How shit are Channel 4?
Uninterupted coverage means we miss the last six overs to Hollyoaks. Piss poor and they can't even spell the bloke's name right. Phil

Ken Barrington
Citizen Ken 'Years later, some English journalist asked Barrington the secret of his success in India. "Eggs and toast, old chap,"...

An "Ed Smith for England" campaign
An "Ed Smith for England" campaign gathered momentum during the lunch break when TMS went around the grounds in County Talk. Smith was the first man to 1,000 runs this summer ...

Father Darcy's TC
Just under 2 hours to go until the second Test starts. Any more late entries? Those who did not start last week will enter the competition one point behind last place. http://gr...

Nostalgia: The Victory Tests of 1945
'Well what's your favourite recollection from playing in those times, Ross? Ross Stanford: Well it was the great spirit that existed between the two teams. I can give you one exam...

The greatest crcketer - Grace v Bardman
> We all know Bradman's record with a Test average of 99 and a first class career average of 89. The temptation is to point to him as obviously the greatest cricketer. But tha...

Re: Brearley (was Leading post-war English Captains)
I'm not so sure some of the stuff about him deliberately winding Botham up 'because he bowled best when he was mad' and at the same time being very encouraging to Willis who he saw as lackin...

Hedley Verity: a study by John Ward
'Comparisons with the great Rhodes were inevitable, but Verity was a different type of left-arm spinner, being taller and quicker through the air, which did not satisfy many harsh judges. He...

New skipper
How many matches before Michael Vaughan becomes tarred with the D.I. Gower "too laid back" brush? Cheers Robt P.

Barry Richards 'Batting should entertain'
Wisden Asia Cricket 'Batting should entertain' Rahul Bhattacharya - July 3, 2003 In July's issue of Wisden Asia Cricket, Barry Richards talks to Rahul Bhattacha...

Nante Hayward
Can someone tell me why he retired from international cricket? was it a back injury ?

Batting averages with/without captaincy
Dear All Does anybody have the averages for test captains with and without the captain's armband? I'm quite interested to see if averages do indeed drop when they are captain, o...

The Indian Nasser Hussain
Derek Pringle (29 July) writes in the Telegraph of Nasser Hussain that "As a young man at Essex, he gloried in failing Norman Tebbit's infamous test - that immigrants should support En...

Nasser's RETIRED!
Bloody hellfires - what's going on? Just posted a message about Hussain unlikely to give up - and he's just gone and retired. Blimey. Will he play as a batsman, or will Thorpe replac...

Is Nass going to jack it in?
Heard on five live that a press conference has been called - they reckon Hussain's on the way out. Sean

Lionel Tennyson: Regency Buck. The Life and Times of a Cricketing Legend
I recently saw a photograph of Tennyson batting one handed, his left hand bandaged. he is driving the ball through off , resembling a fore hand drive. This came in a Test match. Stirring stu...

Giles vs Brown
So I see Jason Brown just took 6-fer to roll Somerset by an innings ... is he any good? Anyone? -- Cheers John .

Mmmm... those problematic no 3 and 4 positions
Butcher 13, Hussain 1. Bring in Ed Smith and Thorpe. RH -- Robert Henderson [email protected] Blair Scandal web site at

Should've picked Thorpey , best batsman in the country , way ahead of McGrath and Hussain (faied again) Ooooh its not fair to pick Thorpe when McGrath did so well against Zimbabwe , crap pi...

Was Flintoff LBW?
I am still convinced it would have gone past the stumps.

Vaughan's innings so far
What a brilliant morning session, absolutely gripping. Pollock was unplayable, and Vaughan hang on in there and the fours he hit were simply wonderful to watch. It reminds me of his debut ...

Join the Cricket Group

I'm puzzled that Anderson has been pulled up for bowling too close to the wicket, as I can't remember it happening in his previous games for England. Is he bowling different to usual, or is ...

Fox Sports (cable network in Australia) had a timeslot today for 2nd Day highlights of ENG v RSA. Thanks to the washout, we are instead seeing highlights of the 1st Test from 1989...

Well done they guys for making a good start and also making McGrath look old.....he'll get them back.....double, .....but a good day for the tourists anyways

Yorkshire's Luck
Bloody 'ell. After collecting 44 points from two games, prior to last week's game against Durham, here's what happens:- 1. We smack over 400 to get max batting points, and bowl out Dur...

Umpiring question
Does anyone know the answer to the following hypothetical question (which has probably never occured but I can't find a rule covering it!) :- If the batsman's runner mistakenly ta...

[Women's Cricket] County Champs and South Africa
The women's county championships will be held on 5 days starting Saturday at various college grounds around Cambridge. Queen's College ground is 'headquarters - and Fitzwilliam would be a ...

Seems as if they're set for yet another thrashing-Durham 434 for 7 after Cork decided to stick them in. -- All my powers of expression and thoughts so sublime Could nev...

England cricketers 1980-89
Batsmen Barnett Gooch Fletcher Stephenson Hussain Maynard Terry Smith (R) Smith (C) Cowdrey (Chris) Tavare Woolmer Benson F...

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