any drop zones in costa del sol
Can any one advise of any drop zones in the COsta Del Sol. Most that I can find are further north. Any help much appreciated Blue Skies -- ...

Post deployment check list
I've been thinking about the thinks do after deployment and trying to come up with an ordered check list. Here's what I've got so far:- 1) make sure your in clear air space ...

Needed (2nd hand) 150 Reserve 135 Reserve Cypres Gary

FS Nationals
I think everyone at Hib last weekend did a brilliant job to make the 4 way nationals a success, with 76 lifts on the saturday and almost that on the sunday! Well done to all the teams, there...

Moving to F-111... possibly.
Hey , all! Looking for a recommendation or ten... I've outgrown my rig and need to buy a new one. I've gained about 30 lbs. since I started jumping seven years ago. I have been jump...

The exit went well.
Attention everyone from the team at peterlee. I have started the web page for us and it has taken about an hour. I would need more pictures and storys to put on it to make it intresting but ...

To brake or not to brake
Having found an antiquated copy of Sport Parachuting (by Charles Shea-Simonds published in 1977) I happened upon two paragraphs that set me thinking. The first stated that Ram air canopies h...

FS Coach
I'm now going to leave myself wide open to abuse. Q. Apart from practise etc has anyone got some tips on working towards becoming an FS Coach? Mike Holder of the ...

Skydive ST Andrews
is this place open 7 days a week? or is it just a couple of days a week? how busy does it get etc?

Don't Look At This If You've Had A Good Drink
note this is a .jpg not a .gif or flash so nothing can really move *scratches head* do we really trust our eyes? :)

WANTED: 190 / F-111 Complete Rig
If anyone has one for sale, please email me at... ryan DOT dbaisse AT marbellasoftware DOT com Thanx, Ryan

EARN$£$600week downloading free software We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but it’s REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded.

RAF Falcon Injured at Sunderland Airshow
A member of the Falcons landed in the crowd at the Sunderland Airshow earlier today. Didn't see exactly what happened (I was only 50 yds away but was actually watching all the others landing...

helmet for sale
Hawkeye open face helemet will fit head size 57 spray painted royal blue, ratchet chip cup, allumnium side mount , cameye, one outside mount for an audible. £110 ono.

AFF in Ampuriabrava?
Hi, I did a Tandem some years ago, and since a fellow colleague has shown some interest in an AFF course as well, I'm really decided to go for it this year. Ampuriabrav...
Hi I've been all over the website (I think) and I can't find a phone number or an e-mail address anywhere. 'About us' and 'Customer Service' don't have a link behind them (in the ...

Complete Rig For Sale
Black 1 Pin Teardrop Classic Sabre 150 Main Swift Reserve Cypres In Good condition, £1100 If you are interested and want further info then please send me an email....

7-22-03 SB from SunPath
7-22-03 SB from SunPath -- Jan Meyer http://Parach...

i feel so bad
just sat on here watched crimewatch and shocked at what i saw, what is going on in the skydiving world!

re: Car seat covers need valeting
Doh!! That was about 10 years ago!!. I thought you'd forgotten about all that projectile vomit all over the dashboard of your brand new Calibra, not to mention the wee-wee stains on those ...

Thu 24 July BBC1 2235 Hib incident including video footage, on it tonight. Gary

For Sale! Velocity und Vengeance
PD Velocity 111, DOM 06.01, kleiner slider, lemon außen, royalblue innen, 130 jumps (perfekt ab 90kg + rig) 1500 Euros PD Vengeance 120 DOM 01.02, ...

Reserve Wanted
Wanted 2nd hand reserve, for a Javelin TJN. Something along the lines of a PD126r, Raven 135. Gary

CYPRES wanted!
Have recently had my head tested and am looking for a If anyone knows/has one for sale let me know....too many booties swerving by my face recently............................

rig wanted
rig for 6 2 male 150 or 170 zp or 210 f1/11 without cypres

inverness accident?
My dad was at the tattoo and said one of the jumpers landed in a tree at the park in Inverness and was injured seriously ? a golden lion it must have been. why is everybody hurting themselve...

freefall convention
Has anyone done the freefall convention in the state could you give me any advise on price and the best aiport to arrive at. cheers Ian.

New Helmets available.
For all those e.mailing me asking for news of the release date for the new "Topside" camera helmet. It is now available on Thanks, Chris.

Balloon Jump At Peterlee??
mike was on about trying to get a balloon as a one off at peterlee.. has there been any progress made on this?.. any interested parties?

Live band at Peterlee this weekend
There will be a band will be playing in the bar Saterday starting around about 9:00pm. Come along and offer some support.

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