28 Sep 2006 05:29:17
Richard Grounddiver
Blue tooth knobset

Not a lot to do with skydiving although im sure one could be used once
the canopy is deployed.

Bluetooth headsets

They were originally designed to give the staff at car phone warehouse
a good laugh when customers tried them on. You had a choice of wearing
the headset or having the word knob tattoed on your forehead.

Then on the 14th of Dec 2005 in Croydon at 11:16 am a customer not
only paid
for one but ventured outside on to the street wearing the item, it was
reported that the staff rolled around on the floor for 38 minutes
before the shop could resume normal business.

His 17 stone bleached blonde missus now has the same item although she
prefers the left ear, got to go phones ringing.