What's the point....
Of a three day match such as the one currently taking place between England and NSW? Surely the chances of a win are remote ? Sid

The rough ride starts for Monty !
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ausveng/content/current/story/267740.html The first of many crowd comments no doubt. Good luck Monty !! Richard

Outsource stupidity and rudeness to Australia
I suggest the world outsource stupidity and rudeness to Australia. They have honed it to a fine art. That way the rest of the world will be clever and polite and Australia will be, well...

Good on ya Fletch!!!
well everybody please take a look at this: http://home.skysports.com/ashes/matchreport.aspx?fxid=296330&channel=Ashes a victory my friends!! geraint jones playing in the as...

Team for New South Wales game
14 players: J M Anderson, I R Bell, P D Collingwood, A N Cook, A Flintoff, A F Giles, S J Harmison, M J Hoggard, G O Jones, K P Pietersen, A J Strauss, M E Trescothick, S I Mahmood, M S Pane...

well done poms
great start by your guys. the plan to lull us into a false sense of security was carried out to a `T` today !!!

One day opener thrashing.
It's still time for England to return home. Giles' inclusion sounded the death-knell for England's chances in the test matches, thrashed by a team of relative nonentities. Hi...

Bloody amazing - can't tour. Goes to Oz to commentate !!!!!

Return of the ATGTC
Despite the plethora of cheap & nasty imitation TC's bobbing around these days (Hey Mike, how's it goin?) I promised that the famous* original* cheap & nasty TC, Uncle Alvey's Tipping Comp ...

More spin on Vaughan's comeback
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/6131474.stm Interesting to see Vaughan play the mind games too, with suggestions that he could be ready to play in time for the 3r...

England's first tour game on TV
Sky Sports (I forget which number) are showing it from 11pm Thursday evening for those interested. Don't we always lose this first tour game in Oz (and several of the following on...

Australia is useless
Australia is WANK "What's wrong with Aussies?" I hear you ask....Australians sit around all day guzzling down Fosters and listening to Vanessa Amorosi in their wet, dirty vests. T...

Fancy playing cricket or just a great forum

richard dixon
http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?goj06a&1 r d n g e m a i [email protected] s h a u n s k i_r o c k [email protected]

Five bowlers?
http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/ausveng/content/current/story/267121.html Hmm. Bit worried by this... Dropping one of Cook, Bell & Collingwood seems harsh and a batting line ...

Cricket quiz November 2006 - answers
1. What is the longest limited overs competition, ie the most overs per innings, ever held? A. The original Gillette Cup which was 65 overs. 2. What year was the fi...

England have landed - time for a prediction
I predict: * The man who will have most impact on the Ashes is Mike Hussey. I don't detect _any_ weakness in his batting - can't see how England will get him out. I predict ...

Hair banned from officiating in internationals
http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/ci/content/current/story/266878.html Seems unfair given that his actions at the Oval were well within the laws of cricket and that his only real fa...

It's official
It was confirmed today that any semblance of playing by the rules and backing the enforcer of those rules died on the 4th November 2006. The patient had been poorly since 20th August . ...

Playing Coach required
Playing Coach required for 2007 - Abingdon Vale CC seek a qualified Coach (minimum Level 2 or UKCC 2) to lead the club's coaching in our 1st year as an ECB "Chance to Shine" club. Deliveri...

England players not playing much county cricket.
I see Cook has signed a new 3 year deal with Essex. But, he doesn't play much for Essex at the mo what with all his England stuff. Is it possible that in the future counties won't wan...

Canadian Cricket (or lack thereof)
Why is Canada seemingly the only major ex-British Empire country that doesn't play cricket to any great standard? ROB

The 1882 Ashes Test Match
Over on rec.sport.cricket, we've been having a rather scholarly historical chat about the 1882 Oval Test Match that brought about the Ashes. I'd appreciate some imput from users of this grou...

OT: Europe
So...... The only British losers in Europe this week were Man United. (Oh, I so enjoyed saying that)

BBC: no coverage of 2nd semi-final
Yesterday's match was streamed over the internet, but a deafening silence today - wonder why?

Jones for England!!
Who agrees Geraint Jones should be wearing the keeper's gloves in the Ashes? If you do, I would really love it if you could sign this petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/goj06...

Chris Adams
Wow What a coup for Yorkshire. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/6105986.stm See video link. A long time since I've heard so much sense spoken by a Yorkshire capt...

Cricket quiz November 2006
1. What is the longest limited overs competition, ie the most overs per innings, ever held? 2. What year was the first limited overs FC competition held? ...

Where all those who called for READ?
10 runs in his last 5 outings 4 2 0 4 Dropped catches missed stumpings. He's missed more than he's caught. Bring back well.................anyone.

Pakistan are cheats. Called and proven.
Now that the two cheating bowlers have been banned (by the minimum amount allowable) there is the most definitive proof that Pakistani cricketers cheat. Maybe the ICC will go ba...

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