Jones the opener
What about Jones the opener ? I mean replacing Strauss, is splitting an opening pair. Like in poker, would you ever split a pair of openers, in hope of a flush ? I have Jones...

The proud Father
Last Saturday, I was on a route march to the stout shoppe. We chose a far away shop, well not the closest, in fact the one you can get to on the cycle path. On our return the cyc...

old cricket bat
I have a few old bats. One is a salter and sons from Aldershot. It has a cane handle, but the springs don't seem to be rubber. The tape on the handle is soft leather, a bit like old dr...

live audio bang v zim one dayer
go to cheers. marco.

1st ODI
RSA 95 for 7 after 35 overs. Steve Hague

A Jardine witicism
'During an Ashes reunion lunch in the 1950s, the Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies gave a speech describing himself as "the man in Australia whose parentage has been most often questi...

What 'A' result..[spoiler]
Pleasant surprise that, I'd stopped checking the score earlier England looked pretty doomed.... Couple of good performances raise some questions for one day selections... Plenty of tim...

Boycs's player by player analysis
++++++++ ..Mark Butcher Was he here? I can hardly remember any influence he had on the series. He did struggle to 79 in Port Elizabeth, which is actually the way I think he s...

live audio pak v wi coming up
hi everyone. another live broadcast of australia's summer of cricket coming up for you with pak v wi online at the stream will...

It was justice England won 2-1 IMHO. I predicted 4-0 before the series and had we played at full capacity, I still believe that should have been the result. Credit to SA for their scra...

Some simple techniques to improve England's play
1. When a batsman comes in he plays in the "v" for the first twenty minutes. 2. When a wicket falls after a decent stand the remaining batsman plays defensively for the nex...

a good team for the ashes
The best team for the ashes, would be best chosen when the Australians arrive. For me 80% of any match angainst Oz is played with the head. After catching some of the...

Intuitive Cricket Scoring software
Download an intuitive software program for Scoring a Cricket Match. It uses the familiar paradigm of the manual system without the inaccuracy and inconsistency of the Manual system of pen an...

Simon Jones, 94mph ? "It's gone well for me this game; I've really hit my straps, got up to 94mph and found my confidence," Jones added. <...

Credit to Nasser
Although he's now seemingly long retired, I think Nas deserves a fair bit of credit for setting up England's series win. Not only did he and Fletcher get Team England back on track th...

Another cracking display from the England lads, but....... are we good enough yet?

A couple of questions that have cropped up elsewhere recently .. 1. When was over-arm bowling legalised? I've heard 1864 suggested, but can anyone confirm or otherwise. Also, what h...

Man of Series
It had to be Mathew Hoggard. What the hell were they thinking about? These pitches were by and large all batsmen friendly. Fantastic effort MH. Won it for for me by a c...

May i be the first
to congratulate England on winning the series 2-1

Question for anyone watching on Sky
Has Graeme Smith come out to field in a new leather jacket? ;o) -- David North Email to this address will be deleted as spam Use ...

Harmison and Bill Lockwood
I can think of only one loss of fast-bowling form which comes close to Harmison's. In 1894 the boat sailed with the England team to play the 1894/5 Ashes series. IT contained the...

Arthur Mold
On Friday, BBC2 was showing some old movies, from the very early 1900s, rescued from a derelict shop. Despite the irritating commentary by Don Cruikshank [who is capable of much better],

Possible Results
With England on 199-4 Lunch on Day 4, here's a few possible scenarios:- The pitch according to Cricinfo seems to be a nice straw batting pitch now which, if true would mean a likely r...

Gower on playing windies n...
++++++ ..toughest cricket I played was against West Indies in the mid-1980s." In 19 Tests against West Indies Gower scored 1,149 runs at 32.82. On the 1985-86 `blackwash' tour whe...

The FoxSport commentators alluded to his rather quirky behaviour prior to his debut in the series. I finally saw him in action and something tells me he isn't the full quid. ...

My take on Vaughan
In my view, Michael Vaughan is easily the best England batsman I've seen - and I've been watching cricket with interest from around the mid-70s. I can't pick a flaw in Vaughan's b...

Oscar Nominations this year
Dear All Aside from Paul Giamatti in Sideways (see it when it comes out!), I would have thought that another nomination for best actor would be Andre Nel?? A remarkably bro...

New Zealad Vs World 11
please somebody tell me where I can watch highlights of this, just for Muralitharan 3.1 0 57 0 (1w) 57 runs conceded from 19 balls (20 with the ...

Dropped Catches
Two dropped catches for England this morning, both off Harmison.

live cricket online now
hi everyone. covering the NZ v Worns XI match online at we also are doing the SA v Eng tests and one dayers + Bang V Zim and VB

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