Dry suit seals
I recently got a new dry suit with latex seals. Have done 4 dives in it. The thing is the seals are so tight. I still have a mark around my wrist and the red ring around my neck ..... It h...

Scuba in Bali Island
Please visit: http//www.bali-travelling.info See my story too about boat adventure.

Hi, I am an french author of books and videos (codes Vagnon de la plongee) and diving instructor. I propose you to visit the site that I developed on the practice of ...

wet suit hire central london
Hi, I need to hire a wet suit this weekend. Can anyone recommend somewhere in central London please? Thanks, Paul

Paisley clubs
Hi all, a French friend of mine is studying in Glasgow for the next year. He has contacted me to find out about any friendly clubs in the Paisley area. He has CMAS qualifications upto ins...

Problem with Aladin Pro
Hi, Just a quick question for anyone who knows about the Aladin Pro. When I switched it on to test it yesterday it did not light up the display but simply started clicking at a fairly...

Self confessed Red Sea virgin is thinking about getting away in late November for a bit. Which resort is the best for getting to the Thistlegorm in terms of boats available and ...

mercury 60 bigfoot engines
Seems strange but our two engines, which were new in August 2002, failed within a month of each other due to a collapsed seal related to the cooling system. After much investigation it is...

diving in Greece ( info )
new photographs and videos http://nikofa.be/greece/ -- @+ Nikos

Diving Eygpt
I am thinking of going to Egypt in February but having never been there I would be concerned about the weather? what is the weather like that time of the year? is it suitable for sunbathi...

Aladin Prime Dive computer
I am having a hard time trying to get my Aladin Prime dive computer to link up to my pc via the infa-red usb that I use. The infa-red works ok as I use it daily to update my mobile. I c...

OT - MOT Emissions failure
Can anyone help diagnose an emission failure on an Audi A4 1.8 1995 From the Print out. Engine speed measurement bypassed Limits Actual

strange fish id?
I saw very unusual school of fish of the west coast of Ireland last weekend. I've never seen anything like them in the generally cold waters around Ireland. Each was an almost co...

changing battery Suunto Vyper
Is there much to it? Anyone give me a steer on whets required? Cheers

VIP sticker dates
Time to delurk for a bit.... I need to pick the combined minds of UKRS about VIPs to settle an argument and to satisfy my own curiosity once and for all. Apologies to anyone who...

Update Re: disabled gent scuba dive
Hi, Thanks for taking the time to look at my email. I appreciate it. You may remember that I sent an email regarding asking your support in help raise funds for scuba equipment at www.alov...

Video stills from Chuuk
Hi All, A quick gallery of video stills from a recent trip to Chuuk: http://www.flickr.com/photos/huwp/sets/72157594266104675/detail/ Enjoy... Cheers, Huw -- ...

Diving in South Africa?
Anyone have any tips or wisdom to pass on about diving in South Africa? Places to go, recommended dive shops? cheers. -- (\__/) (='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy ...

Disabled gent in the news regards scuba diving

Caverns for Beginners
A weekend in Wales on a Martyn Farr beginners course. http://www.nigelhewitt.co.uk/stuff/2006-09-03/index.html nigelH

El Gouna or Taba ?
Going to Sharm again in Oct., but for next year looking to take in somewhere else in Egypt. Need a location that will also be good for 2 non-divers, while my son & I go and dive...

Its the season for diving news I guess...
...what the eff? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/guernsey/5312364.stm . . . http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/guernsey/5314848.stm . . .

Good prices in Dive shops in Ambergris Caye?
Hi all, As some of you (might) know, I am on the way to AMbergris Caye. A thought crossed my mind today about buying equipment there. I don't know if its possible, ...

Good prices in Dive shops in Ambergris Caye?
Hi all, As some of you (might) know, I am on the way to AMbergris Caye. A thought crossed my mind today about buying equipment there. I don't know if its possibl...

Made me chuckle
PADI just sent me a thingy to get your cert cards renewed with somelimted edition pictures - one of which is a Stingray! I'll have that one then!

side scan sonar & 3D shipwrecks view
Hi Big update at www.ceresm.com, with 3D views of shipwrecks, seabed, bathymetry, side scan sonar images, podcasting from underwater & wrecks adventures, and video about DDay's shipwr...

Diving Egypt Hurghada Diving Courses
Hi We offer high-quality PADI diving courses and snorkeling trips in nice and friendly atmosphere for low price. For more information please visit our www.hurghada.ovh.org <...

Dive ops in Belize-recommendations.
hi there, I had originally asked about diving in belize a few months ago (thanks to all who replied). After some thjinking, and having work decide on where we go we fin...

SUUNTO Vyper PC i/f
I use a Suunto Vyper and have the PC interface and DiveManager s/w (ver2.3.0.136) Just uploaded last weeks dives and notice that on some of the dive graphs there is an annotatio...

Dive Master Training ?
Just completed a dive package at a PADI CDC place in Turkey, quite a few people on DiveMaster Internships, be interested in this newsgroups view on the 'Zero to Hero' scheme, takes them fr...

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