Pack of Cunts
Pack of Cunts.......... .............See you all on the AM! But Im dont listen to me! Does that piss you off Gary??????? Hehehehe ...

CSI wanted
We are still short of at least one CSI on a permanent basis. Excellent rates of remuneration and good vibes. Call me if you're interested. Colin Fitzmaurice htt...

Anything for sale?
Just wondering what rigs are going fs atm? Looking for a first rig for a girl, 5'7 about 9.5 stone. probably around 150/170 preferably.

Slot on Aff trip To Australia
Aff trip to Australia dates 27th Oct - 15th Nov 03 price £1500. Includes all flights and transfers, accomodation, and all jumps up to cat 8 (including all 10 consols) For further info ...

Lights out when you leave
Will the last person, with a sense of humour, switch the lights out on the NG when they leave. Thanks Bryn

Which US Dropzone?
Hi Am considering a 10 day skydiving holiday at the end of September in the US and would appreciate opinions on the likes of Sebastian, Lake Wales, Perris, Deland etc. I'm ma...

IR - Protrack
Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem similar to this. Last weekend on the way to altitude I dropped my helmet (Gath) which has a protrack attached to the side. I never received an...

Live band at Peterlee
It's confirmed........The Roosters will be performing at Peterlee Saturday 4th October after jumping n packing. The group are a classic rock cover Band. Check out their websit...

papers and possible journals
I've had a quick look and there are 2 journals that seam to be the most applicable for the simulator paper:- IEEE Design and Test of Computers IEEE Transactions on very large sca...

And not a single mention of saturday night yet..... has now begun life, there's nothing really on it yet apart from a few photos from the Nationals and Roadshows, but keep checking it for updates Nigel

Kenya Boogie 2003
Due to a recent cancellation I have 2 slots for AFF students at the Kenya Boogie 2003 from 16 - 26th October. All instruction will be done by Brit Instructors under the BPA system.

CSI/Pre-Adv courses at Hib
Just a quick post to say thanks to all at Hib who made our stay a good one. A special note of thanks to Paul Hollow the CCI for letting me bimble (or should that be bumble) around his ...

Rig for Sale (Teardrop/Sabre170)
Rig for sale: Teardrop Superfly - Fully Freefly Friendly Sabre 170 Tempo 150 Cypres Hip rings Stainless steel hardware In mint condition. Reserve just r...

Boooooooo! Got there in time to watch the first lift go. Watched the landings. The word 'tasty' sprang to mind. Sat in canteen til half 2, went home. Winds steady...

French Windtunnel - coaching by XL
Hello. I have organised a trip to the French windtunnel on Friday 19 and/or Saturday 20 September with Thomas H. from Sebastian XL coming along to coach for a very good rate. ...

Looking for used Crossfire2-119 sq.
Email me with info on price, jumps, colors, etc. Any links to a site that offers one will also be helpfull. Thanks.

Javelin odyssey for sale
Odyssey RS Stletto 120 (150 jumps) Tempo 120 (used once) Cypres (just serviced 5 yrs left) £2000 (prepared to haggle) Ribs 07788145853

lord of the cunts!
Mike thinks he's the lord of the cunts! Maybe he's right.........

Live gig at Peterlee
Check out the following site........coming to peterlee soon

what are the licences grades in australia

FS Book Done for you MIKE

Here's that Viz strip
With Roger Mellie. keith :o)

wanted cheap zp 150/170
any CHEAP zp 150/170 9 cell wanted tapered but not anything "high performance" as long as it's tidy and not PINK :o) anything considered cheers wayne <...

Hi all, Last call for the Brid trip on Thurs for anyone from Peterlee DZ or nearby. Got Wayne, Jane, Darren, Paul Mac and me so far. Mike

Orlando Wind Tunnel 25 Oct - 1 Nov
My wife and I will be in orlando florida from the 25 October to the 1st November. We will be doing 2 hours in the wind tunnel. We are looking for others to join us to help reduce the cost ...

Documentary on now
Discovery Science 11:00 17 Aug 'Hero Factor' --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6...

2 canopies out article query
In the August edition of 'Skydive' the article '2 Canopies out?' emphasises that you must first disconnect the RSL before cutting away from a 'Downplane' or 'Side by Side'. Now I'm obviousl...

Earn $500 to $700 per Week Downloading FREE Software
We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but itís REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded. Best of all you will only have to download ONE p...

Relaxing in freefall.
Hi folks, Just sucessfully jumped my 2nd 10second delay tonight and moving onto 15's next. Woohoo for me.! Anyway, was told by my instructor and also know myself I need to relax in ...

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