Who is she?
Hi, Anyone know who this lady is? http://darren-birkin.fotopic.net/photo.php?id=1565593 I met her a couple of times about 18 months ago at hib, but can't for the...

Netheravon jumpers contact details needed...
need to contact Spike and Jackie from netheravon, I have jackie's brand new sabre 2 sat next to me and I deleted the contact details... clever sod!! Andy Ford RAFSPA

Parachute material
I am looking to buy some parachute material, or second-hand parachutes to line the interior of a barn for a party. I can't seem to find a parachute manufacturer in the UK on the web, a...

BCPA Freshers II Meet @ Peterlee Feb 13th-15th
Event: BCPA Freshers II Meet Dates: Friday 13th - Sunday 15th February Venue: Peterlee Plane: 10 place turbine Finist (possibly Dornier if advance ...

world team website... daily updates
Can't beat a line like this?? Today we stick to four 100-way jumps, with the four aircraft flying by themselves and dropping one after the other. But tomorrow we'll fly the four ...

Camera Helmet wanted
I'm looking for a side and top mount camera helmet with chin cup and mounting bracket, large, pref black, Optik/Hawkeye/Side FX or similar Anybody looking to sell? Thanks

Mark Chapman's email address?
Hi, I replied to Mark Chapman's email address but it kept bounced back to me. Do anyone here know his email address? Please give me his address. He's interested in my freefly pa...

BCPA St Valentines Meet Peterlee 13/14/15 Feb Turbine/Band/Bar etc
We will be hosting the BCPA St Valentines Meet @ Peterlee 13/14/15 Feb 04 (from 1330 13 Feb). Current plans are for the SMG 92 turbine Finist as well as our own Cessna but should indicated n...

New information over skydiver murder
2 Articles From BBC news: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/3432299.stm New information over skydiver murder Stephen Hilder was an experienced skydiver Detectives i...

Renting private planes to skydive
If you rent a plane to skydive,or can get someone to take you up for free. at a private non uspa airfield, and don't charge anyone to watch, and don't get paid to jump, however there may be ...

Drop zone pimp mobiles.
Anyone want to quantify what a good DZ pimpmobile is.

BPA AGM Pics online.
See www.darren-birkin.fotopic.net to see if you were caught in the act of partying.

Stats uk.rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: uk.rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 08:07:23 GMT Stats ...

The Jet
People have surely been disappointed the last several years at the WFFC when "The Jet" (a Boeing 727) has failed to show for any number of reasons, usually insurance related.. Per...

BBC - Skydive record for royal birthday
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/3426111.stm -- Spinning Steve

Why is it necessary for the B.P.A. council to hold part of a meeting "In Camera" ? I think it is about time it was stopped - it is our council so why must they keep secrets from u...

Would someone enlighten me as to the Web address for the collection of stories by Richard Grounddiver? Need it for the amusement of some of the latest trainee Skydivers. Bab...

British Airways Sale!
Just got sent this link, USA from 199, bargain eh? http://www.britishairways.com/travel/specialtime/public/en_gb Nigel

Horeselink website
Does anyone know the whereabouts of http://www.horselink.co.uk/skydivers/ ? The above link does not work now - has anybody know where i can find it ? If I remember correctly it ...

Valentines meet at Peterlee
14th Feb 04, is the date for the Collegiate Valentines Day Freshers Meet at Peterlee. There will be loads going on during the day when we will be jumping the SMG and the 182. There wil...

Wanted: Really cheap harness/container
I'mi looking for a really cheap harness/container, no cypress, reserve nothing, all it needs to be able to do is be able to have a main attached to it and not be in a bad condition. Anyone? ...

150% Insurance Increase - time to think the unthinkable.........?
Hi All Have been following the 150% increase thread and, as I hate parting with cash, here are a few questions based on personal experience. A funny thing thing happened las...

Atom 000
Atom 000 with a techno 115 a spectre 135 and a cypres. container reserve and cypres have a date of manufacture of about 07/01 the main is about 98 main has done 200+ jumps the container has ...

my mistake
oops....sorry, wrong news group

cistern condensation
Is there any way that I can prevent condensation building up on the toilet cistern. This invariably drips onto the carpet. Long term, this cant be good Tha...

Tandem Canopies for Sale
Posting this for a mate. Twin 402 (135 jumps) - 900 Twin 402 (420 jumps) - 450...can bring to AGM. Please feel free to contact through me Andy ...

Cypres available
I have an original Cypres that is 12 years old at the end of May 04. I am not going to be jumping before then. Is anyone able to make use of it from now until end of May? It is up to da...

for sale
Spectre 150 for sale 255 jumps 2 yrs old blue nice slow opening and on heading a good canopy for a inexperince skydiver only want to sell it to down size to a crossfire 2.

FS - Triathlon 135
For sale my Triathlon 135 stock rainbow colours less than 200 jumps. Complete with Zero P BOC pilot chute, bag (from my racer) and velcro less mini risers. Price ? Try about 400 and we...

External Hard Drives
is a usb 1.1 or 2.0 connection to an external hard drive any good? i am wanting to store video on it and edit it from that hard disk.. then save it back on there is usb wort...

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