U 19 team to the U-19 WC
T Bresnan (Yorks) RFM D Broadbent (Yorks) M Lawson Yorks LBG A Cook (Essex) Captain R Bopara (Essex) RM L Plunkett (Durham) RF M Turner (Durham)

David Stiff signs for Kent
The Yorkshire fast bowler David Stiff has signed for Kent. They now have two of the most promising fast bowling prospects in Stiff and Cusden. rH -- Robert Henderson ...

Tino Best for first Test - Wi vs Eng
+++ Best for first Test WATCHING CRICKET Garfield Myers Saturday, January 31, 2004 Losing to Barbados in the Carib Beer series earlier this week must have s...

Trent Bridge
Where's the best place to sit for the Trent Bridge Test v NZ if you want to avoid the 'noisy' section of the crowd on Saturday? Thanks Ian

ICC Champions Trophy 2004
Hi, Does anyone have any more information on this? I know that it is going to be held here in England between 10 - 25 September. But does anyone know if you can buy tickets for ce...

Bowling and the tide
Dear All Just listening to John Emburey on Sky Sports saying that at Hove (and other seaside grounds) the balls swings more depending on the tide. Any truth in this? More m...

Blessing Mahwine
Anyone see Blessing bowling ? He looked fairly sharp, and seemed to give the Aussies a bit of a jump. A bit rough or raw or not fine tuned, but I could see him giving opening batsmen <...

Marcus Trescothick
I'm not sure if anyone has posted this .... but congrats to Marcus for getting married last Saturday :)

Imagine you are reading the sports pages in the morning, and you read that a certain player had got the England call. Which player either debutant or recall would give you the d...

Bulletin.............. Make Money Fast
PLEASE GIVE IT A GO!! IT REALLY WORKS!! I found this on a bulletin board and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through US and japanese newsgroups, just like you ar...

Vaughan - was "This Zimbabwe business"
Is Michael Vaughan still the right choice for leader? My own view is yes - he is - but only just. I do feel that he was made captain too soon. Butcher would have been a better choi...

live cricket http://marcocurr.homeftp.net:8000

Cardus on Stan McCabe's 232
Posted by Uday Rajan a few yrs ago. (Thanx uday!) +++++++++++ ....Now came the death and glory; brilliance wearing the dress of culture. McCabe demolished the English attac...

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Online DVD Store
Would someone mind reposting the link that was on here a while back for an online store that had a dvd available of the summer series v South Africa? Thanks, United Road

This Zimbabwe business
Two points I'd like to make about this: 1) It's (and forgive the swearing) bloody Zimbabwe. They're a poor side - why a) are we so bothered about playing them and b) why so often. ...

live cricket online now
go to http://marcocurr.homeftp.net:8000 for live india v zimbabwe and all the south african 1 dayers. marco.

World Cricket League - PBM/PBEM
A new sports sim, World Cricket League, has just been launched allowing players to manage their favourite first class team from around the world to championship glory. New managers should r...

"Ethical" cricketing policy......for slow learners
Points for the tour to proceed: ******************* international cricket development, advantage to local economy, international media exposure for the host...

live cricket all the time
http://marcocurr.homeftp.net:8000 save this link in your favourites for live cricket from all series around the world all the time.

Gough leaving Yorkshire
Darren Gough is leaving Yorkshire. He is seeking a new county. BBC R5 21 1 2004 -- Robert Henderson [email protected] Blair Scandal web site at http://www.ge...

"Ethical" cricketing policy
DEs Wilson, the ECB's chairman of corporate affairs subcommittee, has just produced a paper arguing for England to only play morally sound countries. That leaves er... Oz, NZ, er... ...

Lottery money and English cricket
Sport England is threatening to withhold several million pounds from the ECB unless it reorganises along the lines suggested by the "reform group". Odds on they will fall for this bla...

Cricket 2002 - EA Game Help required!!!
Help! I bought the EA game Cricket 2002 on a trip abroad. When I got home and opened the box there was no manual! Also there doesn't seem to be a manual on the CD. ...

Mohammad Akram to Sussex
What do you lot think of Mohammed Akram signing for Sussex as a non-overseas player, sue to him serving the two-year residency qualification? Personally, being a Sussex follower, I'd r...

Shortage of Postings
Presumably due to regular group contributors 'leaving in droves', following the ongoing domination of the Norman Horner thread by Luciano Buxton, Placido Walker and Jose Henderson - aka "The...

delayed boxing
delayed coverage of last night's anthony mundean fight plus the entire undercard are coming up on http://marcocurr.homeftp.net:8000 starting at 21:00 UTC. marco. ...

live cricket/tennis online
go to http://marcocurr.homeftp.net:8000 for india v zimbabwe live, followed by night 2 from melbourne park (australian open) also live, followed by south africa v the west i...

live cricket
west indies v south africa at http://marcocurr.homeftp.net:8000 i will be covering most series around the world, including series in aus, english matches as well as indian a...

Laws of cricket 1971 book
A nice MCC laws of cricket book if anyone is interested, (1971) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2781514965&category=273 58&rd=1

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