New UK Wind Tunnel - Press Release
PRESS RELEASE - Extreme Bodyflight Extreme Creations Ltd have today unveiled its plan to open the worlds largest skydiving wind tunnel in Bedford UK. A former MOD testing site

Nothern Ireland trip
Hi to all you peterlee jumpers I am sorting a trip out to the Wild Geese (a/crft S/Caravan) on W/end December 6th the wife and I have booked our tickets if you book now it will be cheap cost...

Have Good Test for Delicious Skydivers Men!
Seen at rec.skydiving What a girl!! Anyone want to send a reply and let us know the result? P Have Good Test for Delicious Skydivers Men! PBSF-...

Free yep free
I am about to chuck out the last 3 years issues of Skydive the mag. Sorry Lesley. If anyone would like them or know of someone who would, please let me know. Happy to post as long as the new...

Any Airfields Running Night Jumps This Year?
are any other airfields running nightjumps this year? because the ones at brunton were a scream! give me the dates times and other malarky :o)

Skyventure funding update
From Swardy: Last time I wrote, you may recall we required ~1m to go to the next stage. At this time we are now at the point of requiring just under 700...

Old White Parachute wanted
I want an old white parachute for an interior design scheme. Does anyone have an old one lying around past is sell by date? So far I found ex army ones reasonably priced but they only do the...

Sports Cam
Anyone know the weblink to the 'sports cam' thing thats been in the mag recently? The doobry that lets you fit a small lens to your helmet and connect that to your camera hidden elsewhere? ...

Skydiving in Malta
Hi folks, does anyone know of any skydiving clubs operating in Malta, there was a club called the Maltese Falcans some years ago but dont know about now, any info ? regards Ron.

Apology if Mad Bill Pal m er has been annoying members of
Sent to on 26 Oct 2003 17:16:52 GMT Please excuse this intrusion on your newsgroup, but I would like to take the time to apologize for any annoying messages ...

Join us for the Brecon Festival of Adventure and Exploration 31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2003
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_02B4_01C39B3E.BD914E00 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Murder suspects released on bail keith

Free Ad - limited time only
The website is offering free advertising to UK businesses for a limited time (until the end of October 2003), active on the site for at least three months.

Next year's insurance
On page 20 of the latest mag I was alarmed to read that an increase of 30-100+ % looks inevitable... Holy Cow! So next year we will be paying anything from approximately 90-150 or mo...

Anyone in Florida at the moment or coming back soon?
Please email me if you are or know anyone who is (remember to remove the .NOSPAM from my email address). Thanks. -- Craig D11665 FSB5

I'm sure most of us have seen it... but for those who haven't: Rgds Phil -- Posted via Mailgate.ORG Se...

Gaffer Tape
Hiya, Know where can I find them? Cheers! Stu

2 arrested in UK
ARRESTS OVER SKYDIVER Two people have been arrested in connection with the death of skydiver Stephen Hilder, Humberside police have said. Mr Hilder, 20, plunged to his death...

Canopy for sale
I have a Jonathan 150 for sale, 200 ono. Colours are (B)(B)(B)(B)(B)(B)(R)(W)(B) It has about 900 jumps 500 that I have logged on it. It has recently been ...

u.s nationals...
2003 U.S. Nationals 4-Way Open - Updated 10/21/2003 1:58:08 PM Final Standings ID Team Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TOT AVG Rank 402 DeLand Majik 26 19 17 32 23 ...

Did you enter the Artistic Nationals this year?
Hello, if you entered this years Artistic Nationals please could you contact me by e-mail, i'll explain more later. Thanks Nigel Holland [email protected]

Camera recomendations?
Hi I want to buy a really small camera for freeflying etc. Anyone recommend any of the Sony PC or IP range? Glenn

aads in america
if i go over to america will i need to have an aad fitted to my rig? simple question i honestly don't know cheers wayne

Team Panic - want to do training camps?
I won't waste everyones' time going on and on, so...... Interested in doing 4-way training camps with tunnel time? If so, let me know. Intermediate or Seniors.... 2 member...

aads and america
is it mandatory to have an aad to jump in america?

new WEB Empuriabrava
Hi to all. This is empuriabrava's new WEB

Skydiving quotes
Some skydiving quotes on this site such as:- I watched him strap on his harness and helmet, climb into the cockpit and, ...

Brunton Night Jumps(Food)
looking to put on bbq bring and cook your own stuff or pre order a bbq pack at 5 with all kinds of stuff in it no veggie options i'm afraid canteen open till 1800 bbq from 1930 i...

What's a 'display misfire'
Just having a read through the BPA minutes (yes, I'm that bored) and in the incident/injury reports it says there have been six reports of 'display misfires'. Surly if they were AAD misfires...

Reserve packer located in Brighton or the surrounding area
Does anyone know of any reserve packers located in Brighton or the surrounding area? Many Thanks, Paul. [email protected]

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