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Cricket Quiz January 2005
1. What is the record number of wickets taken in a month (any month) during an English season? 2. Who is the last player to play for England without ever playing for a first cla...

New "sport"?
Has anybody heard of a new type of hunting called "hunting for bambi"? Mind you, it's probably not real, and done strictly for entertainment purposes, but who would have ever thought of ...

So much for 9 in a row!
Couldn't finish this one off, reminds me of the Champions Trophy final - at least you got a draw this time! Well done on your run though, and congratulations to both teams on a great Test f...

SA sneak a draw?
Well done to the saffers for wriggling out with a draw. How the hell does Bad light enter into a match nowadays. Durban seems to have a massive set of lights but still they seem ...

Pollock run out
Good fielding from Simon Jones. Surely we can't fail to win from here? -- I've often wanted to drown my troubles, but I can't get my girlfriend to go swimm...

Lunch-Day 5
104-4 and we're in with a great chance to pull off a great win here. With Gibbs already out I think Geraint Jones has made up for dropping that catch last night with the catch to get rid of...

The great escape - 2nd Test
Close of play day 4 England 139 and 570-7 dec (Thorpe 118*, G Jones 73 and Flintoff 60) SA 332 and 21-1 (G Smith LBW Hoggard 5, Gibbs dropped by G Jones when 6 off Harmison).

England's Remarkable Recovery
What a fantastic performance by Trescothick and Strauss today. A little surprised that, as I write this late Tuesday evening, there is not a single mention of it on this ng. ...

Search Cricket infos
Hello, i search informations about cricket and the history of cricket. Can someone help me? Thank you very much Matthias Woyde

8 in a row's enough
I dunno what they had for Christmas but it's done them no favours, batting, now bowling and tactics are all out of the window at the moment. SA have improved but not to this extent. It...

Had to laugh yesterday....
...at Ashley Giles getting meat-tenderised by Steyn & co., pulling a back muscle in the process and running away with a waft to get out. What a brilliant day of aggressive, intense cricket b...

South Africa trail by 69 runs with 7 wickets remaining in the 1st innings It's hard to know what way to sum up today. The mad collapse from England, or the removal of three SA b...

England [Spolier]
This isn't helping the hangover. We need to scramble to 200 somehow, then we need Harmison, the real Harmison.....

OT: Santa
We visit the Santa tracker every year, it's handy for getting the wee ones off to bed "Oh look Santa is real close" works everytime. http://www.noradsanta.org http://www.nor...

Merry Xmas
Just thought I'd wish all of ASC a very Merry Xmas and a happy New Year. 2004 has been a wonderful year for English cricket - however, only the prelude for 2005! All the be...

Hussain and Butcher
I see that in an interview published in The Independent the other day. Michael Vaughan says that the decisive point in England's tour of the West Indies last winter was the partnership in ...

A A Thomson: This Cox is a Pippin
+++++++ A A Thomson I was never deeply impressed by the sort of mildly fatuous question commonly put to innocent members of Brains Trusts, such as "Who was the finest batsman who never...

English domestic cricket from 2006
ECB have released their plan for domestic cricket from 2006. <see BBC: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/counties/4120869.stm> Basically: County Championsh...

More about Brearley
The other thread about Brearley's sabatical got me thinking.... Brears was captain up until 1979/80, then Botham took over for the 1980 season, and the rest is history. Why was Brea...

England's Achievement
Whilst yesterdays eight consecutive test win i a magnificent achievement, i am concerned that it is as much a reflection of the state of cricket as a global game as much as any massive impro...

A year of winning
The last time England lost a test match is now a year ago the 3rd test v. Sri Lanka on 18th December 2003 A heavy loss by an innings and 215 runs We then went to West Indies and won t...

TV Deal - C4 Not interested?
Just noticed this article today... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/4109235.stm "Giles Clarke, chairman of the ECB's marketing committee, continued to defend his orga...

Brearley's sabatical
I was chatting with someone about Brearley's performances as a county player, and vaguely remembered that he took a break from the game, possibly for his studies. Can anyone remem...

We should have known we were OK when Thorpe came in. Off the top of my head, he's been involved in about half a dozen run chases in recent years. Karachi in 2000, at least one of the SL tes...

England win by 7 wickets
England win by 7 wickets. Strauss 94*, Thorpe 31*. RH -- Robert Henderson [email protected] Blair Scandal web site at http://www.geocities.com/blairscandal/ Person...

oddsDNA Sports Statistics, News and best odds - FREE TRIAL
Dear all, I just found an excellent website about sport statistics and news http://www.oddsdna.com Here is their description: oddsDNA offer you an extensive...

Tresco & Pollock
Pollock has now dismissed Tresco first ball of an innings twice - the other time was at Trent Bridge in 2003. I was wondering if that's unique, or if there are other batman/bowler pairs ...

Australia vs England 2005 Ashes
England have been doing well in the last 12 months but I'm predicting Australia will dominate all 5 Tests with England's only two hopes of not losing 5-0 being the weather and Brett Lee. <...

England 10-2! Oh my god!
England are surprisingly struggling at this initital stage as Tresco goes to the first ball of the innings and Butcher follows not long after. But I'm pretty confident that England will stil...

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