Happy new year
Happy new year, guys, wishing you lots of runs, lots of wickets, and not too many "oul dodgy decisions" and may umpire McGoo never place his flat foot upon your ...

Ian Philip
A muppet surely? Does the writer not understand that foreign players are willing to play for far lower wages than English counterparts? Interestingly English players on the whole do not go t...

OT "Real'' Quotes From 2003.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/funny_old_game/quotes_of_week/3354821.stm United Road

Richard Davis RIP
Heard on Radio 5 that he passed away earlier today. He'd been suffering from a brain tumour. http://uk.cricinfo.com/link_to_database/PLAYERS/ENG/D/DAVIS_RP_01004253/

England touring party for West Indies
Assuming they take 16, test squad: Trescothick Vaughan (c) Butcher (vc) Hussain Thorpe (latest incident permitting!) Strauss Read (w/k) G Jones (res...

shoaib a
AA must be the best bowler at the moment in the world. i saw him destroy timimd NZ

Thorpe story
http://uk.cricinfo.com/db/NATIONAL/ENG/ Will Thorpe tour WI now?

Where's Alex Tudor?
This is another "whatever happened to?". Other posts here have pointed to concerns over our attack in the Caribbean. I'm no fan of Tudor's but he might be a horses for courses pick for...

Hussain should go now
Before the WI tour. He never was good enough, he certainly isnt good enough now, Collingwood should get the call and leave Hussain at home to be bitter there. me

Youngest Has-Been's
Just looking at the way Anderson's career is developing leads me to believe that he could well be a has-been already. This puts him on my list Has-Been's. Most likely he is the younges...

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas guys and happy new year. max.it

"Don't expect changes" - oh God no!
Just been watching the Sky review of the 3rd test. Apparently we're not to expect changes for the WI tour.... The batting - had a terrible time against SL in SL but I'd agree that bl...

D.R. (David) Smith RIP
Very sorry to learn of the death of David Smith, former Glos and England fast medium bowler, at the comparatively early age of 69. Like his current county name-sake, Mike, he was a rel...

He did virtually nothing the whole tour - could they not at least have tried Robert Croft? --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus sy...

Batting to blame
So England utterly thrashed in Colombo. They've been outplayed in all three games and the better side (on these pitches) won. They did well to bat out for draws in the first two game...

Third test
Tea time on day four and England looking at defeat by an innings and plenty. Fair enough, given that Sri Lanka have consistently outplayed us even though nowhere near at their best throughou...

Typical English player.Looks promising at the start and within a year becomes a liability(and gets injured three times a month,like Harmison,Jones,Hoggard etc.etc.)

bed sore
My spell checker has just suggested 'bed sore' as a correction for Bedser. I don't think I'll try Harden. Jim

Hussain facing the chop
+++++++++ ...they face a tricky decision on which of their seven batsmen should be squeezed out in favour of an extra bowler. The only two men in line for the chop are Paul...

Most over-rated England XII
Reading through the all-time worst XI's earlier got me wondering about England players whose reputation far exceeds their deeds. Obvious candidates, for me, are Emburey, Tufnell, Flintoff, ...

A Bit More Cardus
For Sid. In return, he'll write a report of the Singapore RSC meet we held this evening, and kick off the annual awards ceremony. Anyway, this piece apparently originally appeared in t...

Oz slide quickens
For two years I have been pointing out (1) that the Oz team is rapidly ageing - no one in the present Test side is under 27 and (2) there is precious little of quality below the Test s...

Funding for pavilion refurbishment
130 year old club, pavilion in disrepair. Membership and the rest of the club not a great problem. Apart from the usual Awards for All / Lottery / Sport England routes has anyone got any use...

Dyson is amazed at Englands negitive tactics. I think he means is Sri Lanka can't beat England. well done to India max.it

Pick McGrath...Pick McGrath
Career Statistics: TESTS (including 31/07/2003) M I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St Batting & Fielding 4 5 0 201 81 40....

Famous Quotes from the 21st Century
"Australia will win this series without losing a game". Who was it that said that? United Road

Ain't life grand ?
England eke out another fighting draw, two in a row, which they can't have done for a while; one of the two really special batsmen in the game makes a big score; Ntini keeps on improving; in...

GregC: This is one of the weakest periods for bowling in a long, long time
+++++ Iím not going to criticise the modern-day players... The batting certainly has improved, because batsmen have become more positive, thanks to the one-day game... Itís probably a r...

I've watched Muralitheran closely during the last test, and I can't honestly say I've seen him bowl a single legitimate delivery. It's so obvious, particularly in slow motion that his arm st...

All Time Worst
What would you're all time worst England XI compose of? Perhaps Ramps opening. Chis Cowdrey, Hick et al in the middle order. Tell me. Tymey

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