TV Rights: England this time...
From the other day on the Media Guardian website, and the ECB are starting TV rights negotiations. Only flaw in this article is that Channel 4 and Sky's current contract started...

ind-aus telecast in the uk?
Hello, Does anyone know which channel is showing the india-australia test series in the UK? Would appreciate any info. Thanks. Meursault

I find it a bit odd that Surrey have made Butcher captain when he also holds a central contract. Has anyone else tried to combine county captaincy with an England contract? Jim

Final cricket stats for Foreign players in 2004 Championship
Full averages Official Overseas Players Championship averages 2004 - Batting Name Ma In No Runs HS Ave 100 50 ...

Another "all-time" XI
One of my more whimsical selections: could any county match Somerset's post-war XI of SJ Cook, Gavaskar, IVA Richards, MD Crowe, SR Waugh, Trescothick, Botham, Marks, Taylor, Caddick, Garner...

Jones or Read?
Since this is being discussed a lot on Ceefax at the minute, and I haven't seen much about it here: Has picking Jones (G.O.) been a good move, or should they have stuck with Read? Or would ...

Confirmed player releases & retirements
This list is by no means complete, so if anyone spots something I may have missed then let me know and I will add accordingly. Presumably Durham, Gloucs, Hampshire, Kent, Middlesex, and Nott...

More county releases
Mohammed Akram from Sussex, A. Gait and Mohammed Ali from Derbys, Aftab Habib from Essex. RH -- Robert Henderson [email protected] Blair Scandal web site at http:/...

Schofield has been released by Lancs, which is no great surprise. But what a waste of a considerable talent - who is going to take him on now I wonder?. Jim

OTish Zimbabwe
On the news today I saw Jack Straw shake hands with Mugabee. He seemed, as he said in his excuse to be shoved into a dark corner to shake hands with someone he did not know (at first) ...

Zim/SA one-day tour parties announced
From the ECB website: "Following discussions with the England management team, the selectors have decided to rest two senior players, Andrew Flintoff and Marcus Trescothick, from the tour ...

Alex Tudor released by Surrey
I've just read on the BBC cricket site that Surrey have released Alex Tudor, even though he still has twelve months remaining on his contract. This looks like it could be a sad en...

england lose to yorks/windies
england were beaten by yorkshire and the west indies combined team. the yorkshireman captain failed with the bat (yet again) then makes the terrible decision not to bowl a.giles a...

Cricket DVDs
check these cricket dvds out if uve missed some champions trophy games and more

Cricket DVDs
check these cricket dvds out if uve missed some champions trophy games and more

Well done Windies
Superb game. Anybody who has said that this is a meaningless trophy I would urge to watch the Windies celebrations or the look on English faces at the end. As someone has said somewhere el...

You've got to hand it to them... fading light and all. Reminded me of Murray and Roberts. -- Work like the ponies in coalmines. Dance like the teardrop explodes. Love l...

Can anyone give me....
....the total number of leg byes and byes in Championship matches this season? RH -- Robert Henderson [email protected] Blair Scandal web site at http://www....

He's the real deal

Poor old Tresco
Looks like yet another 100 in a losing cause. Great innings, but shockingly poor support from everyone else apart from Giles. David

FA: Wisden 2002 Hardback (Mint)
<> -- #8O( Beaker Muppet Labs, Inc.

Shut up Warney Paraphrased he seems to be saying "We're still the best, nothing to worry about." While I take Warney's point - there st...

TFC Final position
I ended up with 21932 points, in 226th place. That's by far my best finish in either Fantasy Football or Cricket in the decade or so in which I've been taking part. :) -- Pa...

Amended 2004 Foreigners Championship averages
Note: I have sorted the averages into normal tabular form as well as amending the errors. RH Official Overseas Players Championship averages 2004 - Batting N...

Funny old game
Can we believe WI beat Pakistan? I said in another thread that WI would do us a favour if they did so and they've done just that! I'm not for one moment suggesting our beating WI on...

Forthcoming Sky Coverage
Anybody know what Sky have up their collective sleeves for the Winter? Doubt they'll care about Bang v NZ or Pakistan v SL but Ind v Aus looks like a winner - though there are current...

Glorious Glamorgan
Winning the one-day league and gaining promotion back to the first division. Mostly without their foreign "stars"? Now that is something to celebrate!!

2 Tickets for ICC Final (face value)
I have 2 tickets for the ICC Final on Saturday as my team (unexpectedly) got knocked out today. Go and watch England whilst I sit at home and lick my wounds. Only provision I make is that yo...

Foreigners in county cricket - 2004 Championship averages
Note: If anyone sees any omissions or mistakes, please point them out ASAP. Thanks. RH A generally dismal performance by foreigners of all sorts - the bowling is es...

Yorkshire have announced that Kirby has asked to leave before the end of his contract, and his request has been granted "with great reluctance". I'm a bit mystified by this, since Kirb...

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