Spot the non-white face competition
The crowds at the Tests are amazingly white. Strange how all the supposedly cricket-loving and whole-heartedly British Asians are absent. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scan...

[Women} Aussies on the ropes in the one-dayers too
England's win yesterday means the series stands at 2-2 and all to play for in the game on Thursday at Taunton which is on Sky TV. Should we win it will be (the other two victories in the ...

What will the ICC table look like post-Ashes?
Assuming each of the 3 possible scores?? -- ButIstillneedtoknowwhat'sinthere! Thekeytoanysecurity systemishowit'sdesigned! Thatdependsonwhyitwasdesigned! Ihaveto...

So, who replaces Simon Jones?
assuming (as seems likely) he does not play? Tremlett? Collingwood? Gough? Anderson? Kirtley? Who is the pitch likely to suit? -- ButIstillneedtoknow...

A bowlers series
England have taken all 80 Oz wickets Oz have taken 73 English wickets I wonder when an Ashes series last resulted in such dominance of the ball on both sides? ...

Jeez..... the he-Sheilas ....
.... are in fine whining form How do you know a planeload of Australians have landed? The plane keeps on whining after the engines have stopped. RH -- Robert Henderson...

My team for the Oval Test
Vaughan Strauss Key Trescothick Collingwood Flintoff Foster wk Cork Giles Hoggard Harmison Cork is selected just for this Test. England n...

Ponting should just get over it
And worry about his team and not what England are doing. He would not have a problem with it if his side were 3-0 up by now. A good captain should never blame others for his and his teams ...

Teenagers these days!
The Daily Telegraph reported the following story on Saturday. The Notts left arm pace man Mark Footitt made his CC debut earlier this year at the age of 19. After seven overs ...

6pm on the dot
Play now finishes at 6pm on the dot. In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tests how many days have overrun? Is it all of them? -- Work like the ponies in coalmines. Dance like the teard...

"Last day of the Oval Test, four overs to go. England 266-7. Brett Lee steaming in. St Thomas's has set up a freephone number." -- Work like the ponies in coalmines. Dance ...

Late tests
I can't ever remember an English test starting as late as 8th September. Is this a cunning ploy by the ECB to allow the weather to help England win the Ashes?

Deadly Derek
I didn't know about the match or I might have went for a look. Underwood must be a complete gentleman, turning down a big fee for a masterclass lunch with richie benaud at ...

CC Round 17 : Stats
Record County v County partnerships ----------------------------------- Ken 1st v Mid : 283 DP Fulton & RWT Key Canterbury Ham 7th v Sur : 129* N Pothas & AD Mascarenhas Ov...

White mercenary missed chances update
G Jones six catches and 2 stumpings missed Pietersen six catches missed Total 12 catches and 2 stumpings = 14 misses Other nine players in team 6 catches missed out of 6 o...

Who'll be Man Of The Series?
I'd say Shane Warne has already clinched that for the Aussies, as he's been a genuine all-rounder this series, not just a brilliant bowler. Freddie has to be the leading contender for ...

As an English 12th 13th etc man do you get a cap?
Just wondering if these extra men are considered proper test cricketer If they are, it really demeens the English cap

Leg stump is a pariah
...So - we all know that you can't be out lbw if the ball pitches outside leg stump - even if it is going to hit the stumps. I hope I don't sound jejune, but Why not? What was this rule de...

Worrying stat for Australia
Australian bowlers have taken 73 wickets in this series - 61 of them have been taken by three bowlers. So the other 5 bowlers have taken 12 wickets in 4 tests. Pull yer socks up...

Pietersen fielding..
Unusual for a batsman to be such a useless fielder (six drops so far). Is he is as crap at county level?

A look at the Oval...
Whoever wins the toss has a big advantage. But I can't see England losing the match. It would be interesting to see England set 390 in the last innings, with about 4 sessions to...

Those who assert racism are throwbacks from the Inquisition. Jones is not English. He's Welsh so how can he be included in the England team, else how can the England team be referred t...

November 12th 2005 the first chance we get to change the test team, because there's no way (barring injury) the selectors would change anything for the Oval. So how many of today's heroes will be missing...

Hat Stand where are you?

[email protected]
Don't know about you folks but I'm beginning to get the feeling that RH has gone under cover:- [email protected] <[email protected]>

Robert Henderson's..
a wanker Robert Henderson's a wanker. nah na na nah, na nah nah na!

If Jones is unfit for the Oval test....
Who are England likely to include?

Where is RH tonight
I'll tell you where he is, he's in a cafe eating humble pie! The enforcement of the follow on has been vindicated! Pietersen and Jones have between them scored (85+3, and 45+23) a tot...

Defibrillators on stand-by...
... if the last Test is anything like the past three! Never thought *anything* could match up to 1981, but this is at least equally entertaining & tense! -- Paul Hyett, Chel...

Some Ashes history
This is the first time that The Ashes have still been at stake going into the final Test since 1985. On that occasion, Australia needed to win at The Oval to retain The Ashes, as

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