Tsk ! BBC again
Not updating their site. Disgraceful. -- Its a funny kind of month, October. For the keen cricket fan its when you realise that your wife left you in May.

No negativity.......says Flintoff
Then they pick Giles. Ummmm.......... Does that not tell the Aussies that we don't believe in our batsmen?

Giles in
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Ireland ECB one day trophy fixtures
ECB one day trophy ? * Ireland v Gloucestershire - April 22 at Clontarf * Ireland v Kent - April 29 at Stormont * Somerset v Ireland - May 6 at Taunton ...

Goodness Gracious Me !!!
Ace result for den Bokke: and look at those bowling figures! SA 248-8 in 50 ovs (Kallis 119*) India 91 all out SA bowling: S M Pollock 7 2 17 ...

Giles or Panesar...
http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/tms/2006/11/let_the_battle_commence.shtml Agnew goes for Giles - he reckons finger spin won't do much at the Gabba, so either way the spinner's not going to ...

More Arsetralian nonsence - from Tubby
Now it it Tubby Taylor predicting a major pasting for ENG. I used to have a lot of time for the gut man but he is becomming as big a parody as Beefy. Tubby "predicted" 5-0 for the ARSEHOLES...

Q. What do you call an Oz side with a player under 30?
A. Australia A RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website: http://www.geocities.com/ blairscandal/ Personal website: http://www.anywhere.demon.co.uk

Russell Crowe
Ace telephone thrower and Kiwi, masquerading as an Aussie states, according to the BBC website: "On the eve of the Ashes cricket series Russell Crowe has laid down a challenge to...

Not Bell as well?!
Jesus wept - England unlikely "rock" for the last few series appears to have been clobbered by Anderson in the nets and is doubtful for the 1st Test: http://content-usa.cricinfo.c...

Jeez - Oz choke and whinge again
Ireland 20 Oz 6. Mmmmm....I wonder if the Oz team will be able to get their zimmer frames down the pavilion steps as they take the field? RH -- Robert Henderson Blair...

McGrath's mouth!!
Well it appears now that McGrath is saying that Australian bowlers are going to target Strauss and Bell. I'm fairly certain that he was recently going to target Cook, and before that he w...

Hair's engagement
http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/ci/content/current/story/268997.html Perhaps the ICC should have followed some formal procedure for sacking him (for instance one that allowed him ...

Daily Telegraph (UK) - free Ashes DVD & Book
Next weekend there is a free DVD "Ultimate Ashes" in the DT on Saturday (25 Nov) and a free book "Atherton's Ashes Almanac" on Sunday (26 Nov). The DVD has highlights of the 2005 serie...

Adelaide day 2
Had a very enjoyable day at Adelaide Oval on Saturday. The highlight was obviously the innings of Ian Bell and his partnership with Collingwood that rescued a dodgy early position.

Tsk BBC !!!
Over an hour of play and still no updates on the score? Grrrr.......

Autographs obtained
Last night whilst at the Hyatt Hotel, Adelaide with a friend, I noticed members of the England Ashes team who were present in the lounge bar. They all seemed relaxed, basking in anonymity

How do you get Mike Hussey out?
Dunno what the Aus selectors have being playing at these last few years. It was about 12 months ago Hussey made his debut and in all the games he's played (and I've seen almost all I think...

Harmison - England's pansy
When will Steve Harmison be: 1) Fit 2) In form 3) Not homesick 4) Free from any other reason not to bowl well for England I'm getting fed up of his excuses. Unle...

Free Fantasy Gaming With real prizes
Hey, Wanted to just point out to everyone that the fantasy cricket game at www.odiselector.com is now open for its next competition. The current series is the 'SAF VS IND' 5 ODIs ...

Team for T1
Right. So now there's a question mark over Harmison who was left out of the final warm up match as a precaution. Not that many have a vast amount of confidence in Harmison at the moment an...

ICC player ratings cock-up
Something seems to have gone awry with the ICC player ratings. I'm not sure of the full extent of the problem, but numerous players have disappeared from the current Test ratings who shoul...

Gimblett - Lathwell - Trescothick ....
.... spot the link. All attacking Somerset opening batsmen who found cricket in the public eye a strain. Gimblett reputedly used to deliberately fail in CC when he thought he...

Perhaps as well that FST is no longer with us......
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/derbyshire/6153590.stm Being a Derbyshire Fat Lad he'll have plenty of swear words in his locker..... Cheers Robt P.

Sydney Filth (Readers) Unhappy With Watson
http://blogs.smh.com.au/sport/archives/2006/08/six_and_in_shan.html I was interested to hear Gary Gilmour's comments about weaknesses in both teams, one of the few who have sounded (fr...

Oh the irony !
Sacked Test umpire Darrell Hair has been voted Umpire of the Season by readers of Wisden Cricketer magazine. Hair said: "It's a shock but if free-thinking people want to vote that...

Opinion article on Tresco heading home
http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/index.php?menuID=1&subID=900 Tries to shed light on what's ailing Tresco: Are crickets lonely at the crease? "One version of what happened in I...

Chris Adams U turn
What a strange strange decision. I wonder what is really behind all this? I thought he'd already signed a 4 year contract. If he had, then can Yorks get a hefty compo payment from...

Racists must be hanged
Racists crowd men,umpires,players, or any other civilian must be hanged.

Trescothick - Bad News
England opener Marcus Trescothick is returning home from England's Ashes tour to Australia after suffering a recurrence of a stress-related illness. How sad........his wife's 'al...

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