Cricket quiz November 2003
In celebration of Hayden's new Test record score, a quiz about left handers 1. Name the 19 left arm pace bowlers who have played for England. The bowlers must qualify for at lea...

Why did he go in to bat in the final over? ........for both reasons, why did he go in and why wasn't it stumps?

Poor england cricket
England should perform much better than they did against RSA!!

Clarke/ Flintoff
Whilst i realise that it is to early to suggest Rikki Clark as realistically challenging Andrew Flintoff for his place in the team, but he seems to have had a good match so far. Should ...

cricket sri lanka 1st test
Anyone heading to sri lanka for 1st test

Bangladesh Tour
England are doing rubbish , with the experience of the English team they should destroy Bangladesh, what I've seen up to now does not warrant England been placed 4th in the test match rankin...

Bangladeshi Captain ?
I can't remember his name. He seems to be very sharp and well in touch with the action. The timing of this series is really awkward for viewing, and the highlights are at bad times for me. ...

England 237-4
At the end of the first day England are 237-4. Clarke has his first Test fifty and remains not out. RH -- Robert Henderson [email protected] Blair Scandal we...

Finally found...
The 3 ACS First Class Matches books I was waiting for - the really rare ones covering 1875-80. :) Now, just need to find 1904... -- Paul Hyett, Cheltenham Email t...

2nd Test Match
Yet again, a promising start ends in a collapse - 4 wickets in 5 overs! Time for Nasser to get those runs, and Rikki Clarke to show is maturity and bat the rest of the day. ...

Botham calls for Croft - BBC Extract from the above: "He's got the best record of any finger-spinner since the second World War ...

This has bugged me for some time, but I don't know whether anyone else can shed some light on the matter. Apparently Mike Watkinson is coaching our spinners in the current tour. Now I l...

Apology if Mad Bill Pal m er has been annoying members of
Sent to on 26 Oct 2003 18:48:43 GMT Please excuse this intrusion on your newsgroup, but I would like to take the time to apologize for any annoying messages you may ...

Lashings CC
I've heard that they're rumoured to be entering next year's 20/20 competition. Has anyone else heard that one? Cheers David

Harmison and Jones
Jones has publicly targeted the WI as his first series in charge. Harmison's just taken ninefer. Personally I'm licking my lips if, praying to the gods of injury and ridiculous it...

When's the next Ashes?
As subject. I'm having Ashes-withdrawal symptoms (and the nicotine-patches / gum don't work either) Will

Wot no TMS?
On Radio 4's Feedback on Friday 24 October there were complaints about lack of coverage of the Bangladesh tour. There was a written reply from a BBC spokesdroid which basically said they did...

Not quite eating my hat but...
...suprised and impressed with Bangladesh's performance. If they could discover some seamers of class, their first Test win won't be far away - not this series though. Encouragin...

Forgotten Heroes:The 1945 Australian Services Cricket Team
Forgotten Heroes: The 1945 Australian Services Cricket Team Ed Jaggard On Whit Monday, 21 May 1945, just thirteen days after VE day and watched by more than 30 000 people, P...

England witch hunt
Fair play Bangladash - doing well. Hopefully England will still win though. I have to say a lot of the trouble we're in is the fault of Vaughan, Butcher and Hussain. ...

More from the [email protected] they write
More from an occasional series where the great game bites back. I don't doubt that we will now win this test . Bang are 12/1, even if they post 200 again which I think is doubtful we'l...

Highest cricket ground?
There was some discussion here earlier on this topic. ==== The MCC played a series of matches in Sind and Punjab before reaching the capital. Jardine had invited the Maharaja of P...

Dhaka Test
Where are the thousands of spectators that usually support the other Test playing countries of the sub-continent? Cheers Robt P

A list of fast bowlers from CiL
Where a bowler played for more than one side he is listed under his first side. I have done it from memory so don't take it as complete. RH Fast Bowlers Derbys ...

Udal loses noodle
He's been banned from Camberley club for three years following an 'altercation' with a bowler. Anyone got more details than what we see on Cricinfo ? Mike Gooding ----------...

Eng v Bang
Englands first inns total against Bangladesh is the worst ever by a touring side. Only three players scored above twenty and they were the usual suspects Vaughan, Trescothick and Thorpe. Bob...

Asians, Cricket and Ethnic Relations in Northern England.
RH u can have a crack at this, down somewhere it mentions ur piece in Wisden Monthly ------------------------------------------- Either click

Extravagance of Thought and Feeling’: New Zealand Reactions to the 1932/33 Bodyline Controversy
Extravagance of Thought and Feeling’: New Zealand Reactions to the 1932/33 Bodyline Controversy Greg Ryan ||||||||||| New Zealand perceptions of Bodyline we...

Giles baiting
I see old Gilo is in the wickets again (sarcasm is the lowest form of humour I know). Giles 12 overs, 1 maiden, 47 runs, 0 wickets...nothing new there then... How he can con...

The original title had 'SEVENTEENTH' I have changed it to 17th. I know its vitriolic, and very mean of me do it, trying to rubbish a era itself,so please accept my apologies for it. ---...

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