Gap month in the Red Sea!
Anyone know of a way for an OAP to spend a gap month or two in the Red Sea Jan/Feb diving and living there without spending a fortune. Flights a problem?? Somebody must be livin...

Diving the Thesis in Oban
Here is a little video I put together when diving the Thesis in Oban. Steve

The Breda
Here is a little video I put together after my trip to Oban. Steve

Sea & Sea Underwater Housing
Hi, does anybody knows a retail store in Tokio? Even Okinawa could be good... Thanks! tellurik

Diving near Aberystwyth?
Hi Chaps, I'm spending Christmas near Machynlleth this year. Can yyou recommend any nice dive spots around Aberystwyth - ones where I can jump in off the beach and bimble aroun...

Weather report for Sharm ?
Off to Sharm tomorrow ... been told water temp is 26/27 degrees and air temp is 30 deg. Anybody been out this time of year (or just come back) .. would like to know what it is ...

November Wallpaper Gallery
I have see for you on the amazing November wallpaper gallery.

scuba diving
Hiya i want to learn how to scuba diven but i dont know where to start and what is the best couse to go on? i really like enjoying photographer and i was wondering if i can combo scuba divin...

Advice Needed - Wing
Been diving up to now with a BCD + 12L or 15L with 3L Pony but need 2nd set of gear. Having briefly used a wing and twinset (only in the pool) and found it very comfortable, have decided ...

VISA price in Sharm
Off to Sharm again next week, too good a deal to pass up - flights + 10 days in 4 star hotel for =A3200 ! Is the VISA price in airport still =A310 or is it better to pay in US$ ...

John Chatterton on the Movie
I emailed Mr. Chatterton for details on the Shadow Divers movie and here is his reply: Marshall, Thanks for your email. Rob did a wonderful job on the book and I expect ...

Murex Dive Resort and liveaboards
I'm planning a divetrip to North Sulawesi next year. My wife (nondiver) and I are thinking of 1 week on Bangka Island and 1 week liveaboard up among The Sangie Islands. Has somebody so...

Scottish dive 21 Oct anyone?
Can't seem to find anyone wanting to go for a dive on Saturday Fife? Eyemouth? St Abbs? Loch Long? Loch Fyne? Local duck pond? There must be someon...

Help: Fish & Coral Id
Sorry if this is a FAQ. Does anyone know of a web site which will help me to name the various fish, eels and corals that I photographed in the Caribbean recently? I have at least 5 di...

Gnome dive 21 Oct
Usual Gnome dive at Kenmore this Saturday - let me know if coming or need a lift etc Gordon

Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan
Any one have any experience of AKR in Roatan - we are thinking of visiting in February next year and would appreciate any comments/tips! Thanks

Hi How will Poseidon charge to service there regs if sent direct to them. Cheers

Aladin battery change by Dive Quip - excellent service
Just got my Aladin Pro Nitrox back from Dive Quip, who have fitted a new battery. Looks like they've done an excellent job. Battery life is now showing 99% and the unit was accompanied by a ...

Otic Domeboro
There are loads of references on line that use of Otic Domeboro is recommended when you are doing multiple dives. I get Otis Externa when I return form a dive trip, and Otic Domeboro <...

Scapa Slappers Trip 16 Sep 2007
OK - 2006 was the year of Scapa Virgins..looking at Scapa Flow thinking "that's a big quarry"..waking on Monday thinking "God I was narked yesterday..did I really go down on that old wreck? ...

Haskell booster pump
Hi All I am try to obtain an o2, helium booster pump of the haskell or jetsam type, any condition and for little money, you know divers do not like to spend vast sums of money.

Suunto Vyper "Dive Attention Symbol"
I have dived tables for 10 years and just bought a Suunto Vyper dive computer. I am confused re: the Dive Attention symbol. I have read these groups and the comments. I have gotten this symb...

Suunto Vyper desat time
I have dived tables for 10 years and just bought a Suunto Vyper dive computer. According to the PADI RDP if I dive 40 feet for 60 minutes I am an 'N' diver. If I have a surface interval for ...

Maritime Archaeology Conference
Well, what else are you going to do in England in November?? G> The Nautical Archaeology Society will host it's Annual Conference at 'Action Stations' in Portsmouth's Historic Docky...

Stema Diving Services
Any one done any business with: Stema Diving Services Unit 79 Cressex Enterprise Centre Lincoln Road High Wycombe Bucks HP12 3RP -- Mick Whittingham ...

Info on digital camera characteristics for scuba diving
Hy, this saturday with a friend of mine we had an immersion at Tor paterno, near Rome, It was two year that we don't have scuba diving, last time was in Sharm in 2004, Raskati and ...

Nautical Archaeology Society - Intro Course 21 Oct 2006
Hi Folks - The Nautical Archaeology Society will be running a one-day 'Introduction to Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology' on Sat 21 Oct 2006 at Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth. <...

By the way boat owners....
.... just in case you're tempted to fly the Union Jack from your craft .. "It is a criminal offence to fly the Union Flag from a ci...

King Snefro 5
Does anyone have any experience or knowlegde of King Snefro 5 in Sharm, for a mini safari? 3 day? cheers

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