Pakistan Vs England
I have just looked into the future. Pakistan will win this series in England. Aqeel

C and G
Ha Ha.....Ha. I suppose well done Kyle, and O'fridi. Anyone see the match ? I was only able to keep an eye on score updates. Are they still calling Ireland the C&G banana sk...

Stupid game played by stupid countries
70% income of ICC comes from india and pakistan. Even though australia,uk,newzilana are rich countries, they don't contribute much. Indeed people in rich countries do not play much cricket. ...

CC Stats - Week 2
Record county v county partnerships : Ess 3rd v Gla 339 RS Bopara & A Flower Cardiff War 3rd v Yot 249 NV Knight & IJL Trott Edgbaston RPW : Week 32.44, YTD : ...

Pakistan Cricket Fans
Hi, If you would like to discuss the pak England series with serious pka fans then go to :-) regards, PZ!

Stupid game
Only 10 or so countries play cricket. It does not need athletic skill like football. Even inzamam can play cricket. Cricket take more time than any other game. Cricket is stupid game. ...

Let's put them in!
England had some good luck after losing the toss lately. Now SA put in NZ and Fleming hits 262. "Think about puttting them in...." -- Work like the ponies in coalmines...

Anyone name these West Indians ?
Just dug out some old photos I took years ago at the previous Hampshire CC ground. (Northlands Rd) Robin Smith, David Gower, Malcolm Marshall and Courtney Walsh are easy. But th...

My TFC Team
M Rampakash A Flower GA Hick JER Gallian VS Solanki SJ Adshead IJ Harvey Mushtaq Ahmed J Lewis SD Udal RL Johnson I used ...

Even Freddie agrees with me.
ANDY FLINTOFF says he is ‘gutted’ over the England and Wales Cricket Board decision to give Cardiff an Ashes Test in 2009 rather than at his home ground Old Trafford. “I don’t think i...

phew !
Got my tickets for Edgbaston today.......was starting to sweat a bit as I ordered them in January.

Duckworth Lewis ?
For the first time ever DL will be used in the ncu premier league. I shouldn't be involved in that league, but because it's a new introduction I've managed to find myself at 3 DL train...

Eng vs Sri Lanka audio?
Dear All I am in the unfortunate position of missing the 1st Test at Lords as I'm out in America at the moment - any idea if there's an audio feed over the internet that I'd be ...

smashing stuff

On the fourth ball of an over, the striker is deliderately obstructed by the bowler as he is setting off for a second run, urning at the bowlers end. The bowler then p...

Sri Lankan bowlers
There was a surprising comment from Atherton in the Suday Telegraph. The third highest all-time Sri Lankan wicket-taker - after Murali and Vaas - is Jayasuriya with 92 wickets. ...

CC Stats - Week 1
Resuming my annual service... Record county v county partnerships : Ess 8th v Nor 97 JD Middlebrook & GR Napier Chelmsford Dur 6th v Ken 129 GJ Muchall & P Mustard ...

what is a fan-dangle?

Jon Lewis
Lewis 14.3-4-38-7 Rather handy start to his season vs Gloucs vs Somerset, including Mr Troubledscothick for 12. Richard

Old Trafford dumped from Ashes 2009
What the.........? Old Trafford gets dumped from the Ashes programme but Lords is still getting 2 tests a year. If there are so...

all square so far ...
In spite of having half the side unavailable, Yorkshire are all square with the Champions after the first day! Jim -- Sent by jim from brantj subpart f...

Dizzy's double
That is a surprise; Gillespie comes in as nightwatchman and scores 201*! We could be about to have a wacky season. -- Work like the ponies in coalmines. Dance like the teard...

How are you going to runout this player?
Suppose player plays ball and ball is firmly stuck in his pad. Players are taking runs. But fielders can't stop players. Are the runs legal and how many runs players can take?

Cricket season really starts today...
With the only *proper* county competition - the County Championship. I just hope we (Glos) can do better than last season, especially in batting, where we were nearly 5rpw worst than ...

Vaughan v others
Is there anyone here who's seen the likes of Hutton, May, Barrington, Graveney and Dexter bat? If yes, I'd like to know how Vaughan measures up against them. I've stated earlier i...

Ashes verbals starting already
I noticed Matthew Hayden has started the verbals already: STORY_NAME=international_feed/06/04/13/CRICKET_Aus-Hayden.html <...

His last season...........hope its a blinder. Really sorry he never really made it on the England scene.

The penny drops with foreign mercenaries in county cricket
Steve James in the Sunday Telegraph 16 42006 wrote: "The England and Wales Cricket Board's shrewd performance-related payment scheme has finally given most counties the collywob...

Fletcher on Vaughan

Geriant Jones
3 stumpings from 43 ODI matches ? Foster has 7 from 11 ODI matches. Questions, Questions Jones isn't good at stumpings, or what ? It's annoying to see a keeper mi...

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