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Lots of Skydiving Goodies!
Im cleaning out my closet! Lots of Skydiving Goodies for sale on ebay. Look under the search word 'skydiving' or under username 'ukcameraflyer' Brian Vacher

B0t ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! B0t

WT Stats
We had some statistics last night, 31 Nations Av age 42.88 Av jumps 4800 Least of amount of jumps is 650 Most 22 000 Least Time in sport 3 years Most time in Sport 4...

contact for Pat Hammond
Anyone have a contact for pat hammond. Looking for someone interested in doing some cf coaching and his name was mentioned..... Thanks Eric

Sort of skydive related toon (silly)

Slinks in the UK - where can i get some?
Anyone got any idea? I want to get them fitted to my rig next month for my repack

For Sale: Vector 3
For Sale: Vector 3 container (navy/black) Cypres 1 PD 143R (never used) All stainless hardware and hip rings No main included (sized for 150 main) Large harness

For Sale: Javelin (2000), Silhouette 150, 150 Reserve
For Sale is this black and green free-fly friendlyJavelin with a 150 reserve and PD Silhouette 150 main canopy. Container: Sunpath Javelin TJN Seria...

For sale: Sabre 2 170/Vector 3
For Sale: Vector 3 Container (Black and Purple) Cypres 2 Sabre 2 170 (Purple and Jade) PD 160R (never used) RSL All stainless hardware and hip rings DOM August...

Tandem For Sale
Next Tandem System - 172 Jumps HOP 330 Main - 55 Jumps Master 400 Reserve - 1 use Cypres (6 years old) Passenger Harness Spare Reserve D-B...

Nigel Watson-Clark
Nige was a member of the Marines and jumped quite a lot at Dunkeswell and Netheravon. I don't think he jumps that much now though. Did quite a lot of big-stacks, comp 8-way CF, and the ...

Equipment for sale
I have a brand new Centaurus for sale. It is medium size harness, it will accommodate someone up to 6'00" and about 190 lbs. It will accommodate 7 cell main up to 150 sq. ft or 9 cell 135 sq...

FOR SALE: Teardrop SF, Cypres, ZP155EXE, Tempo170
I have for sale the following rig: container: TSE Teardrop 1 Pin Superfly DOM 2001 main: Chute Shop ZP155 EXE (factory relined - 3 jumps on new lines) reserve: PISA T...

Big Money Meet! - The First Bodyflight Bedford World Challenge
Imagine the World's greatest skydiving wind tunnel hosting the World's greatest indoor skydiving competition, offering over =A316,000 in cash prizes - and growing... Bodyflyers al...

London Skydivers Piss-up
Hi guys, anyone know when the next one is, I am in London next week and always good to meet old friends Phil

Stiletto 120 For Sale
Hi, My stiletto 120 is on Ebay if anyone is interested....

Question about selling kit.
I've been out of the sport for a couple of years, and I've finally convinced myself that I need to sell my kit. Can anyone advise me of skydiving related websites, with "classified"

Mmmmm I wonder ?
EARN EXTRA CASH it works because its very simple and LEGAL too! Working From Home & Earn extra Cash Date: 13.01.2006 Please read on - this is 100% simple and very will no...

WINGS Container (back on sale)!
Wings container, still for sale due to timewaster! built 2004 for 160 main, 160 reserve.100 jumps, perfect cond; Red, Red / Black tie dye, (similar to Ankie`s rig on Wings website) Cyp...

new World Records ratified
---------------------------------------------------------------- FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) records : =============================================================...

I got a video ipod the other day and I wanted to put some skydiving videos on it but they need to be in mpeg4 does anyone know what program will convert to mpeg4? Cheers Rob

Intermediate 4 Way Team
Looking for a 4th person for a long term (3 year) Intermediate 4 Way Team, based at Hibaldstow. Spending this year learning with a view to burning some points in 2007/8. Needs a sense of h...

Blackpool Tower
From BBC News website: Tower parachute jump duo arrested Two men have been arrested after a pair of base jumpers parachuted from the top of Blackpool Tower. Lancashire Pol...

Colin Hicklin - remembrance guestbook
A guestbook has been set up to remember our friend Colin Hicklin, who was lost to a plane crash in Queensland, Australia on the 2nd January. Colin was the most genuine and big hearted ...

Calendar 2006?
Was there a calendar in the BPA mag this year? I missed the 2006 mag as my subs had run out, I didn't want to subscribe to the mag just for the calendar as I won't need to renew my BP...

British Skydivers Killed in Plane Crash
As reported on Sky News just now,,30000-1207635,00.html There's more over on rec.skydiving Andy Skydive Zone Tel: ...

Happy New Year
A Happy new year to all on the newsgroup heres hoping for a blue skied 2006 that sees avtur drop in price and the government making one jump courses part of the national curriculum ...

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