29 Jul 2003 20:51:40
To brake or not to brake

Having found an antiquated copy of Sport Parachuting (by Charles
Shea-Simonds published in 1977) I happened upon two paragraphs that set me
thinking. The first stated that Ram air canopies have a tendency to collapse
especially in gusty conditions; and the most basic solution to this problem
is to fly on half brakes. The second suggested you should fly your approach
on half brakes, right up until the flare! Can anyone confirm the validity of
the first? In respect of the second I accept that the advice now days is to
approach on full drive (to maximize the flare). So was this statement just
superseded by modern thinking, hard landings or advances in canopy
technology? And before anyone suggests I treat the content of this book
with a pinch of salt, I already.

31 Jul 2003 08:03:39
Re: To brake or not to brake

Phil is right, however most modern high performance canopies will fly
through turbulence better when fully pressurised and on full drive.

On the 3000 jumps without a chop, it's just a matter of time. There
are plenty of people in the states that have far more jumps than that
without cutting away. Makes things rather boring though!