ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

Collecting dive tables/slates
Hello I'm collection dive tables and would like your help in getting international and national dive tables/slates. They are not intented for diving - only collection, so th...

Want to dive in sweden ?
Hi all, I am going to Sweden this August and would like to get in a couple of dives while I'm there. Can anyone suggest where to find Swedish dive centres? Or suggest any ...

Fuji F31fd underwater camera
Hi, Has anyone any feedback on this camera good or bad as I am looking to upgrade from my olympus. Ian

diving in Hersonissos , Crete
hi all anyone got any recommendations for diving in crete - specifically Hersonissos ?? thanks in advance

KENYA Diving The Crab
Hi, I'll pass some days in the "Neptune Paradise Village" in August. The dive centre there is 'Diving The Crab'. Did any of you passed along this stretch of the coast south of M...

Kenia Diving The Crab
I'll be in the "Neptune Paradise Village ' hotel in August for some days. The diving centre there is "Diving The Crab". I did not find any non biased opinions on this operator on the web. ...

Imperial or metric??
Hi, I have been looking around to get an additional dive computer and I have been seeing quite a lot of such items on sale on Now, perhaps this is an extremely silly questio...

Travel Reports
If you would like to look at the details of my diving trips to Eygypt and z - go to: http://www.bsactravelclub.c...

F.A. stab jacket
Hi All cheap bcd

Commercial Diving Schools
So I've made the decision to go commercial and now I need some training. Does anyone have any advice about the various schools in the UK? And does anyone know if there are schools anywhere i...

Luggage allowances
I may be wrong, this what I UNDERSTOOD to be the case, and I'm prepared to be corrected. I rang up Thomson this pm to check that, as told when booking with Explorers, I'd be get...

Red sea wrecks to be salvaged
A freind of mine in Egypt sent me a message and a thread has started on the forum with people from Egypt joining it. <...

Apeks Quantum wanted
I'm looking for an Apeks Quantum for my wife. The choice is because I have one and the PC interface. Either new at the right price or second hand if it's in good nick. I just mi...

Red Sea - Sharks Bay
Hello All, I'm off to the Red Sea next Sunday with the better half and while she's sunning herself, I'm hoping to to do some diving. I'm PADI AOW (not that it means a great...

Some Scuba Vids
Posted a couple of my scuba vids on the Internet... One was goofing off at a quarry, and the other of some large wildlife. Check them out:

Farnes Diving - Spaces Available
SAA43 - The Argonauts (IPSWICH) is going diving in the farnes 6,7,8 July travelling on the 5th and 9th. Seals and Wrecks Cost 210 approx, interested, drop me a line at

Colour Adjustment of photos
Help!!!! I am a novice with digital photography. Have a Fuji F30 which takes great underwater photos but cannot be fitted with a red filter to give true colours. So the option is to...

Gibielle Torches - Any clues?
I know of someone selling one of these URL:

Naama Bay
I can confirm that Dananeer at the end of the main drag still do awesome steaks.[1] The diving wasn't bad either. Dive boats[2] blowing up, burning down to the water line and sinking i...

New e-commerce
Hi divers, hoping in your attention and appreciation, this is the link of my e-commerce. Inside you'll find articles from the following trademarks: Apeks, Atom...

Are the PADI Grades right ?
There are often negative comments about the PADI use of the word Advanced in the Advanced Open Water certification, in what is really only a few dives after OW. Would it be a useful c...

Another new video by me
Here is the Rondo in Mull. Hope you like it. Steve -- Semper in sterquilinio haeremus:...

Spaces, June 15-18, Atlantic Diver, Newquay
Hi all, I've got 3 spaces available on Atlantic Diver's shiny new catamaran if anyone is interested? Diving will be to 50m max on the first dive of day, 2nd is whatever we can ge...

O'three PBB undersuits
Any opinions on the O'Three undersuit/base layer? I'm thinking of buying a pair for use with a ND CNX drysuit

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