Selection silence?
So, I've been waiting around to read all the comments on the lack of shake up in the England squad for T2...but so far nowt. For what it's worth, I think sticking with the current crop...

Should have won today

Buying a new bat got a new bat. A V600 sorta harrow size. I like that size of bat. The time has come for me to buy another bat my ridgeback is stuffed, and I don't like the DF. So an...

England u-19s thrash Sri Lanka 2-0
England u-19 easily won both completed one day internationals by 8 and 7 wickets. Fast bowlers Stuart Broad, Tom Smith and Andrew Miller did the main damage. I...

Good to see Peter Trego ....
....Back in FC cricket with Mddx - 72 and 3 wickets in his first match . A genuine talent which has been sadly misused by Somerset and Kent. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair...

CC Round 13 : Stats
Record County v County partnerships ----------------------------------- Dur 3th v Som : 152 PD Collingwood & GJ Muchall Taunton Dur 2th v Som : 157* GM Scott & PD Collingwood ...

Irish political cricket quiz
Whose Father died in 1859 after playing cricket for Co Wicklow in the Phoenix Park ? . . . . . . .. . . .. h...

Another flash cricket game
I really like this one.

Bangladesh test shirt
Where on earth can i get a Bangladishi test shirt from???? thanks in advance.....

FS: Twenty20 final tickets, Front row, Peter May stand, Face Value
Due to overbooking I have available two tickets to the Twenty20 finals day at the Oval this coming weekend. The seats are together, and situated in Row A of the Peter May stand. I am only lo...

If you are sick and tired of Robert Henderson and his incitment to racial hatred, reply to this post with nothing more than the words "sick and tired" in the subjest line. T...

How good is McGrath?
He only really does one thing, but he does it supremely well. He quickly finds the right spot to hit on the pitch, then hits it time after time with the seam upright. There have been more ...

Did anyone see the documentary on BBC2 last night? Oh, the warm glow listening to Arlott and Jim Laker..... I suddenly remembered what we're missing and how bad modern day comment...

The side which should be selected for the second Test in batting order
Vaughan Strauss Key Trescothick Collingwoodl (if they can't persuade Thorpe to change his mind). Flintoff Foster Giles Tremlett Hoggard Harmison ...

CC Round 12 : Stats
Record County v County partnerships ----------------------------------- Dur 4th v Der : 250 PD Collingwood & DM Benkenstein Derby Der 3rd v Dur : 272 MJ Di Venuto & Hasan Adnan ...

Vaughan before and after Strauss
Big ask.... Could some come up with Vaughan's batting average before Andrew Strauss came on the scene and what it has been since? Has the move to 3 been to his detriment.....? <...

Ed Joyce
I wish they would stop mentioning Ed Joyce as a contender. The guys that I would call "jobbers" will play well, albeit for themselves before the flag. Joyce has said ...

The shift list
I'm not talking shirt tails G Jones.....critical...... Vaughan...close to red alert, by virtue of wasting the most important batting place. S Jones...too leaky. I Bell...

englands batting performance
feeble feeble feeble Is there any way back in this series from here ? JH

Soapbox back out
Can someone defend the performance of G.Jones please, I know there must be some saving grace having a batsman of his calibre keeping wicket, I'm just not sure what it is. I am avoiding any...

Play starts in 5 minutes!
for anybody who assumed it was off for the day (like me) -- ButIstillneedtoknowwhat'sinthere! Thekeytoanysecurity systemishowit'sdesigned! Thatdependsonwhyitwasdesigned! Ihavetokn...

White mercenaries sink England
England dropped seven catches - five by the white mercenaries Pieterson and Geraint Jones. RH -- Robert Henderson Blair Scandal website: <...

Disturtling news again...
There now follows an extremely important message from the MCC We are passing on this email which we have just received Quote: "Hey everybody, Sorry for the mass ...

name that tune?
Need help. Desperate plea. Can't find any ref to this anywhere on the net. Can't find anybody who even remembers what I'm talking about. Turning to you guys to prevent impending insanit...

Top commentary
Choose 6 commentators for the biggest test match ever, 2 for each session. radio guys allowed, must be within living memory....and no fibbing First morning Thursday, 11:0...

Intimidatory appealing?
Some of the Aussie appealing during Warne's bowling this afternoon was extremely borderline in my opinion. I didn't like what I saw from Warne and the close fielders or from Ponting ...

Catches win matches
Lots of this on the go about youknowwho. We all watched the great catches in the outfield during the ODIs, now it looks like he couldn't catch the clap in a whore house. I w...

How nice have Boycott back commentating. When he and Benaud are on together I can almost forgive and forget that it's not on the Beeb. Jim

England save the game!
According to these charts anyhow :- Sunday a wash out Mo...

Doesn't matter where he comes from, Pietersen looks our best batsman by far.

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