wc 2007
The Irish have just signed Razzaq and Saqlain. This is probably good for the c&g Ireland are in the same WC group as Pakistan. I don't know if this is good or not.

So!! Is this the worst crisis England have had?? Well I don't think it's that bad but they certainly have problems. Trescothick home indefinitely, Vaughan home probably for the whole <...

New cricket site - Cricrss.tk - The Home of Cricket Rss Feeds
Hey everyone, Ive just updated my new cricket site with new content and a new layout. Check it out, we have the latest scorecards, news, multimedia and a new forum - please join. ...

Trescothick flys home from India
I'm sure his arms are tired.. . . . . sorry BBC radio headline, and I couldn't resist. max.it

Busy for the WC
http://www.cricketeurope2.net/DATABASE/ARTICLES/articles/000022/002209.shtml manic matches, loadsa funding. max.it

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Noticed that there were 20 byes in the Indian innings. Also Chris Read has scored 40 n.o and 78 in his two innings in West Indies. Not bad for someone who can't bat !!!!

Bring the ashes to Durham
Hi everyone, lets help bring the Ashes to Durham in 2009 by signing the bat - its about time the North East played host to it! http://www.signthebat.com

England vs Presidents X1
Does anyone know why Plunkett only bowled two overs? Not another crock I hope. Stev Hague.

Great news David Lloyd isn't on the Sky commentry team reporting from India. No more of his inane comments!! Rio

Vaughan again!
I see Vaughan's thrown another sicky. Oh and 'Team England' are 'not sure' whether he'll make the 1st Test...again. I suppose he'll have to start claiming disability soon.

What about this nimbus / sky carry on? Thank goodness for tms. max.it

India test squad - Ganguly dropped
http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/ci/content/current/story/238511.html I see that Jaffer who just played a brisk innings today keeps his place. Richard

I see that Ramdin gets a game or two for the West Indies..... Wonder why Valtine is consistently overlooked? Cheers Robt P.

Conclusive proof that Panesar is English
He's gone down with the squits in India. Can't get more english than that, can you! http://uk.sports.yahoo.com/060222/4/hb9d.html So Giles, Trescothick, Panesar, Jones and ...

Partially Good News
http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/indveng/content/current/story/238279.html --Kieron

Partially Good News
http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/indveng/content/current/story/238279.html --Kieron

Best cricket site
This is the best cricket site ive seen. Its got all the cricket news you could want http://cricrss.unssfree.com/

Irish creeper
Morgan looking good http://www.cricketeurope2.net/DATABASE/ARTICLES/articles/000021/002197.shtml max.it

Blackwell ?
Hands up, who tipped Blackwell ? spinners and runouts..... just when you thought it was safe to doze off. Peace at last. max.it

Razzaq and Saqlain for Ireland
from bbc sport Abdul Razzaq has become the second Pakistan star to confirm that he will play as a professional for Ireland in this year's C&G Trophy. The all-rou...

England 299 a/o
Useful knock from Bell, carrying on his good form from Pakistan, with a 54 from Vaughan, 50 of the 54 coming from boundaries. A welcome 50 for Strauss as well. Starts for KP, Fred and Coll...

NZ v WI 20-20 Tie
This match was tied, leading to a bowl-out. According to Cricinfo, NZ needed 17 to win off last over or 16 to tie. Looking at the Cricinfo commentary on the last over...

And they call themselves professional international cricketers...
Couldn't help smiling at the bowl-off in the 20-20 between NZ and WI. 12 consecutive deliveries missing the stumps ! Richard First ball up, Astle misses the stump, j...

U/19 Cricket World Cup 2006
It's looking like a real hot and cold competition. the results so far: http://www.icc-cricket.com/icc/events/u19worldcup/results.html max.it

A couple of Ebay items (Brian Lara)
The following 2 books are now on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8384717361&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...

OT - Travelling to Australia
Hi folks, Apologies to those who have already seen this message on rec.sport.cricket. I realise this is a cricket newsgroup but there's a good chance many people here are al...

Subscriptions and Match Fees
Could I get a quick straw poll as to what players pay to be a member of a club and how much match fees are? We are attached to a rugby club and they might fold. Our fees may go up but I want...

RH guesses correctly
Shine gets England coaching role http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/4711626.stm Somerset captain Ian Blackwell, who is on tour with England, said: "He's very much a...

Ireland v NZ under-19
The Irish lads look as though they're about to paste a poor NZ team in the Plate competition at the under-19 World Cup. A rather strange-looking decision by NZ to name as supersub their onl...

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