Praise for Fletcher
Good article in today's Telegraph praising Fletcher for all he has done. Pasted below It is five years to the month since Duncan Fletcher took over as England's coach. Five year...

Almighty Aussies!
Congrats to the Mighty Aussies who have inflicted a comprehensive THRASHING on the Indians on their own territory. They are now 2-0 up in the 4 game series and had it not been for the i...

Changing the lbw law
I'm not generally in favour of tinkering, but this struck me as a good idea when I read it the other day. Is there any good reason why lbw's shouldn't be given to a ball which hits

OT: Pitch invasion

no Zimbabwe on Sky
In todays Telegraph Mihir Bose says that Sky have lost out to Sony tv for coverage of England v Zimbabwe.They can pay untold millions for football but were outbid to the tune of 300,000...

Level two coaching
Has anyone done this ? if so what's the video analysis like ? I will miss the Pre course Video Analysis Workshop and I wondered if this will be a big problem. If ...

Help in Constructing Sight Screen(s)
Hi, In Preperation for next season (and lack of funds) we are looking to make our own Sight Screen(s) for the club. Plan is to get good quality wood from the local Timber Yard, na...

FA: The Cricketer 1974 (Jan-Dec Issues)
Ebay listing: Original green binder containing the issues from January to December for 1974. The binder has The Cricker embossed in gold on the front and t...

Pietersen off to the Rose Bowl.

The Willingdon era
+++++== S. MUTHIAH ++++++++ WITH CRICKET very much in the air, I can't help but narrate a cricket tale that all those who had the postman knocking at my door with Willingdon (Mi...

Mathew Engel: It's time for counties to wake up and smell the reform

Flintoff v Botham was Re: Best England XI from last twenty years.
If Flintoff better than Botham? Batting: Some similarities but Botham was much more a back foot player than Flintoff so on quick wickets, Flintoff might struggle. He's yet to play ...

North of Ireland cricket club ....born again????
I had a story from the newspaper today, but I've lost it. In short. North of Ireland cricket club has been reformed. A few years back (lost paper no dates) North, decided to...

sports in school.
+++++=== ..Blair is wrong. I do not say that sport has no place in schools, but I do not believe it has a big one. Organised competitive sport is agony for many children: it can lead to...

Harper: 'If I was as accurate as Hawk-Eye I'd be a rocket scientist'
++++===== I enjoyed the experiment of calling on the third umpire for clarification on lbw decisions at the previous Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka. I would have given Shoaib Malik...

Pietersen smells a political rat
Pietersen smells a political rat in absence from South Africa tour ++++++++= "I was disappointed not to [be selected to] go to South Africa because I have scored more than 5,000 ...

Past Captains
Hi folks, I've just found this letter (being new to the net and haven't much of a clue how to follow a thread ) and would like to know if anyone knows anything about a man called Rose who pl...

1983 Prudential Cup Semi Finals & Finals
hi all, here's an oldie! THE 1983 prudential cup finals and semi finals are up for download at ...

Whose Birthday ?
Mine!!! Oct 19 1964*

Best England XI from last twenty years.
The first time I tool an interest in cricket was watching the 1985 Ashes. It is struck me that I have been watching England for nearly twenty years, trying to sleep last night I named a 1st,...

New ECB rules for overseas players
1. From 2006, overseas players will be restricted to two per county without substitutes for injured players. 2. From 2005 the ECB payments to counties will contain an element which

Absurd ban on Wagg
The Warwickshire player Graham Wagg has been banned for 15 months and his contract will be cancelled. Quite absurd. He used a social drug (cocaine) which can have had no performance enhancin...

Martyn's hundred
I've never seen him play so well. He's one of the few memories I have of the 2001 series - two centuries IIRC and certainly the Edgbaston one was glorious to watch. Being a back foo...

India chase 229
Of all the games in all the world to purchase for 15 from Setanta Sport, I had to purchase this one. I do think the Aussies missed a trick today though. Well though GIllespie ...

Gubby Allen handling the ball incident
From a writeup on Miller by David Frith +++++++++ He remains deeply amused by Gubby Allen's dismissal "handled the ball" in a 1945 friendly at Lord's between the RAAF and t...

How long, o lord, how long...?
Warne has broken the record again, so there is a big splurge at Cricinfo; interviews an ting. He certainly deserves it, but how often are we going to get it? Haven't we had the ...

Aussies Walking
I can't see it catching on. Whatever next, the whole team giving a batsmen three hurrahs! Something for the future?

Martin retires
Peter Martin has had to retire because of persistent knee trouble. I always thought he was a bit unlucky not to get more international calls, while at the same time he never quite seemed to ...

India v. Australia, second Test
Interesting things are happening on the first day at Chennai. A good start for Australia, putting on 136 for the first wicket, then the Indian spinners got to work. I can't see this

Help me figure
This scam: A lady leaves Tesco and when she loads her car the car won't start. Up pops this helpful guy " you look like your in trouble I work in That motor store, I can hav...

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