for sale Vector 2 spectre 170 pd143R CYPRES
Vector 2 in nav blue with some pink 2002 Spectr 170 navy blue with neon pink outer and inner cells 90 jumps CYPRES all June 02 Sale due to not taking up sport full time.

Trying to contact Dave Colson
Be lived to be a Nether's jumper. Any help on his current location or contact details would be much appreciated. Blue Skies Pat Carpenter

Vector III Micron/Saphire2/PD126R/CYPRES
Vector III Micron, 250 jumps, excellent condition, Black and Orange lightening split, built for medium body 6ft 1" (185cm), articulated hip rings, all stainless steel Saphire 2 1...

Bodyflight Bedford - DZ Tour Begins!
The Bodyflight Bedford DZ Tour begins this weekend! For those of you who didn't make it to the BPA AGM, we will be visiting UK dropzones, answering your queries and giving you an insight int...

Deland Majik coaching at Netheravon
A couple of the Deland Majik boys are at Nethers for coaching at the end of May. Anyone going?

Dave Mitchell
Dave, if you're out there I've been contacted by someone asking for your contact details. If you give me a shout I'll pass them on Andy Skydive Zone Tel: 07000 FREEFAL...

Rig for sale
Vector III Micron, 250 jumps, excellent condition, Black and Orange lightening split, built for medium body 6ft 1" (185cm) Saphire 2 119 brand new ZERO jumps, Custom white with tangerine ri...


FOR SALE: Javelin NJ
Container only: Javelin NJ. C17. DOM 2000. # jumps: about 500. Freefly pud. Collapsible Pilot chute. Stainless chest rings. Please contact: Nick Davison 07989 985560 ...

Anyone up North heading South??
Trying to get something from Sheffield down South. If anyone is heading down this way (M3) and thinks they might be able to assist I'd really appreciate it. Any travelling salesmen out the...

Freefly Grand-Prix THIS WEEKEND!!
The first of the Freefly Grand-Prix's will be held this weekend at Langar, Registration opens on Friday 29th April and the draws will take place that evening with the Competition kickin...

Wind tunnel for sale ! ! ! !
Only In America ! From: Jorge ([email protected]) Subject: vertical wind for sale! make an offer now This is the only article in this thread View: Origin...

Stats uk.rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: uk.rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 07:08:38 GMT ...

Gus Wing Passed away!
For anyone that doesn't know of Gus Wing he was an highly experienced and respected cameraman who based himself at Skydive DeLand in Florida. It appears from rec.skydiving and ...

Atom container questions
Hey, I just acquired an Atom 00 from my friend who is no longer jumping. It is in very good condition with less than 300jumps. See link: I go...

Fight Sim
Had the following link sent to me. Its an add on for MS Flight Sim of the DZ at Skydive St Andrews. Looks pretty good. Might have to go out and buy a flight Sim then download it and have a g...

Attention all skydivers!
A friend of mine has started a web site and has included a forum for skydivers. The web site was initially intended for pilots but if you have any cool skydiving st...

Macmillan boogie Barby
TO ALL V IMPORTANT e mail me ASAP if you intend coming on sat to the barby. Don't want to waste money on food that would otherwise go to macmillan. If you'd...

Travel Insurance
Recently booked some travel insurance, annual/me UK based/multi-trip/world-wide/normal travel insurance to also include skydiving. But of course multiple jumps, not just a one-off tande...

After the little sister (25 meters) that flew in skies of skydive-peronne for the first time in 2004, here comes the BIG BROTHER, imagined by the brains of the PLS R&D team. From ...

For Sale: Sabre 2 170
I currently have the following kit for sale sabre 2 170 (450 jumps) micro raven 150 tear drop classic (purple) NO CYPRES 750 Lloyd d101935-r...

CASA 212 + Pilatus => Skydive Peronne
A CASA 212 + Pilatus Porter full time all May and beging of Juin. cheap jump rates, coaching, 23 rooms, Paris not far, wind tunnel not far and easy access from England. www....

BPA insurance
In talking to a BPA DZ owner last week, it appears odd that the current policy allows member to member claims. In my adopted land we indeed have 3rd party insurance, but it's only vali...

CH1, CH2, JM and CP
Following on to the earlier post a few days back......can anyone give a firm answer to the issues raised regarding CH1, CH2, JM and CP?

Freefly 'Have A Go' Weekend
Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th April 2005 Freefly 'Have A Go' Weekend at RAFSPA, Weston-On-The-Green with Saturday night BBQ This weekend come Freefly at Weston All you pay is t...

What it means in real terms
To keep you all informed what the result of the BPA Council decision is in real terms......................The following is the text of an e-mail I got today from someone who WAS going to ...

Scrambles weekend - Hibaldstow - Photos & Writeup
Well, despite the bad weather, we did the competition. 5 teams, 4 rounds, 2 new FS1's and shed loads of jumps. Write up and photos are at :

CH1, CH2, JM and CP
I notice that these have now all been added to the ops manual and will replace IC1 from june 1st. I assume if you obtain IC1 before 1st june you dont have to do JM, CH1 or CH2? ...

Stats uk.rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: uk.rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 07:12:13 GMT ...

Letter to BPA Council - Bad Lippspringe DZ & German
Geordie, thanks for that. We have known each other since we were both on junior staff at Lippspringe in the late 80's so I respect your views and opinion very much. Firstly my posts ha...

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