Villa skydive victim fights courts alone
From An ...

Stats uk.rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: uk.rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 08:38:52 GMT ...

Old but true
Why SKYDIVING is better than sex ! 1. You can have six skydives a day and still want more. 2. Finding partners for skydiving is much easier - physical attraction is not as...

For Sale: Wings, Sabre2 150, PD 143
For Sale, Awesome looking Purple and White Wings Container, Sabre2 150 and PD 143 Reserve Please have a look at the photos and more details on the following link...

Tunnel time
We have some spare. 2 hours available at very good rates in Perris between 19.3 and 29.3 (covers Easter). Drop me a line direct if interested. Dru Spork Team DAMN

New Sony DCR-PC1000
At last Sony are releasing a 3-CCD PC style camera, the DCR-PC1000 True Widescreen and Surround sound recording (with optional microphone), Mega-Pixel and everything else you would expect to...

Protrack and Jumptrack for sale
Hi For Sale Protrack [boxed with manual/spare batteries] Jumptrack software (CD/key/PC serial interface) Both work perfectly. 110 includes shipping in...

and Robot Reporter is:
"ynotssor" <[email protected]> searched for author : robot reporter found he had posted on a select group of newsgroups, not all of them and not just ...

Outside AFF/Tan Instructors welcome
DZ in Norfolk under new management, offers outside agencies facilities to run there own AFF/Tan school on our DZ. Please contact below for further information. TOMO 07769 210...

AGM, Insurance, Dues etc.
I wasn't able to go to the AGM this year, so can somebody please tell us what the latest developments, if any, are on the insurance and membership fees issue? Ivan <...

It's quiet 'round here today
Is everybody still hungover?

Rig for sale on eBay
Look up eBay item number "7130004557" for an original 2 pin teardrop complete with main and reserve - starting at the really low price of 100. Looks ok on the accompanying photo...... ...

Stats uk.rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: uk.rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 08:09:41 GMT ...

hi looking for a second hand canopy 150 if anybody is upgrading /down sizing what ever cheers jay

Old BPA Mags for sale
I have a load of old BPA magazines which are surpless to my collection. They start from 1981 to present. There are a few missing, but its virtually complete. Does anyone want to b...

HINTON Accomodation
I'm passing this message on from my brother and his new wife. If anybody is Skydiving at Hinton and needs accomodation in the local area. Travelling AFFI / TI ... etc or anyone infact...

cheap rooms at Hanover hotel for AGM
i heard that someone booked for =A328 a night just in the last couple of days ????

stuff for sale
I've got a Pro-Dytter for sale. Still in sealed box. Won it in raffle and already have two audibles. I'll have it at the AGM and will beat any dealer price by 15. Email me removing NOSPAM i...

stuff for sale
Just short descriptions if you are interested email me for more detailed ones and photo's : Frap hat black blue 45 Tony RW suit with booties mainly dark blue with some yello...

FS:AGM Hotel Ticket
FS:AGM Hotel Ticket Hi, I am no longer able to attend the AGM. So i wish to sell my hotel ticket (22-Jan-05) ;( 1 Double En Suite - 2 Adults ...

British skydiver and tsunami survivor will jump again
Not the only skydiver in Thailand when the tragedy occured, but this one made the news. From

FS:AGM Hotel Ticket
Hi, I am no longer able to attend the AGM. So i wish to sell my hotel ticket (22-Jan-05) ;( 1 Double En Suite - 2 Adults So i wish to sell my t...

OT : Anyone (eg Demo Jumpers) have a large Union Flag?
Hi there, A friend of mine works as a Production Manager for a young people's theatre company. They need to borrow a large Union Flag for an education project they're doing and it...

King of the Newsgroup
Suffer, suckers!

Time for a new post?
OK, try this for size, my hot little squirrels! Staggered back to Uni after the *worst* New Year of my life <nothing to do with you guys, everything to do with Nordic skis, a misund...

stats uk.rec.skydiving
I deleted all messages on this newsgroup on 15th Jan. Since than 23 messages have been posted - 13 of these have been "troll" related with no relevance to skydiving. ...

BBC News ##Spain tries Argentine ex-officer The court did hear excerpts from comments Mr Scilingo made in 1997 to an investigating magistrate about his part in throw...

Can you tell me what it's like?
Hi. I'm an author, and am currently writing a scene in which I introduce a character as he throws himself out of an aircraft for a freefall parachute jump from very high altitude (you know t...

TV Ad - Lottery
Has anyone seen the recent TV ad for a 15million jackpot. It features a skydiver jumping out of a Turbolet 410 after a ticket thrown out of the door? Was this filmed in the UK and by who?

Thai Sky Festival, GOING ???? Anybody going to above event, can they contact me, please. Gary

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