13 out of 22 players in CC match are foreigners
In the Derbyshire v Leicestershire County Championship match which ended on May 29, 13 out of 22 players were foreigners. Derbyshire had Di Venuto, Bryant, Adnan, Moss...

Match selection on Sky
Yesterdays limited overs match was between Leicestershire and Derbyshire, surely two of the least interesting sides around at the moment. I wonder why Sky decided to show this match instea...

Quickie leggie
Who was England's last leg-spinner? It wasn't - and this is going back a bit - Robin Hobbs, was it? -- Work like the ponies in coalmines. Dance like the teardrop explodes. ...

CC Round 7 : Stats
Record County v County partnerships ----------------------------------- Ken 3rd v Sur : 323 RWT Key & M van Jaarsveld Tunbridge Wells 2005 Sur 1st v Ken : 280 SA Newman & RS Clinto...

Pakistan Great Fazal Mahmood Passes Away
It is learnt that one of Pakistan's greatest cricketers ever Fazal Mahmood passed away in Lahore yesterday. He was 78. A tall, fair and very handsome pace b...

The malign effects of Asia on Test cricket
The first two Test playing nations were England and Australia. Before SA were given Test status - which was applied retrospectively - they had to go through a long apprenticeship. Th...

Test Centuries by Trescothick
Quite a bit of chat on the Lords Test in my local earlier this evening. While we all agreed Trescothick hasn't made a Test 100 against Australia a few thought he had made a Test Century agai...

I didn't quite see the point of the declaration. The match will surely be over by about lunch on Saturday; would it not have been more astute - financially - for England to have batted unt...

Jones the ball
Didn't he look good today. He is fit and confident, and he looks like he will fill his boots in this test match. max.it

Another (con)Test
Bangladesh 108 England 90-0 at 4pm on the first day. Test match? Money taken under false pretences. RH -- Robert Henderson

Spoiler from Lords
Awful start by Hoggard and Harmison with no balls a plenty, but wickets now falling regularly - 65 for 4

Irish squad for the ICC Trophy
From the icu site: +++++++++++++++++ ICU Media Rrelease 25 May 2005 The Irish Cricket Union has announced the 14 man squad for the ICC Trophy Ireland 2005: - ...

CC Round 6 : Stats
Record County v County partnerships ----------------------------------- Dur 7th v Yor : 126 GR Breese & P Mustard Chester-le-Street 2005 Yor 9th v Dur : 108 A McGrath & CEW Si...

Wicket alerts by email
Hi all, This isn't spam - I'm sure it's already reached some people's spam folders. I've been working on a way to get wicket alerts sent by email (and RSS) to let me know when so...

Diddums diddums, ECB
Man pays ECB for right to enter cricket ground and witness test match. Man sells on his right via Ebay to cricket fans who are willing to pay exorbitant asking price. ECB has a hi...

A first in Championship cricket?
Both overseas cricketers for Kent got pairs in their match against Nottinghamshire. Any other times that both overseas players have got pairs in the same match?! Chee...

Steve Waugh sunglasses

What is the (UK) trade name of the white suncream the Australians favour ?
Slightly OT but ... What is the UK trade name of the white suncream favoured by some for the face, please?? Regards & thanks in advance Rab

Substitutes in limited overs cricket
It looks as if a single substitute will be allowed in limited over international cricket in the foreseeable future. It will make a mockery of the game and you can bet your life that ...

I rad on the icc site about their ideas to try out bats: http://www.icc-cricket.com/icc-media/content/story/209494.html "To assist the panel in its deliberations, the Cricket Com...

Championship relegation changed
The first class forum agreed yesterday to reducing relegation and promotion to two each from 2006/7. This will weaken English cricket because some counties will get marooned in ...

Vaughan not learning!
Correct me if I'm wrong but Vaughan has either been lbw or bowled in every innings he's had this year, including another one today against Worcs. I mentioned quite a while ago, that I...

Attn: max.it
Hi, I know you're involved in a club in the NCU or NWCU, but which one? I was playing for Phoenix v Strabane yesterday in Strabane in the Irish Senior Cup. Is that near your part...

Bell gets the nod ahead of KP. Lewis called up. max.it

CC Round 5 : Stats
Record County v County partnerships ----------------------------------- Dur 7th v Lan : 139 MEK Hussey & P Mustard Manchester 2005 Lan 9th v Dur : 73 JM Anderson & G Keedy Manche...

CC Round 4 : Stats
Can't believe I forgot to do these! Record County v County partnerships ----------------------------------- Dur 9th v Som : 124 LE Plunkett & AM Davies Stockton-On-Tees 2005...

Is this some kind of record, or has CricInfo messed up?
According to CricInfo, Mark Wallace was out for a first ball duck today ... after being in for 24 minutes. The BBC site confirms the first-baller. http://uk.cricinfo.com/db/NEW/LIVE/fr...

TFC update
I had a good week, with over 1600 pts, taking me to 4988 overall (2035th). I guess I'm probably not up with John Hall though. -- David North Email to this address will be deleted ...

u15 quick report
It's funny how kids grow up and leave their age group behind them. We don't have an u15 side, so we entered our u11 side including our 3 genuine u15 players. This was just to giv...

England batsmen.
It's worrying that none of the England batsmen seem to be in any kind of form with the exception of Bell. At least the bowlers are looking good. The ones who remain fit, anyway. Stev...

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