icc trophy 2005
The 25 venues are: Armagh, Bangor, Carrick, Civil Service (Stormont, Belfast), Cliftonville, Clontarf, Cooke Collegians (Belfast), Downpatrick, Drummond, Eglinton, Instonians, L...

Doug Wright
I have just seen a most interesting article in The Scotsman (!), mainly about the revival of leftarm and leg spin bowling in Yorkshire, but also containing this anecdote about Doug Wright w...

Zimbabwe v England
Zimbabwe 195 (49.3 ov) England 197/5 (47.4 ov) max.it

Murali 'is legal'
Great article this. Sensible. So good to see that some Aussies are FINALLY seeing the light........................... Laz ---------------------------------------------...

Don, Fingo n Gubby Allen
+++++ http://www.theage.com.au/news/Cricket/Fingleton-into-bat-for-his-brother-Jack/2004/11/27/1101495458848.html Until now, Father Wally Fingleton, a younger brother of the Test ...

FA: Middlesex at Uxbridge (signed print by Alan Fearnley)
Signed, limited-edition print. Shows Mike Brearley leading out the Middlesex team. Signed in pencil by the artist. Also signed by Mike Brearley. Ebay listing: http://cgi...

England cancel flight to Zimbabwe
I think, it is time to give a strong signal to Zimbabwe authorities that the cricketing community will not tolerate the offensive attitude displayed by them. Though cricket is only a game an...

Zim vs Eng to be shown on Sony
Just had an email from Wisden CricInfo saying that Sony are to show the 5 one-day matches for 9.99 plus connection fee! Probably costs more than a tenner to connect to Sony!! A...

England tour of Zimbabwe
I am completely baffled as to why this tour was arranged in the first place. Can someone explain to me why this happened? How far in advance are cricket tours arranged? Surely the world knew...

Media denied Zim accreditation
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/4036335.stm The ban on the BBC is not exactly surprising, but the selective nature of the newspaper bans does seem odd. The Times, Tele...

Umpiring in Brisbane
Surprising to see so little was made of the absolute howlers from Dar and Bucknor at the Gabba. That second inns in particular was some of the worst I've seen. *McCullum didn'...

Noticed that one of the umpires in the match against Namibia is called Luck. Tom Atkinson

Zim v Eng - Where to watch / listen?
So is _nobody_ covering this tour? I thought Sky had been outbid for the rights by Sony TV Asia but no mention of it on Friday's schedule.. http://www.setindia.com/schedule/schedule...

OT / Top 3 Fave movies
Home alone, number one Playing away numbers two.(cricket content.thanks to Nigel) Blues Brothers number 3 Number 4 would have to be the Indian based movie with theone word title ...

Video - best players I've seen
Watching the latest (and it's disappointing - if you've not bought it don't bother) Richie Benaud greatest 11 and I thought an interesting thread would be our respective greatest 11's. T...

It seems the Aussies have ended their "we'll walk" idea that they tried in India. As Andrew said,when Justing Langer walks he'll believe it,and after the first innings here that is ob...

Pietersen on the welcome Cork gave him
+++++++ ..."As a kid I had always supported England because it is where my mother is from and she ruled the roost. My hero was Rob Andrew and during the 1995 World Cup in South Africa I...

What's happened to NZ recently?
3 years ago, NZ held Australia (thanks to plenty of rain admittedly) to 3 draws. They don't look like doing that this time - though one day is too soon to tell of course. Badl...

Aussie sport media at it's worst
Australian sports media has certainly lived up to their reputation for bias reporting again on this chucking issue. First they fabricated a story and accused Murali for calling Aussies as ch...

38655 Mining the Web :Searches with Kriging, Inverse Distance
Site and Features: http://www.eigensearch.com Search engine, eigenMethod, eigenvector, mathematical, manifolds, science, technical, search tools, eigenmath, Jacobian, quantum, mechanics, m...

Is doosra OK?
Let us forget Murali for a moment. It appears that Harbhajan can bowl doosra with less than 12 degree elbow extension, in match situation. Now there are fast bowlers who bowl at 1...

Gideon Haigh on Harold Larwood- The necessary monster
++++++ ..One of Larwood's most vivid anecdotes from the Bodyline tour of 1932-33 was overhearing a little girl quizzing her mother: "Why mummy, he doesn't look like a murder...

Hypocrisy of Australian crowds- Meckiff and Murali
When Murali came to Australia in 02/03 he was taunted with abuse even after he got injured. But the situation was quite different in 60's in the case of Ian Meckiff. This is according t...

Re: Harold Gimblett- Happy, Happy Days
++++++ ...In 1953 rumours started to circulate that Gimblett had lost his appetite for the game, while some went further and said he was suffering a breakdown. The rumour-mo...

Even less cricket on free TV?
It woudl seem that way: http://sport.guardian.co.uk/cricket/story/0,,1349524,00.html According to the story, "Channel 4 and Sky will share live coverage of the Tests more e...

Terry Jenner sucks
http://www.smh.com.au/news/Cricket/New-rule-throws-the-game-into-chaos/2004/ 11/12/1100227582274.html "Why have they increased the arm extension limit for spinners by 200 per cent...

The weirdest game you have ever witnessed
Mine has to be the semi final of the Liverpool Echo Cup last year Bootle -v New Brighton, due to various people turning up late I seem to remember it began late, a storm half way through cau...

Scotland's ICC Intercontinental Cup semi-final
It is not often that two presidents die at the same time (not exactly) but it is strange when one death carries so much news weight that you only discover the other death when your hu...

In comes the new law - almost
Anybody know how they're going to police this ridiculous rule? Any degree of tolerance is impossible to police. Otherwise suspect bowlers are shipped off to Bruce Elliot whereupon t...

OT But Funny- From Spam recieved today, needed to share :)
EQUITY CHAMBERS #22 FOX CRESCENT LAGOS - NIGERIA [email protected] PRIVATE EMAIL:[email protected] Dear Sir/Madam, I apologize if the contents he...

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