Harry Pile Clode
What, if anything, does anyone know about Harry Pile Clode ? I know the stats, but I'm sure somebody must know a bit more about him. max.it

Re: Harmison
max.it wrote: > Will are you in touch with Robert Pollard ? > > max.it Yeah Max he's still around and alive and kicking Will

Re: Harmison
Andrew Dunford wrote: > > Thoroughly impressive, frightening pace. > > He was very quick (I can confirm I saw the one timed at 96mph), although if > one w...

Cricket quiz July 2004
1. Peter Richardson played for England, Worcs and Kent. How many of his brothers also played FC cricket? 2. Which county was known as Fostershire? 3. Who were the fi...

This is getting silly
Today's result makes 20 consecutive wins by the side batting second in ODIs involving England (ignoring NRs), 8 of which have been won by 7 wickets. 10 of the 20 losing sides chose to ...

Just bowled an over at an average speed of 92.1mph with a fastest delivery of 94.3mph. That is probably the fastest timed ball bowled by an England bowler since this method of spe...

Proofed UK Horse Racing System
We have developed a system for laying on horses in UK Racing through betting exchanges that is currently returning 60%+ profit per month on capital and has been proofed by an independent rac...

Re: Flintoff injury farce
Rob wrote: > Permit me, if you will, to make a prediction. > > I predict that Andrew Flintoff will play in the first test against the West > Indies and break down ...

Bits and pieces?
Is it just me, or is picking all of Collingwood, Blackwell, McGrath and Clarke a bit excessive? How many "batsmen who can bowl a bit" do we need?

CC Round 11 : Stats
Record county v county partnerships : Gla 8th v Dur : 108* AG Wharf & DA Cosker Cardiff 2004 Dur 5th v Gla : 188 MJ North & KJ Coetzer Cardiff 2004 Runs per wicket :...

S F Barnes - even more remarkable than I thought
I have just finished reading Andrew Searle's biography. I had always though Barnes got his last professional engagement when he was 63. In fact, it was 67 - it was for the 1940 season - and ...

ECB Mistreatment of Windies
ECB Mistreatment of Windies at http://caribbeancricket.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=27216&sid=d2d089afc7f25c48e3af84321c28417d ------------------------...

Flintoff injury farce
Permit me, if you will, to make a prediction. I predict that Andrew Flintoff will play in the first test against the West Indies and break down with a recurrence of his foot injury the...

England "A" tours
I've just spent a couple of fascinating hours looking back at England "A" squads & performances from 1991-92 onwards. There are some real gems in there for anyone who's interested. Thre...

Whats the weather like in Manchester?
Hi all, i was wondeirng if there will be any play to-day? Cricinfo aren't updating the page too often. Thanks J

The Irish know as much about cricket as the West Indians know about hurling
http://www.nationnews.com/StoryView.cfm?Record=50799 max.it THE AL GILKES COLUMN: The Irish winning cricket? - ...

CC Round 10 : Stats
Record county v county partnerships : Not 3rd v Der : 217 JER Gallian & KP Pietersen Nottingham 2004 Not 5th v Der : 199 JER Gallian & CMW Read Nottingham 2004 Glo 8th v Sur...

Re: McGrath joins Middx
David Lewis wrote: > > On a more serious note, it'll be interesting to see if McGrath ever > > retains the form and potency he once had. > Did you read the in...

Cricket - frm the 11th Edition of Encyclopedia- 1911
a small first para has stuff on the insects that I am sure Kinky Minky doesn't like too much, but the rest is gud interesting stuff... ++++++++ .....The evolution of the art...

Gordon Ross: Has the game changed all that much?
April 1978 Has the game changed all that much? Gordon Ross on the laws, the spirit and the history. `Overall, very little has changed' +++++++++ ...Yet, o...

GNC Sucks dot com GNCSucks.com --> find out why !!
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Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch
Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch - a humourous take.... or is it ?? Photo is UN-DOCTORED: http://www.ackthpt.com/bertuzzi_punch.htm

Jack Russell retires
He has just announced his immediate retirement. Very sad news but not unexpected, due to his ongoing back problems. Thanks for everything, Jack. And do stay involved with cricket, both lo...

Mark Butcher
Saw him in the crowd at the Croatia England game in Portugal last night.Looked pretty happy as well. United Road

Bodyline Books - Rare Cricket Books
Cricket Fans visit http://www.bodylinebooks.com For comprehensive listings of thousands of rare, antique and out-of-print cricket books, tour guides, Wisdens, county yearbooks, autogra...

Tres and Flintoff injured
It seems Flintoff's foot problem is more serious than they told us. This is a real problem for the selectors... He bowled quickly and aggressively during the Saturday of the Trent Bridge g...

Mark Wagh
Watching Mark Wagh playing for Warks against Lancs, it makes me wonder why he has never got close to the England side. He is a very good batsman, and his off breaks would be fantastic if he ...

Edgbaston Viewing Point?
Hi, We've recently moved close to Edgbaston and I'm planning on introducing the gf to cricket by getting tickets to the 20Twenty final on 7th August. Anybody been that might hav...

Re: McGrath joins Middx
David North wrote: > > I'm glad for Middx, obviously, and will love watching him bowl - but, > > come on counties, now is your chance to give England back the As...

England selection policy
From an article in the Independent at - http://sport.independent.co.uk/cricket/story.jsp?story=533296 [quote] England intend to use their one-day squad as a training ground for th...

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