FOR SALE Diving/ Scuba Book Collection Many great rare items
FOR SALE Diving/ Scuba Book Collection Many great rare items Including titles by the following authors JAQUES COUSTEAU ROBERT H. DAVIS PHILIPPE DIOLE GUY GILPATRIC <...

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I was looking for a holiday in sharm can anyone help me
Hi divers! I am looking for a cheap holiday in Sharm in Feb.. I just received=20 this newsletter from Crystal Dive holidays. "If you're looking to get away in February or Ma...

Tesco are selling live turtles for boiling alive
Write to them and tell them what you think please. Keith

Online Diving Resources
Hi Divers! I'm quite a newly qualified diver and I'm trying to find somewhere online where I can meet dive buddies, organise trips out and see reviews of different places. Does ...

Looking for a PADI training centre - North of England
Hi .. a colleague in work wants to start diving, recommended that he does a try dive, then if he likes it a PADI OW referral course. I would tag along on the 2nd part and get some dives in a...

Scuba Chatbot
Hello everyone, I am working on an AI that can understand scuba diving, Right know she (Anna) is not very bright. She need to have conversation with Humans to get brighter. The learn...

Gian Pacific Octopus vs. diver battle
I've posted some video still from a video taken by Canadian underwater videographer B. Gillard of a diver capturing a giant pacific octopus -

4 Mpixel underwater camera C-40 ZOOM, many extras
On ebay Happy Bidding

Hello from Canada
If anyone is interested in rebreather diving I have a blog up and running covering SCUBA and rebreather diving, with lots of links to rebreather related webistes, also information on diving ...

underwater image database
Hello, Me and a friend have created The site covers underwater life all over this world, at the moment by about 100 authors We have about 900 different...

Black Sea Diving
Is there any? Was just celebrating news of a business trip to Turkey (hurray, pack gear) , but then found out its to Samsun and according to google the whole Black Sea cost is <...

Visa Sharm
Can anyone confirm that if you are going to Sharm El Sheikh for up 7 days you do not have to pay for a visa? your passport is stamped for free?

New laws in the UK restricting sport divers?
I read in the editorial of the Aug 2006 edition of the BSAC Dive Magazine about new laws wanting to restrict the acitivities of British sport divers. Does anybody know where I ca...

Seeking Fuzzy
Andy C (Fuzz) I appear to have your old dive log book and cert cards.. sent you a text.. but not sure if it's the right number.. let me know if the address is still th...

Earth Dive
Found this while playing around this morning on the net. Ian ************** 20 million peopl...

The wife is looking at booking Croatia for a hoilday in early May. What's the diving like out there? are there any centres/sites you would recommend? Many thanks ...

Best time to dive Scapa
Would like to get upto Scapa Flow this year. When is the best time to go. Cheers

St. Lucia
Can anyone recommend lodging in St. Lucia and a dive operator? I haven't looked deeply yet, I imagine there are not a lot of operators, but I would like one that visits more "advanced" sit...

Advice about marking eqipment
Hi All :) I am in the process of arranging kit insurance and one of the conditions is that my kit either has a serial number or is marked with my post code. Can anyone reco...

Advertisement - Kit for Sale
Advertisement All - After much soul searching both my wife and I have decided to stop diving. Therefore we have a lot of gear to sell, (basically two complete sets of UK diving ki...

Ralf Tech Cocoon
Hi, Are there ppl around here that have a Ralf Tech Cocoon BCD On the web there are not that many reviews from this one, and I am wondering how it dives! Cheers, ...

I seem to remember this question a while ago, but can not find it. How much money am I looking at to get a battery changed in a Suunto Vyper? as I am to much of a coward to do it myse...

Neck seal replacement
Any idea on how much it costs to have a neck seal replaced on a otter dry suit? Thx

Newer Aladin computers/problems
Happy new year to all, I have just returned from three weeks diving in the Indian Ocean :0))! Smug pause! One of the dive shops I frequent had recently replaced all it's ol...

Hi Helena Talking about free/cheap calls over the Internet - have you got Skype? All you need is a microphone and speakers, and most laptops have them, just download Skype and se...

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