Cayo Levisa and Havana (Cuba) diving
Has anyone had experience of diving on Cayo Levisa? Planning a trip to Cuba with hopefully a good balance of seeing the place as well as diving. Will be in Cayo Levisa for 3 days so w...

Maldives Bleaching?
Considering going next Feb and I have been searching the web. A few stories about bleaching of the coral, etc. Has anyone recent experience of the area? JohnD.

Hi, I'm off on a late availability to Tenerife on Friday staying at the lovely peaceful Las Americas. Not a diving holiday but I would like to get a few in and will be taking th...

Any recommendations - Cork, Eire
Hi group, I'm spending a week in the vicinity of Cork in early September. Does anybody have any recommendations for shore or boat diving in the area. Will probably have time f...

newbie question
Hello, I live in Poole Dorset and my daughter wants to take up scuba diving lessons. any recommendations? Thanks in advance Andy Please reply i...

Differences between the Suunto D9 and Suunto Vytec DS ??? Suggestions?
Hi I am looking to these two diving computers to replace my old Aladdin with something more advanced and able to manage in a better way decompression stops and different gas mixes. ...

Hi all! Just wondered if anyone has any tips about the best film to use with a small very basic 'Sealife Reefmaster' camera. Pics usually come out 2 blue/green no matter wot the developers...

FORSALE Scubapro Reg set.
Scubapro Regulator Set 1 x Mk 20 first stage, A clamp. This stage has had the 2005 modification, fitted by authorised Scubapro technician of Hull. 1x G250 primary reg - very ligh...

cylinder servicing
I am "getting back into diving" and have a 15litre cylinder which has not been used for a couple of years. I wondered what the price of a service would be ( assuming its not rusted). ...

Dive Log Book Stamps
Please visit:

Canon WP-D4 Case Question
Does anyone out there own this waterproof case for the Canon Ixus 50-60 pocket camera range? I have just received one. It is a quality bit'o'kit and I'm looking forward to gett...

Anyone used a Canon Powershot A620?
I've been wondering whether the underwater scene mode and colour balance are worth buying new toys for. With available light, my current camera loses red and blue much too quickly for my ...

Great waterproof case for Scuba on eBAY (warning -ad)
I have just placed an ad on eBAY for a Peli case, I have bought a few variants of Peli cases, they are indestructible, ideal for thwarting the wrecking skills of baggage handlers at Sharm. <...

Cylinder Replacement Valves
I have an old cylinder that is in test ... it has an A Clamp valve fitted. When it is next in for test I would like to have the valve changed to an MDE type (A-clamp/DIN) I know ...

Real differences between Apeks ATX100 and ATX200
Hi to everyone. By looking to the specs is difficult to understand the real differences between the Apeks ATX100 and ATX200. also.. are the the differences worth the money? ...

Lost Dry Suit At Stoney Cove
A bit of a long shot as nothing handed in at Stoney Cove but does anyone have any information. Lost on Wednesday 12th July. Black, Crushed Neoprene, Large, Typhoon Dry Suit...

Pictures of Europe
Free of rights high resolution pictures of European landscapes. Geography and history and digital antique maps of Europe.

Thank you Poseidon divers, Dahab, Egypt
Just got back from a great week in Dahab, Egypt, doing my CCR mod 1 with Jack Ingle, and using the facilities at Poseidon Divers, and had to write to tell everyone how impressed I was with t...

Incident at Stoney
There's just been mention on the news about an incident at Stoney. Does anyone have any more information?

WTD Turtle or Jetfins
pair or single xlarge "Turtle" fin or pair of Jetfins wanted. -- Header is false real addy is:- davidharrison at bpss dot demon dot co dot uk

Video Lighting Hire?
Does anyone know where I can hire some underwater video lights in the UK, to take abroad for a week? The Green Force or Niterider brands are ideal for my Gates housing. I w...

O'Three saves the day!
I know, shameless plug for again... But my drysuit decided it didn't want to be a drysuit at the weekend )-: The Zip was knackered. Not bad after 6 years though! So ...

Seashell Dive center
Has anyone dived with this centre if so are they any good? At the moment it is 32c should i use my shorty or my 6m semi dry suit, any tips would be appreciated. Thanks for your h...

Diving in Malta
off for some sun, sea & scuba diving in Malta soon, I am diving with Aquaventures (found in sport diver). Has anybody dived with them? if so what did you think? Also I am doing ...

Spaces for the Aracataca, 55m, Friday 7th off Brighton
I'm in Northumbria so I can't do it but is anybody interested? They suddenly have some spaces. Diving Friday 7th July. Spaces available to dive the Aracataca which lies 15 miles o...

Ibiza - Port d'es Torrent
I'm in Ibiza (Port d'es Torrent) for a fortnight pretty soon. Does anyone have anything either good or bad to say about what appear to be the two local diving schools? http://ww...

Looking for u/w point-and-shoot camera
As subject - currently under consideration is the Olympus SP350, with PT-030 housing. It seems to tick most boxes (including threads for filter / wide-angle attachment), but my only c...

Key West: Shadow Divers
Shadow Divers I started this book on the plane trip to Key West and finished it just before landing at home. Wow. I would highly recommend this book to you divers and World Wa...

Key West Trip and Dive Report
Got to Key West Saturday afternoon and we stayed at the Hyatt Resort on the north end of the island. This is not a motel, but a timeshare, which was listed on Expedia. I suppose that it ...

last dive time for stoney?
Anyone know the last dive time for stoney for a weekday? i.e what is the lastest that you can be out of the water for? (or is there a latest time to be in the water for? i.e 1hr befor...

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