run...

Pathetic amateur rules
So, the rules seem to be equal. Australia v West Indies delay due to rain. A whole extra day allocated for opposition innings, which benefits Australia Australia ...

Interesting Cricket Grounds and lively crowds
Is there any particular ground or set of supporters that stand out for you around the worlds cricket venues. A long time ago I was in Barbados got wasted and ended up at a Windwards ...

Now here's an idea...........
The Pakistan Cricket Board has responded to the team's early elimination from the World Cup by suspending the players' central contracts - which will be replaced by performance-based deals f...

"England must raise their game"
Yer darn tootin' they do Mr Vaughan.....and it needs to start with you. As they used to say in Hill Street Blues......"lets do it to them before they do it to us". Let'...

English Police
Police from England are going out next week to help try to solve the Woolmer murder. It seems fishy to me, is it all being swept under the carpet? Will they decide it was by per...

England record win
England broke their own record by beating Ireland by 48 runs. Their previous best was beating Ireland by 37 runs. That's an improvement of 11 runs.....Brilliant, should we strike a med...

Dodgy Wicket!
I see from the post match interviews that England got yet another dodgy wicket which made 267 against Ireland a great score. How lucky Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and New Zealand ar...

Happy Birthday............
Australia, Sri Lanka and South Africa...... You've got some massive presents coming your way. (we call them England bowlers)

Vaughan bowling!!!!
for the first time in nearly 2 years - he must be confident that he is healthy - and if that was planned what does that say about the selectors confidence in Dalrymple? - 30 overs gone...

Best get him back on the juice.......econ of 6.66 is not good enough against this level of batting. Mind you, bit too much to expect him bat AND bowl well in the same match. ...

Ireland threads
I've been browsing the various messages about the Ireland England match. What do you expect from England ? They do this all the time. 266 from 53 overs might well be enough to win the ...

Which side he is on? :0)

Top 10 run scorers in this world cup
This is the list of the top 10 run scorers in the ICC Cricket World cup 2007 ML Hayden GC Smith RT Ponting JH Kallis SB Styris MJ Clarke BC Lara Imra...

Rebecca Rolls from NZ has announced her retirement. GOod luck with the rest of your life and thanks for the entertainment.

Mysterious rain break
Rudi Kiertzen led NZ and WI'ies off today when according to Radio 4 commentary it was barely spitting and sunny. Similar views on Sky. Spread bet on a rain break? ;-) Dave ...

Come on Windies !!!
Step it up Bravo and Lara !!! 20 overs left and 114-4. No worries though. -- "A horse a horse, my kingdom for a horse". I haven't had a winner for six month...

Guide for the 2007 World Cup (update)
TV: live on Sky Sports and highlights on BBC One Radio: BBC Radio 4 (198LW) (live match commentaries) and BBC Radio Five Live (update and programmes across the daily schedule), ...

Woolmer was he murdered ?.....
I was out early this morning and someone told be he was not murdered, I cant work it out. If a professional hit man was to have taken him out he would have done the following. <...

Liquer and beer restrictions
Does anybody know by any chance what restrictions there may be in place at the grounds in the World Cup. They were always alright in the past but have they cottoned on to our skanky shitt...

Who for you,are the worst or most notorious chuckers in cricket ?
Irrespective whether anyone named is still playing cricket professionally, is now retired, or is now deceased, who for you have been and are the worst or most notorious chuckers in cric...

SA Cough Cough

GL5 umpire exam
Has anyone done the latest version GL5, with the multi answer multiple choice questions ? The last ten questions have multiple answers, and although there are no negative points f...

India's ignominious exit from the world cup
I think India's unceremonious exit from the world cup stunned the whole of India and the Indian diaspora round the world. I read an article in the hindu this morning by someo...

Shields: Pakistan players no longer suspects "Pakistan's players have been ruled out as suspects in the murder of Bob Woolmer, according to the deputy commis...

A couple of articles CMJ on England's up-and-coming bowling options. ...

Wisden cricketers of the year
Monty Panesar Paul Collingwood Mark Ramprakash Mahela Jayawardene Mohammad Yousuf Muttiah Muralitharan was named leading cricketer in the World. I agree although IM...

Syd Lawrance
Just been on the West Country news - if you thought he was intimidating bowling you want to see him now, he's training for a charity boxing match!

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