Sabre 120 for Sale
Details are on Nigel

Wanted Spectre 190
Looking for a 2nd hand Spectre 190 please email me [email protected] Cheers Dave

Don't forget...£15 jumps to altitude this wed (min 10 on a load) Take advantage or don't complain Eric :-)

Wind Tunnel Milton Keynes
Hi all just to let you know I was at the back of escape today and the (what I think is the wind tunnel) is taking shape pretty fast. Can anyone confirm this is the structure or shall I jus...

Black Knights Freefly Boogie 20th August - 27th August 2005
Check Out For upto date information Homework Klub will also be in attendance on the Saturday Nights to provide party entertainment htt...

Email address Damn Zebra wanted
Has anyone got contact details for damn zebra please? Thanks, Simon

Target Skysports moved domain names
If you have been having problems with out of date content at the old Target Skysports domain name, that is because we have moved the webspace to

£15 jumps at Peterlee
So where was everyone last night, blue skies, red hot, big plane, £15/ should have been liftin

Online Nationals Registration open
Target Skysports are hosting the formation skydiving and artistic nationals this year. We are please to announce that for the first time, you can now register your 4-way, 8-way or freefly te...

Container, reserve and AAD for sale
TSE Zerox container (freefly friendly version) with Raven II (218) reserve and 2004 Cypres2 (never fired). Harness fits between 5'10'' and 6'2'', standard harness, Alcantara back and leg pa...

Stats uk.rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: uk.rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:33:16 GMT ...

Freefly Festival at Black Knights 18th - 25th June
Freefly Festival at Black Knights Parachute Centre 18th - 25th June, DJ and BBQ on Saturday, Load organising, coaching, parties, music, etc... free camping, showers, and can you beleive it?....

BCPA Record Attempt 16/17th July
The last BCPA record was a 13-way over Hibaldstow in 2001. Since then, no attempts have been made to better this. I am planning a 14-way at Target Skysports on July 16/17th. If this goes wel...

BPA Freefly Roadshow @ Cark
This weekend 18-19th June is the BPA Freefly Roadshow at Cark with British Champion Rob Silver from Freejive, and Bronze Medalist Steve Newman from Bullet Freefly. Together they will be...

Anyone trained or been to this place? They sound Ok on the phone but just wondered... Friend going to do AFF there & asked if i wana go, any views appreciated, thanks, Iain. ...

Black Knights MASSIVE Events This Weekend!
Black Knights The Dudes At Cockerham Are Hosting 2 MASSIVE Events This Weekend!! The BPA Canopy Formation and Classics Grand Prix Competition it's running the weekend of the...

Boxer Short Skydive Pictures
Pictures now online... Nigel

looking for a tiny freefly suit....
I realise i may be asking for the impossible but I'm after a second hand freefly suit to fit 5'2 small build... anyone got one??? cheers, lil jane

Help please with Base Jumping question
Hello everyone. I wondered if anyone could help me please with a question relating to base jumping. My question is what does 'max out' mean in the sense that if a base jumper w...

Stats uk.rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: uk.rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 07:15:51 GMT ...

Skydive World - new design and many more links
Finally we got the time to re-design and update Skydive World. I didn't count, but there are way over 1000 links, sorted in categories. If...

What a great week we've had with AFF, RAPS progression, tandems and experienced jumpers all filling the nomad. The good weather has obviously lifted everyones spirits, contributing to the gr...

Bad Lippspringe Swoop Pond
The new enlarged swoop pond is filling right now! The finished article is 85m long by 10m wide and 1.2m deep and we believe this is the largest swoop pond in Europe, and certainly the ...

Weston 4 Way Meet. 18/19th June 2005
Weston 4 Way Meet Saturday / Sunday 18th and 19th June 2005 Whether you’re an established 4 way team, or a junior team enjoying your first season or if you fancy putting together ...

Chatteris 2nd Aircraft discount jumps
Another Nomad should be at Chatteris from Saturday 18th June 2005 for the rest of the season - pending paperwork approval. Jump ticket prices to altitude will be as follows...

Looking for a Crossfire2 109-119
Hello there, i am loking for a crossfire 2 109-119, with 200-250 jumps, to a reasonable price. Thanks Fabio

Skydiver in Cambridge
Hello everybody, Just move down to Cambridge and it is time to get back in skydiving, I was wondering if there are skydiviers that lives in cambridge, so we can share cost to get ...

Cark this weekend! (Freefly Coaching Available)
Hey Everyone, Fancy a trip to Cark on the 18th-19th June? Its actually the BPA Artistic Roadshow that weekend, Tim Porter and Rob Silver are the coaches and it costs two slots, no...

Stats uk.rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: uk.rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 07:25:57 GMT ...

Employment at Bodyflight Bedford.
Hi everyone. Just a reminder that we're still recruiting full and part-time staff for the role of Flight Instructor at Bodyflight Bedford (UK). We're lucky enough to have the larg...

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