They were an odd couple: Dylan Thomas, profligate poet, and John Arlott, pensive cricket commentator. Yet their correspondence reveals a friendship of true minds. David Rayvern Allen p...

No Coward Soul - Bob Appleyard's biography
A very good piece by Martin Searby on the Bob Appleyard biography No coward soul in the Telegraph 28 Nov. As if having TB was not enough to bear - Appleyard had half a lung r...

What's Pringle trying to say ?
"...Unfortunately the fielder was the left-handed opening bowler, Nandika Ranjith, who sent in a skimming throw, not dissimilar to his bowling action..." If he wants to say someth...

Phil Jaques v ECB
This one promises to get interesting. Background: Phil Jaques was born and raised in Australia. He played for Northants in 2003 as a 'local' player on the grounds that (a) he holds a ...

A blunder in Master and Commander
The film Master and Commander* has a short scene of the sailors from the Frigate Surprise playing cricket on the Galapagos Islands. The film is set in 1805. The cricketers are bowling overar...

Willis you IDIOT!
Cricket debates premiership. The Cricket Reform Group is asking players' representatives to consider a system to establish a premier league of just six top county sides. First-cla...

Can't anyone count??
How is it that with four umpires, a match referee, two scorers and God knows how many other supernumeries being present it is still possible for the wrong number of balls to be bowled in an ...

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Another washout. Farce Farce Farce
Let's play cricket at the end of monsoon season - really good idea. Having said that, this might work to England's advantage. They have looked a tired side IMHO recently. Just thin...

Tough players - Robin Smith
Just been watching one of Smith's finest hours - v Australia at Trent Bridge in 1989. England chasing 600 and were 50/3 when he came in. He scored the most thunderous century and some of...

Rugby-John Howard oozes class.
What a performance at the medal presentation.Arrogant bastard. And they have the nerve to slag off others. What a sweet way to beat the loud mouthed big heads,last minute drop goal.Camp...

Top 30 Test batsmen debuting before WWII
1 943.5 Don Bradman (Aus) 2 885.4 George Headley (WI) 3 856.5 Jack Hobbs (Eng) 4 854.5 Herbert Sutcliffe (Eng) 5 809.4 Len Hutton (Eng) 6 776.7 Wally Hammond (Eng)...

Top 30 Test all-rounders debuting before WWII
1 663.6 Jack Gregory (Aus) 2 600.7 Monty Noble (Aus) 3 592.2 Aubrey Faulkner (SA) 4 571.1 Frank Foster (Eng) 5 568.3 Charlie Turner (Aus) 6 561.1 Wally Hammon...

Top 30 Test bowlers debuting before WWII
1 905.8 Charlie Turner (Aus) 2 829.3 Bobby Peel (Eng) 3 822.2 Maurice Tate (Eng) 4 820.2 Bill O'Reilly (Aus) 5 812.7 Sydney Barnes (Eng) 6 799.6 Tom Richardson (En...

Now wait for the Antpodean and Celtic whining to start
Oz 14 England 20 the referee zillions of dodgy anti-England decisions. Get your ear muffs on if you live in England and within 30 miles of the Scotch and Welsh borders to drown out th...

Mddx sign some fast bowlers
Middlesex have signed Melvyn Betts from Warwicks and Ben Trott from Kent, both talented bowlers who have not been given a decent chance in re the last year or two. RH -- Robert H...

Tufnell thinking of making a return
In a London Evening Standard interview 21 Nov, Phil Tufnell said he was thinking of returning to county cricket because he missed the life. RH -- Robert Henderson [email protected]

Open letter to Max Christofferson
Max, Last year you asserted on UKSC that England could not win big tournaments or games that really mattered. You said our football team were no good and would not qualify for Eur...

Bob Appleyard: The courageous story of one of Yorkshire's best cricketers
++++++++== Bob Appleyard, the Yorkshire and England offspinner whose career was dogged by poor health. As a result he only played nine Tests, but England won seven of them and Appleyard...

Brian Close: There is no such thing as Pain
From Michael Parkinson on Cricket .....Most of all he was fearless. No one stood closer to the batsman than Brian close. no otehr players can claim to have been battered as ...

Sri Lanka/England on TV?
Hi all, Which channel is showing the Sri Lanks - England tests? Thanks Bob

look to

Where is
RH ?

on cricinfo scoreboard, it says that they are having dinner?!!! does it mean tea, or are they getting their dinner jackets on for a 7 course spread?!!! ;-)

88 all out
Oh deary me! What I saw of it, Flintoff and Trescothick both played very poor shots! Can we make a game of this? I don't think so, but I'd like to be proved wrong! Chee...

C'mon England
In Sri Lanka and especially next Saturday morning in Australia

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OT: Rugby Again!
The Aussies in the final. Please God don't let them beat us! Ed Morris

Live Cricket Commentary on Net
Channel nine's comm on net for Australia v India and WestIndies vs South Africa http://www....

did anyone see the experiment with the bowling machine the cricket box and the two plums in the little net? It was on tv last night, very funny and slightly disturbing.

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