Unchanged line-up for 2nd Test
The cautious approach yet again and no place for Monty. Feel extremely sorry for the guy. Fletcher is as bad as Eriksson with his "favourites". Knocks the stuffing out of me before thi...

Club Cricket In Autralia
Hi there Englishman, It's the morning of the second test, and everything is dej vu. Mcgrath unfit. Just won convincingly on the most Australia Friendly wicket. I just have a feeling the odds...

The Barmy Army's Eddie Calvert
Looks like his trumpet playing may have been banned at the Adelaide Oval. Tell you what. I'd rather hear his renditions than the monotonous tone of all those toy horns played...

Common cricketers what's the link?
Tom Horan, Tom Kelly, Leland Hone, Timothy O'Brien, Freddie Fane, Martin McCague. Whats the link ? max.it

Welcome back Vaughany
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/6168042.stm Vaughan out for a duck on return. England "Academy" were 12/5 in response to Western Australia's 218/8. Seems as though our ...

Yorkshire hypocrisy
The following is from the Bradford Telegraph and Argus. As you will all no doubt know, Yorkshire CCC approached Chris Adams while Adams was under contract to Sussex. This is contr...

Vale England
As a peer of the realm, it grieves me to see England, a once proud nation, continually made to look the fool by our antipodean cousins. Those confounded Australians take great de...

Graham Roope.......
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?view=DETAILS&grid=&xml=/news/2006/11/28/db2801.xml One of the greatest slip catchers....fine bat too. Cheers Robt P.

are wombats good?
I'm not really sure whether Wombats are any good. The picture on Wikipedia looks like a horrid little Pig. Quite Obscene. Just not English. 149 ...

where are wombats?
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. We all know that Wombats are to be found in Zoos. ...

interested in wombats
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. 55 -- Posted via a free Usenet ac...

Name this cricketer
http://www.cricketeurope4.net/PHOTOS/2006/THEGALLERY/IRELAND/17531.jpg The teams might give it away a wee bit. max.it

Team for T2?
Most likely Anderson out, Panesar in? Personally I'd drop Harmison !! Was quite encouraged by G Jones last night, some lovely fluid strokes before he got the one that kept low from McG...

Small Consolation
Highest ever 4th inning score at the Gabba. Roll on Adelaide. Maybe the Ozzies will underestimate us, like they did after Lords last year.

Phil Simmons Ireland 's prefered choice
Oul' Phil is the number one choice for the Ireland coach job. It has been reported that the ICU want Simmons for the job and the bag is in the hands of the finance committee who would ...

The problem with Flintoff
He comes from the wrong side of the tracks. .....some industrial hole called Preston. Now, it's clear to me why the English team have been made to look stupid by the Austral...

England 3 for 91.

England 2 for 40 second innings.

How do we turn this round? What do we need to look at? Any changes for the next test?

Not going to lose by an innings
But I can't see why the Aussies wouldn't want to just get it over with ASAP.

Will lose by an innings
England will lose the 1st test by an innings and about 100 runs. I can't see them making the follow on. Don't anyone bank on rain because it ain't going to happen. Panesar and ...

English Cricket.
You English play cricket like old women. Sir Jean-Paul Turcaud Australia Mining Pioneer Founder of the True Geology 20 Avenue des Grandes Guiardes 17000 La Rochel...

Aussie arrogance at it's worst?
The stewards have already been given the day off for day 5 of the 1st ashes test according to a BBC report of the 2nd days play.

Audio recording of day 2's play wanted
Hi I know I'm cross posting but I need to reach as many people as possible. Does any one have an audio recording of day 2 in Brisbane? I set up my minidisc to record the who...

Barmy Army threatens to go home
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/cricket/england/6179710.stm The reason we threw the Barmy Army trumpeter, Bill Cooper out of the Gabba, is because he plays as well as England.

602 declaration
Flintoff will say something to the effect, "We're really going to pull our fingers tomorrow" Real message: "I'm playing with a mob of f*ckwits" Stick Harmis...

Ashes Reports every morning 9am GMT
Just a quick note to let you know that online magazine The First Post is featuring close-of-play reports throughout The Ashes from our man in Oz, Stephen Fay http://www.thefirstpo...

Jeez - Oz can't stop whingeing
Strewth...the Poms are stealing our swimming coaches . Stone the crows. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website: http://www.geocities.com/ blairscandal/ Personal websit...

Does anyone else....
...Get driven bonkers by this modern habit of not having a third man to the quicks? Oz got off to a flier today largely because slashes and nicks were going for four instead of one. If I h...

Australia are winning...
...and they're not even trying. I always considered that if Giles was the best spin bowler England could muster, then they have some pretty shithouse bowlers. None of t...

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