Warbird diving trip in the South of France
Hiya, I'm trying to find out if there is any interest in diving the shed load of aircraft that litter the bottom off the South of France. If you get on to the forum on www.dive...

Jetsam DSV 2nd stage replacement
Has anyone come up with an adaptor to allow the fitting of a better quality second stage to the Jetsam KISS OC/CC DSV please? Mark T.

Disabled gent needs help with funding/equipment
Hi all. I 'm a Disabled gent eager to learn to Scuba dive but need help to do so. Please view my web site for further details at www.alovella.co.uk Id be very grateful. Many th...

Maritime Archaeology Course in Wales
Hi all - Thanks to support from CADW the Welsh Heritage Agency, the NAS will be organising a series of 'Introduction to Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology' courses in Wales bet...

'Adopt A Wreck' Initiative re-vitalised
I know some divers' first reaction will be to 1. Look at the address, 2. Dismiss this as yet another attempt by maritime archaeologists to a. pick your brains and b. ban you fro...

Dive suitcases
Off on my 65th birthday trip to Oz, Cook Islands etc. Anyone been with diving gear to the US of A recently? We will alson be flying into San Fran from NZ on the way back to stay with frien...

I just thought I would share this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAIIY5SjDGI Ali

UK Light Canon 100
I have been using one of theses torches for some time now but with ordinary batteries. Can any one recommend a good rechargeable battery to use with this torch. I have been looking at A...

Historical wreck tour Malaysia 2007
At this moment we are looking for people who would like to join us on a historical wreck tour in Malaysia March, April and May 2007 We intend to have several groups out in the South China Se...

Computer batteries
Hi Group, Both my Aladdin Air Z Nitrox and Suunto Vyper are in need of battery changes. The UWATEC site suggests that they will only carry out battery replacements via your loc...

Save the Kowloon Bridge. Petition
For those of you have dived this wreck (Europe's largest as far as I know) and those of you who plan to, please sign the online petition. The wreck is located off Baltimore west Co Cork cl...

Hi, It might be of interest to the the group to learn that M&S worldwide multi-trip now includes SCUBA to 30m or more if accompanied my an instructor. It also includes 2500 worth of ...

For Auction: PADI Instructor Manual CD-ROM
I've got one to spare so its up on the ol' eBay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=016&item=260020713124 Grab yourself a bargain and find out why Instructors tell...

Diver talks of 'amazing survival'
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east/5265522.stm Is it a coincidence he's named after a male duck? - Keith

Farne Island
Hi All, I am looking to go to dive the Farne Islands soon (Sept - Oct 06) can anyone point me in the right direction for: 1/ Good accommodation 2/ Good Dive boat 3/ Goo...

Red Sea Diving Quit on show!
Selsey, Sussex, UK - Quilt show will be taking place in Medmerry School, School Lane, Selsey from 1000-1700 hours, 25th-27th Aug. Adnission is 1 in aid of the Sussex Snowdrop Trust and St W...

Red Sea Diver's Quilt!
Selsey, Sussex, UK - Quilt show will be taking place in Medmerry School, School Lane, Selsey, Sussex from 1000-1700 hours, 25th-27th Aug. Admission is 1 in aid of the Sussex Snowdrop...

Basic advice for mask, snorkel and flippers
Hi folks, I haven't been diving for a few years, and when I did recently I rented my mask, snorkel and flippers. I'm looking to buy though this time, and was after good bra...

Nikon Coolpix 2200
A long shot I know, but....... I made the mistake of removing a memory card with the camera switched on and it's sulking now. It won't start up, just displays the power light and a <...

Dell Battery recall
One of the batteries for my OCC computer (it came with two) and the battery for my notebook were subject to the recall. I've ordered replacements for both. The batteries for your Dell co...

Add money to your Paypal account with OPRAH 4A74X
Read this message until the end, and you will find out how the money flows in easy !!!!. Follow the steps and it WILL work. Trust me !!!!!. It's NOT illegal and it is NOT a scam !!!...

Diving Islas Medes - Any Recommendations?
Can anybody recommend any good dive companies around the Islas Medes area of Spain. Looking to spend a few days in the area and would like a dive or six while there. -- ...

Supposed to be true
If you don't laugh out loud after you read this you are in a coma! This is even funnier when you realize it's real! Next time you have a bad day at work, think of this guy. Rob i...

viewfinder vs LCD screen underwater use
The camera I'm now considering buying is the Fuji F30, which has no viewfinder, just the LCD screen. Any comments whether the viewfinder or LCD screen are better for underwater use in a ho...

Fuji F30
Anyone have any knowledge of the Fuji F30 or the Canon SD700 in underwater use? Adam

I'm going to Ao Nang in Thailand at the end of the month - does anyone have any experience of the diving & dive schools/outfits area? I'm looking to get some dives in while I'm there ...

Travel advice for Regs and Dive computer
All, With the recent announcements regarding handluggage on planes, what is the position with respect to Regs and Dive Computers. Ordinarily I would have taken these on board as hand l...

maximun depth underwater case ?
Hello, My CANON Ixus 700 digital underwater housing case DC70 says maximun depth 40 meters, how much more deep you think I can take this housing? I have taken it up to 45 me...

Welcome to nice divecamp in Hvasser, Tjoeme community, Vestfold County, Norway
Ryanair flyes you low cost to Sandefjord Airport/Torp (TRF) where you will be picked up after notification. See invitation with the info you need in English here: http://ww...

Suit advice
I am looking for a new dry suit and just wanted some advice. I have been told that DUI are the mutts nuts but have also been told by a friend that he hates them. Are they the suit you ei...

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