WI v SA - possible upset?
While SA could never be classed as hammered in the recent series against England, they were not exactly impressive (with the possible exception of Ntini spirit and Kallis's defencive techniq...

Most Test wickets
For years the top of the most-wickets list was F S Trueman with 307. I think that record lasted until 1975-6 when Lance Gibbs broke it in Australia. Even Gibbs's record lasted along time, ...

our watch list / ICC Trophy 2005 fixtures
ICC Trophy 2005 1 July Ireland vs. Bermuda Civil Service... 30 miles away 2 July Denmark v USA Armagh..10 miles away 4 July Ireland v UAE Civil Service 4 July Uganda v US...

Graeme Hick
Here's a speculative question. Given Graeme Hick's apparent mental fragility, and the fact that he scored 172 against the touring West Indies team in 1988 when he needed 153 runs for 1000 ru...

England 'A'
England 'A' seem to be getting creamed by Pakistan 'A' on a regular basis. Does this mean that our up and coming players aren't very good, or does it mean that theirs are very much better?...

Australia's first cricket Test against England
Australia's first cricket Test against England this year is at Lord's. Australia has not lost to the old enemy there since what year?

Australia's first cricket Test against England this year is at Lord's.
Australia's first cricket Test against England this year is at Lord's. Australia has not lost to the old enemy there since what year?

Cricketer article on Pietersen
Anybody seen this? He might be a future star, and I wish him all the best - but reading his opinion of himself - I can only conclude he's a complete tosser!

We claim the first match
Easter Tuesday. Club match get together. Show of hands really, but weather permitting 24 gonks at least on the field......roll on max.it

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket 2005
According to an email I received today, the details will be in this Saturday's Telegraph (26th March). -- Paul Hyett, Cheltenham

Cricket and Chess
Those of you that may know something about chess might think that new chess world number 1 Vishwanathan Anand is the world's top chess-playing cricket fan. In fact the great Indian li...

Cricket and Little Britain
I have a relation who's partially deaf - and a cricket fan (as well as a fan of little Britain). He asked me today who would be leading Australia in this year's Ashes and I replied "Rick...

The 2004 Irish Cricket of the Year award goes to:
Andrew White Instonians and Northamptonshire. http://www.cricketeurope.net/DATABASE/ARTICLES/articles/000006/000683.shtml max.it

Owais Shah - Graeme Hick's replacement?
Whenever I've seen Shah at county level or England A he's produced runs. Whenever I've seen him in internationals, he's looked awful. Is he: a) suited to the longer game and...

Chris Broad reports Harbhajan
Could someone confirm this? Chris Broad has reported Harbhajan for a 'dodgy doosra'. If I'm not mistaken, Chris Broad has also reported Murali and Mohammad Hafeez (Pak) in ...

Every one is at it 20twenty
from the NCU site: John Boomer 14 March 2005 Twenty20 Cup 2005 Guide to Lions Sports Twenty20 Cup * No drinks intervals are permitted. ...

Not another quick quiz
When and where, did England beat Ireland by one run? Clues: fairly recent match. ECB England. max.it

Intuitive Cricket scorer for Cricket Clubs & Associations
Download an intuitive software program for Scoring a Cricket Match. It uses the familiar paradigm of the manual system with the Cricket Scorecard looking exactly like the Manual Scorec...

ICC Trophy 2005
I'm gonna get to see: 5 July Ireland v USA Waringstown 2nd july Denmark v USA Armagh 4th Uganda v USA Lurgan 7 July Uganda v UAE Lurgan ...

FAO Don Miles
http://www.cricketeurope.net/DATABASE/ARTICLES/articles/000006/000661.shtml Cecelia Joyce again. max.it

cricket rules are so complex
with all these innings and 6 points. [email protected]

cricket is so much more fun than baseball
although similar rules [email protected]

Why a match is called "test"? historical reasons?
[email protected]

OTish: .......No Smoking
I'm a bit chuffed. 6 days 15 mins 56 secs and 198 cigarettes not smoked, on the mozilla nosmokey plugin. No smoking, no problem I wondered what all the no smoking fuss was about....

Fletcher announces player availability for start of season
Duncan Fletcher has announced the availability of England contract players prior to the first test v Bangladesh. full story is here: http://www.ecb.co.uk/news/media-releas...


Pietersen - the gamble
Dave Houghton on Sky yesterday was under no doubts that Pietersen should play in the test side this Summer. Personally, I don't think I'd play him initially - he strikes me as a big gamb...

live cricket audio aus v nz
live radio audio coverage aus v nz now on at http://rs3.radiostreamer.com:8140 marco.

Cricket statistics databases? (to write an analyzer program)
Just wondering if anyone knows of any cricket statistics databases available anywhere? (in file format that can be read programmatically, not a book). Im just interested in writing some prog...

Kallis the "bully"?
Has anyone notice Jacques Kallis's "behaviour" recently? When batting against us, he blocked and blocked for dear life - and not surprisingly - we couldn't get him out so the runs cam...

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