Cricket Quiz Nov 2005
1. Who was the first Asian to play for England? 2. Who was the first black to play for England? 3. When was the last occasion two official England/MCC sides toured at t...

Those "English" blacks and Asians
The results of a poll commissioned by the CRE into the way in which people in Britain identify themselves has been published. "Perhaps the most surprising fact to come out of the r...

Good recovery from England
Dear All, Once again England showing their fighting spirit and esprit de corps that was in evidence last summer - when one (or more) players fail, others raise their hand. ...

Any one know ?
The last time an England cricket team consisted of all english born players ? Tks Lofty

The Sporting Irish
Tactical declaration. more:

Ashes parade : A player's eye view
A few pictures taken by the players on the day, giving a player's eye view, available at... All copyright Claire Taylor 2005....

Ireland Kenya points
Tikolo 177* from 170 Looks like you need the points in the first innings. There is a strategy in there somewhere. +++++++++++++++++++++++...

For's eyes only....... Cheers Robt P.

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Fletcher's Poem
I heard Duncan Fletcher recite a poem on the radio this morning. I wondered if Fletcher had written the poem himself ?

Support Clare Connor at the Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year Award
You can support Clare Connor and vote for her for the Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year Award. To read the entire story, visit ...

Where do umpires come from
I do a bit of umpiring, and I call some howlers too. This is a good wee story:

Cricket in the 1904 Olympics.
Hi, On a TV program last week (QI, Friday BBC2, UK) it was mentioned that Cricket was part of the 1904 Summer Olympics, in St. Louis, USA. Only two teams competed, England ...

Ireland score card ?
all I can find is: Ireland 300-6 (77 overs, E Morgan 123*, J Bray 78) v UAE 3 days I think.

No-one here seems to have picked up on this, but following the Super Series Test, Andrew Flintoff has (at last) passed Jacques Kallis and moved to the top of the ICC Rankings for all-round...

Pro 20 or back yard bungle ?
The match was brilliant, free hits bowled, run out from a no ball, the perfect but obvious plan to dismiss Flemming, Smith bowling a howler of an over, and refusing to walk when caugh...

Ecb kwiz
Has anyone tried this ? available in the kids section of the ye olde ecb website. I got 102 on my first attempt. ...

A ropey start

Fletcher on Pietersen's catching
KP's catching has been under scrutiny on this group before, so I was interested to read extracts from Duncan Fletcher's book published in yesterday's Guardian. Fletcher says that ...

Simon Jones admits to ball tampering
Simon Jones admitted to ball tampering but disagreed with Bracken's view that English bowlers were using breath mints to make the ball go Irish. |||| Jones said he did ...

The OZ idea of a joke
English bowlers are getting reverse swing with saliva mixed with mints. Oh my ribs...stop it....please no more.... RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website: http:...

Revised 2005 CC averages analysis - bowling
2005 County Championship Averages Analysis - Bowling Note: Classifications made on the status of the player at the beginning of the season. Some play...

Revised 2005 CC averages analysis - batting
2005 County Championship Averages Analysis - Batting Note: Classifications made on the status of the player at the beg of the season. Some players, eg Ed Joy...

Vindication at last.
And he's garn... The man the tv remote 'mute' button was invented for has been dismissed hopefully for the last time. At last that inarticulate and useless twat Mark Nicholas is back i...

Ashes DVD set
Any comments on the coverage in the DVD set of Ashes highlights ? Is it better or worse that Ch4s highlights package ? How much coverage is devoted to each day ? -- -------...

Kirtley suspended ECB suspends Kirtley over action Sussex seamer James Kirtley has been suspended from bowling after an in...

Ashes 2005 DVD
I dare say it'll probably be the highest selling cricket DVD ever! I bought it yesterday, and have already worked my way through the first 2 Tests! One minor gripe is the ex...

London Review of Books & Ashes
The LRB had some letters about the Ashes: "Beyond the Ashes From Richard Scott Richard Guy suggests that a main reason there are so few black cricketers in or even near the ...

Tickets For Next Year's Tests
I've just spent most of the morning trying to get through to the Trent Bridge ticket office in order to buy my tickets for next year's test. Finally I've got through and quite a n...

2005 CC averages analysis - bowling
Tables codes 1 English 2 Official Overseas 3 EU/Kolpak 4 Qualified Mercenaries 5 Asian British 6 Black British 7 Celts Bowling Summa...

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