Durham sign Beach Boy!
According to Ceefax, Mike Love hit 48 to help Durham defeat Derbyshire! -- All my powers of expression and thoughts so sublime Could never do you justice in reason or ...

Squad for 5th test announced
Vaughan Trescothick Butcher Thorpe Smith Stewart Flintoff Giles Kabir Ali Harmison Anderson Bicknell Gareth Batty

Thorpe back, Batty in
England squad: Michael Vaughan (capt.), Marcus Trescothick, Mark Butcher, Graham Thorpe, Ed Smith, Alec Stewart (wkt), Andrew Flintoff, Ashley Giles, Martin Bicknell, Kabir Ali, Gareth Batty...

Great win for Glos.
Blink and you might have missed it. :) -- Paul Hyett, Cheltenham, England

CC Round 17 : Stats
New records : Gla 8th v Yor : 137 A.G.Wharf & M.S.Kasprowicz Colwyn Bay 2003 Lei 4th v Not : 278 B.J.Hodge & P.A.Nixon Nottingham 2003 Lei 6th v Not : 112 B.J.Hod...

Oval Squad
1. Vaughan - without a big innings in this test, questions should be asked about his captaincy credentials. Too early probably to be so critical but if captaincy is going to reduce his for...

Fletcher to go
Since Duncan Fletcher took over, nobody would deny England's results have improved. Ian Botham on Sky said at the start of the summer that England's results had tailed off (admitt...

TFC Update
My Test & County side has moved up another 2,060 places to 2,890th (6,462 pts), helped by a very good score from Jacques Kallis - a pity that, after narrowing down the choice of captain to him or...

Uncovered pitches
I doubt they'd be the challenge they used to be, given the extra protection batsmen have now, especially helmets. -- Paul Hyett, Cheltenham, England

The England squad for the 5th test
... will now be announced on Sunday. Apparently Kirtely's out, which was news to me. Shin splints. And Bicknell's doubtful as well. As they're "monitoring the fitness of others",

Fletcher Defending The Indefensible
With another bout of insomnia, I'm still wide awake, and actually very humored thanks to the following Guardian article written by David Hopps, a tiny snippet of which follows:- F...

Best Side To Beat SA At The Oval
After the debacle that was Headingley, Ian Botham rightly pointed out that in any other profession, after a performance like the one we saw from England, heads would roll, but as we hea...

A party for the first winter tour to Asia
Batsmen Vaughan Trescothick Key Thorpe Smith Clarke Collingwood I am treating Clarke and Collingwood as batsmen, but they can fill in with t...

Taking responsibility
Michael Vaughan's complains that county cricket " is not producing the mentally tough players that we are coming up against week in, week out." In this he is correct. The question is w...

What if's....?
What if Nasser hadn't been injured for this test? Given that we now assume Thorpe is a shoo-in (at least I'm assuming that), would he have been picked had Nasser not injured his toe? Would S...

Public outdoor nets in W London?
Hi, Does anyone know of any outdoor, public, nets in the general Ealing/Shepherd's Bush/Acton area? I know Holland Park, but they're pretty shoddy nowadays and I'm looking for alt...

The view from Headingley
The Yorkshire head man has said that he agrees with Vaughan that there is too much cricket, but he also thinks that it is important for the top players to appear for their counties in order ...

Jon Batty for England
Carried his bat through the day for 152* yesterday, his second large hundred of the season. As good a keeper as there is in England and the best technical batsman. I can imagine Batty ...

Don Bradman
I heard that the last first class hundred scored by the Don was at Mannofield CC in Aberdeenshire. Can anyone confirm this? Andy Parker

Harmison gets best one-day figures v Sussex
Harmison's just helped skittle Sussex for 137, taking 4-43. A timely nod to the selectors, possibly. -- Michael www.uk-fusion.com "Me? Fail English? That's unposs...

Freddie at six? [Mark Nicholas]
Did anyone else get annoyed by Nicholas flogging his new dead horse live on Sunday? The number of times he said "that's why Flintoff should be batting at six" - honestly, the way he kept ham...

English International Cricket
Do we play to win, or just to take part? s.

Professional Wanted for May 2004 season
A successful Cricket Club in Lancashire is looking for a professional for next year. Please email [email protected] -- neil

Umpire Tim Robinson
Anyone else see the brief interview with former Notts and England opener Tim Robinson, in a C4 Leeds lunchtime feature? He's currently on the First-Class Umpires reserve list, anticipa...

[Women's Cricket] The 'Class' of '93
If you're near Lord's on Sept 5 at around 1pm, there's a charity match between the World Cup Champions (so they'd have to be women as no Englishman has yet acquired that accolade) against ...

Top 10 Test batsmen and bowlers of the 19th Century
I am working on a project to rate players' performances throughout Test history, based on the PwC ratings. Having completed the players who made their debuts before 1900, here are the ...

I've never done this before.........
But I've just discovered I can block all the posts by Robert Henderson. Bye bye RH

Did you here Duncan Fletcher....
....whining away today? He claimed, quite incredibly, that England had lacked a "banker" in the bowling department since Caddick was in the team. Caddick, the man guaranteed t...

Foxy vs Billy
Why does Graeme Fowler find Billy Bowden's mannerisms such a problem? Bowden is an excellent umpire, proven by a great World Cup, and his elevation to the rank of elite test umpires, and a g...

When is Stewart going to play?
He hasn't yet has he? The words chocolate and teapot spring to mind. Tids

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