for sale.
I'm selling a SPECTRE 150 canopy 7 cells all blue with a little illum green on the edges. It has 255 jumps on it and is only 2 yrs old.It can be seen and jumped at peterlee DZ or phone to ma...

Just Catching Up...
just wanting to catch up with all the people from border p.c. what you getting upto hows ed's kiddy doing and did george manage to fix the genny? :oS

Bill Mudie - one last jump!
Hi folks, today we said farewell to an Excellant bloke! Many of Bill`s skydiving friends attended a moving and beautiful service to celebrate the full and exciting life of this remarkable an...

Freebie Flight Sim software
Win one of 3 copies of the latest MS Flight Sim 2004 in this comp with such an easy answer to the question. Ozzie

Complete Kit for Sale, Sabre2, Jav Odd, Tempo & Cypres
Unfortnately a friend of mine is giving up the sport for a while and needs to sel on his gear Javelin Oddyssey RS Black with white pin stripes, white and red logo on sides fi...

Bill Mudie
All, Bill Mudie, the Scottish Parachute Club's oldest jumping member, passed away peacefully on Christmas Eve at 5pm. His family were with him at the end, and his sister said th...

Re: New canopies for sale
"bry" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > Now now people we don't need this crap there has been enough events this > year to create ill feeling amongst...

Cessna large formation update
From Dav3 Ruckert this morning: ======================= Cessna update: From TK hayes, DZ manager, host for the Cessna big way Boogie, and Dave Ruckert-event organizer. If this inf...

perfect first canopy
Christmas is here Treat yourself to decent first canopy I have a silhoutte 170 for sale only 100 jumps on it since new E-mail for details and price. Happy Christma...

Video cam helmet
Looking for a video helmet to house a pc101 Thanks.....Eric

AFF & S/L course in California next Easter?
The British Collegiate Parachute Association is organising its 8th Annual Foreign Progression Trip. It has enlisted the help and support of a fully qualified BPA Examiner and a BPA CCI to op...

New canopies for sale
Omega 189 and Tempo 170, new, never out of the bag for sale. 1000 & 400

WANTED: GTi or Classic to borrow
Does anyone have a GTi for sale or a Classic I can borrow for Xmas and the New Year? 5'10", 12.5 stone, uk 9 shoe. Cheeky I know - but I have been trying to get hold of a GTi for a few...

BPA 2004 Council Candidates - my opinion - this is a long one
Those of you who know me might remember that I was an active Council member 5 years ago or so. I was Chair of Communications (having been one of the three people who first sat on the new com...

Beware; common mistakes on the voting card
As the guy who put together the system of voting we now use I thought a few useful words might help before you submit your choice of next year's Council members There are argument...

A Christmas funny
Though this might amuse. Blue Skies Pat Carpenter

Hinckley International Hotel - Cheaper Rooms for AGM
I found a cheaper room rate than the BPA! If the link don't work its (company homepage)...

Now thats an arch.
Just found this flash file. It made me laugh so here it is, this groups looking far too serious lately. It's a fairly sturdy 1...

ode to Border
I thought it would be nice if we told them what we thought of them before they left.... Border has many happy memories for me it's were i had my 1st jump and were my otherhalf got...

Blatent Electioneering 2004 council
Well while everyone is thinking about whether to vote or not and who to vote going to introduce myself.. ... Weed Stoodley, jumping 3 years 350jumps ish, I dont run a dz or...

Council Electioneering
How quaint, to use the newsgroup as a soapbox for your election campaign. I must remember to update my anti-spam programme. JH

Lost Prairie Montana 20 Acres for Sale
Skydive Lost Prairie, Montana 20-acre prime land meadow/wooded. Split 2 ten acre parcels. Well, power access and underground cable. $100,000 for all 20 acres. 10% down, will carry through E...

Council 2004 - Your vote counts!
Hello all, You should all be receiving your copies of 'Skydive Mag' in the next couple of days, with it there should be your ballot card to vote for your new Council, I know it's been s...

New Icon Sport
Just looking round the website cant find any price guidelines. Anyone any ideas how much and how it compares to others?

Jester hats(as seen around the DZ)
I need a jester hat for christmas....where do I get one Thanks in advance.....Eric

Rig for sale
I'm downsizing so i'm selling what has been an excellent rig Javellin Odyssey (DOM sep 02) (Built for medium build 5'10" bloke) Sabre2 170 (less than 200 jumps) PDR160 (1 save) ...

Draft AGM seminar programme
A draft programme for the seminars that take place during the day at the AGM is now available on the BPA website: Provisionally, Andy and I a...

Canopy for sale
Am sticking this on the N.G for a mate of mine who is not trusted by his employer to use this facility. He want to flog the stunt kite described below. Please mail him directly should y...

10th Jan @ Peterlee
Ians end of Chemo party and Bryns leaving party will be helped along by Regan Tetlow who will be making a special appearance with his Karaoke/Disco in the bar on Saturday evening the 10th o...

Boogie pimps video
Anybody caught this one (bit sad really)

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