Netheravon requires AAD's from april
AADs - REQUIREMENTS FOR 2004 The following new equipment regulations will come into force at Netheravon during 2004. At present these regulations apply to Netheravon only. ...

For Sale - PD Stiletto
PD Stiletto 107 for sale. Its done about 150 jumps and is in great condition. Its solid jade in colour and has 825 mircolines. I'm looking for around the 600 mark but I'm open to offer...

Birdman Classic 4 Sale
It's clearout time... BM Classic white body red wings, good condition, fits 6 foot 12.5-13.5 stone 250.00 Neil

Rigs as hand luggage
Getting no sense out of the handlers (Servisair). Easyjet say nothing over 5kg (my rig is 7.5kg and is slightly too large). Handlers say turn up on the day and see what happens. Really want ...

For sale
790 GBP. Vector V9 student container, adjustable harness, RSL, BOC, black with blue reserve flaps.(7/10/85) 235 Falcon, 400 jumps, purple and yellow, 2 sewn patchs.(dom too faded to

For Sale
Treat yourtself it's nearly Christmas: TSE SuperFly, light blue and white, fits 6ft 12.5 stone, articulated harness vgc, BOC, kill line p/c, less than 50 jumps Jedei 136, ja...

Juat a quick thankyou at all at headcorn for the CSI course last week. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.

British skydiver dies in Florida
From A British skydiver has died from "massive injuries" after a parachute accident in Florida. The Foreign Office has confir...

My 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Hey That was mint my exit was a bit weak but i got stable quick and had no prob's with the canopy. had great view and lovely weather. Fliared to early but did a perfect PL...

Rig on ebay
Found a rig for sale on e-bay whilst surfing - well the weather has been too bad to jump this weekend. Wondered if it would be of some use to someone.

Cuban Boogie - Feb 2004
Is there anybody organising/coordinating a British group attending this boogie? I understand that the jumpship already confirmed is a MI-17 helicopter (20 place). Wonder if there'll be an ...

Eric Hall & Tina Evans
IMPORTANT Neither Tina Evans nor Eric Hall represent the views of Peterlee Parachute Centre, Sunderland Parachute Club or Skydive Academy. Any views expressed on this newsgroup ar...

Skydiving Simulation
Hi All, I have been toying with the idea of writing a skydiving game for the PC for quite sometime now as i think it has not been done before ( i can't find anything ..apart from ...

Touch Down Tuesday!
>>Hopefully before our feet touch English soil we'll also find through this >>newsgroup a place to lay our heads, otherwise one or the other of us is >>going to...

Ambulance Service jumpers?
I know a shed full of cops and firemen who jump but I can't believe that I'm the only paramedic jumping in the UK. Are there any more scoop and runners out there? BSBD

New website forum and skydive shop
Hi, Just wanted to let you know I have just finished building the Skydive Jersey (channel islands) website and shop. Please come along and have a look! ...

Tunnel time available Nov.24-26th, Orlando
Skydive University has a tunnel camp with time available. You can either call us to get info on the camp or fill some of the time on your own. Call Rob; 386-801-8510 or e-mail [email protected]

Freefly Search 1 and FS Search 5 registration activated
Anyone interested in SDU's first freefly Search or our 5th FS Search can now apply online at If you require any info please e-mail: [email protected] The Search is the p...

Roberto Cardille
Anyone know of a Roberto Cardille, possibly of Canning Town, East London? A jumper from the states has emailed me trying to trace him. BSBD Colin Fitzmaurice http://w...

Laptop For Sale
around a year old 14" screen 1.2gig processor 27 gig hdd 506 meg ram dvd reader cd re-writer more details on request immaculate condition recently servic...

Bar at Peterlee
The bar is always open Fridays even if there is no skydiving during the day. We usually open 6::00-7:00ish. We will be open as usual. We will open at 6:00pm. See you all there............

Man held over skydiver murder freed Man held over skydiver murder freed (Filed: 19/11/2003) A...

Peterlee Jumpers Watch That Friggin Hinge!
just a warning , being an asshat i managed to tek a chunk out of my helmet on the flap hinge of the smg on sunday it's right next to the door ! Watch That Friggin...

no fly zone over Peterlee
so....Peterlee is closed Friday due to a no fly zone being implemented over peterlee dz. A VIP visitor to Teesside. Well Mr Bush.....I hated you before.......I f***ing detest you even more <...

no fly zone over Peterlee
so....Peterlee is closed Friday due to a no fly zone being implemented over peterlee dz. A VIP visitor to Teesside. Well Mr Bush.....I hated you before.......I f***ing detest you even more <...

FS Altimaster 111
If interested see below &rd=1 or Item number 3639353858 Nr Huntingdon ...

Pete Allum
Just seen in the 'maybe you've heard'column in November 'Skydiving' that Pete and Anne have moved to Deland. Is he off the Team? Have XL finished in their present form? Are XL now going...

Bar/Canteen @ Peterlee
Just to let everyone know that if the centre is open Wed ....then the bar / canteen will be open also. Will be open Fri eve regardless........Tina xxxx

New World Record - 534 jumps in 24 Hrs
Skydive Lake Elsinore, Tue 11 / Wed 12 Nov 03 A new world record was set at Skydive Lake Elsinore on Veterans Day 11 Nov when former US Paratrooper Jay Stokes made 534 jumps in 24 hour...

Hilder Murder - Man arrested I hope this is a- true, b- the right person Phil

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