Cricket quiz Sept 2006
1. A famous Oz umpire of the 1890s occupied a similar hate-figure position as Darrell Hair . Who was he? 2. Clyde Walcott set two world Test records (which still stand) in the ...

Oh dear.......what an embarrassment. Please drop him after this.

What a difference 3 years makes....
Watching the 2003 World Cup highlights between England and Pakistan, in the rain break for tonight's ODI, this is the England team from then: ME Trescothick NV Knight ...

What has Greg done?
"Greg's had an incredible dream run as a captain, he had Lillee, Marsh and Thomson and did pretty well, but apart from that as a leader he has an appalling record. "In Queensland ...

Rules regarding drying wicket??
Are they any rules regarding what you can use to dry a wicket? My thoughts are that any absorbant substance should be OK as long as it does not have a detertrimental effect once play starts....

Bouncers in 20/20
We had all the controversy over the counties 20/20 final. But I've seen two go miles over the English batsmen's helmets. Are we playing by different rules in this 20/20 international? ...

Chants for the 20/20?
Being a Bristol crowd and not being noted for their reserved, muted nature, allied to an mid- afternoon start; I think we are bound to hear..... Same old P**** always cheat...

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Ping: RH
Are you on holiday?

Cricket Quiz and World Cricket News as it happens!
It's a toughie on pak cricket but enjoy! For all the latest WORLD Cricket news from all the major sites.Lets you browse headline...

Video:Inzamam meets Darrell Hair - cartoon! you guys will ove this one!Pity we couldnt get Duncan Fletcher to explain himself in this..still at least the cricke... - Home of Pakistan Cricket Fans! - Home Page - Video section ...

CC Stats - Week 17
This week's update : No new partnership records. RPW : Week 33.41, YTD : 35.54 -- Paul Hyett, Cheltenham (change 'invalid83261' to 'blueyonder' to email me)

Dave Turner is a white supremacist
Dave would like things the way they were a hundred years ago.....start losing a game and blame the other party of cheating..... aqeel

Aqeel The Racist
rofl, you start your rant with this: > Typical white ass racist comment! And the very next sentence: > Dont worry the asians are rising again! Aqeel: "I'm not rac...

Free Pak Cricket videos and Pictures + Forum - Home Page - Video section ...

HAIR is a sick greedy bastard ; The truth comes out
For all those who were calling us cheats and Hair standing on matters of principal why is this greedy bastard now asking for money to quit if he feels what he did right. Aqeel

Please don't call Pakistanis Cheats
As a Pakistani ,I request all of you that not to call Paks cheaters until it is confirmed officially that they have tempered with the ball.

One Day series against CHEATING Pakistan
If the cheats decide not to play the one day series, the West Indies have offered to play England across the same fixtures. Fingers crossed, the cheating gits will sod off home and we...

Why so sure, Aqueel? PM

It seems that Engaland often fall foul to cheats in many forms of sport, just look at the football world cup, England play fairly and lose because other national teams get away with cheati...

England one day squad
The 16 Andrew Strauss (Middlesex) captain Ian Bell (Warwickshire) Stuart Broad (Leicestershire) Rikki Clarke (Surrey) Paul Collingwood (Durham) Alastair Cook (Essex...

Back to major issues....
Where have all the pavillions bedecked by attractive hanging-basket displays gone? A recent pleasant feature of the game, which now seems less prevelant. Have the Health & Safety ...

So anyway...
Who got the man of the match and man of the series?

Pakistan Cricket Team
Cheating Cunts or what?

ball tampering , refusal to restart play
The issue becomes irrelivant when considering the refusal to after the interval. There are avenues to protest and appeal that decision (ball tampering) under the laws and conditions of...

Cricket v Jihad
Today is August 22nd the day of reckoning in Shia Islam . The day when the false prophet Muhammed (pbuh) allegedly flew his winged horse Buraq from Mecca to Jerusa...

Proof as animals are skinned alive. - Calls for China fur ban as animal cruelty exposed . - GRAPHIC WARNING!! HELP.IIIIII
Proof as animals are skinned alive. - Calls for China fur ban as animal cruelty exposed . - GRAPHIC WARNING!! HELP.IIIIII The full HORRIFIC video can be seen here. Please use ADULT CAUTI...

A few things to remember about ball tampering
1. The umpires check the condition of the ball at the end of the over. hence, any radical change during an over will be apparent. 2. Any radical change needs explanation. If for exam...

Ball tampering. Acquisition of proof
If the authorities have any sense, they'd be examining all the video footage available in order to detect any instances of the ball being interfered with. I'm sure that there...

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