Cricket Quiz April 2006
1. Before Laker took all ten wickets against Australia in 1956 what were the best innings Test bowling figures ? 2. Before Laker took 19 wickets against Australia in 1956 what were ...

Kwik Kwiz
Who? Made their test debut on this day . Took 8 for 53 against New Zealand in 1961 was born in 1932. Who was born in Kildare and played 2 tests against England. ...

GL6/5 Umpires exam?
I passed the GL6, 95%, and I would recommend it to anyone who has to umpire cricket matches, and who has 12 weeks free during the winter. For a few years now I have been umpiring and ...

Good to see Shah doing so well....
....not. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website: blairscandal/ Personal website:

Check India Vs England Scores
Please Check India Vs England Scores at

Visit my cricket site
Hi everyone, Visit my cricket site and tell me what you think... my site aggregates information found on the most popular cricket sites on the net, ie. cricinfo, bbc, cricmania, i...

Who would win the 2007 Cricket World Cup?
There is a hot poll just started on the net on who would win the 2007 cricket world cup. This is an international survey.So go ahead and vote your team. Also recommend your friends to v...

Live scores and all Best Cricket websites
Please check here you can find all best cricket websites and Live scoreboard

Feels like we've been here before...
RH has already mentioned the pathetic performance of Panesar in the India test series. Now he is joined in the England squad by three other horribly over-rated asians. Was the ash...

What is going on!
Have this team had a common sense bypass? Cruising to victory but we're doing our best to throw this away. Pietersen and Flintoff have an awful lot to answer for. Got us into a g...

The Slater brothers
This may have been mentioned before, but I think that Michael Slater , he's the one on the right, lo...

What a find ....
....not. Panesar's figures for the India series were 118 overs 32 maidens 312 runs 5 wickets 62.40 ave The same sort of dire returns that Dawson and Batty have p...

Poisonous Planning Petition Not my club, but I can understand the crisis. Our club was told that the landlords (rugby club)...

No.2 side in the world
Australia are justifiably ranked no.1 in the world at the moment, but who is the 2nd best side? England, Pakistan & India seem to be vying for 2nd place and all three of them have...

rec sport cricket
I updated my headers today and got 82000 millions of headers for rsc. Since then I have had no headers at all, or any sign of activity whatever from rsc. I only wanted to r...

Superb !
Well played England. Yesterday's caution was with due reason having seen us bowl to them today. Although some of India's batsmen got themselves out - Dhoni should be shot for his dis...

FA: New Copy of Cricket 2005 (PS2) Signed By Freddie Flintoff

Vote for cricket at English Icons
Cricket is a nominated icon on the English icons website I have placed this comment on the site: "The most English of all games and the first to be o...

What do people think?
Very slow play today, I'm wondering whether it was just good restrictive bowling or England being overly cautious? I think the latter. Who cares if we lose 1-0 or 2-0 but had still got a m...

Day 3 Mumbai Does anybody know how long Dravid was on 52? It seemed ages and I was watching only the "highlights" EI

Do you like watching CRICKET..
For all cricket lovers,recent and rare videos are available at Many videos are still available with me and will be uploaded upon reques...

First Brit to 10,000 runs
Gooch has most Test runs for England, 8900. I wonder if any of the current Test set-up will be the first to 10,000 runs. I suppose the most likely is Trescothick. -- Work ...

White Mercenery........
Jones outstanding catches give England a real chance of victory! Eat it RH!

Ian Bell
Nobody has been more vocal in their support of Ian Ronald Bell than I have but that weakness and tendency to prod outside of offstump is beginning to look like a fatal flaw. Wha...

Sorry guys. The spam stuff was not my intent. I do oppoligies and won't happen again. I have never been on newsgroups before and not sure how to work them. I hope you guys can forgive a b...

Superb Bowling By Jimmy Anderson
It's good to see him back in an England shirt and bowling so well. Ed Morris

Man I have found this site that has the cheapest ink for any printer. You can compare prices and then review the companies on service and quality. <> Let me kn...

More on the Kookaburra bats flap. Shah was using a beast if I'm not mistaken.

Today's play
Dear All, Just a few comments from what I saw of the bowling. As Max has already said, didn't Tendulkar look nervous - a few very deep nervous breaths at the wicket. ...

Told you so
I'lI have to do, I told you so. Just this morning while watching the test match, I said to our lads, that Tendulker looked under pressure, and that the plan was, he would have to ...

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