Recommendations please!
Thinking of doing a Red Sea liveaboard (my first), preferably not Sharm-based as have dived this area a fair bit. Any suggestions of favourites to go for or to avoid? Ken ...

Dive report - Rhodes
Just got back from a week on Rhodes and did a couple of days diving. Summary: Would have been very nice if the Greek had not eaten everything in the sea bigger than 5 inches! The...

Our friend has organised a dive trip (see info below) and we have had to drop out due to financial comittments with our new house ;( He has 5 spaces available, they are a good bunch and dive...

Underwater Photography - Fish Database Project
I've recently started a new project to provide a databaes of fish and coral photographs online, to help make it easier identifying fish from all over the world. My Father has been an amateur...

diving in Ibiza especially Santa Eulalia del rio
hi all has anyone dived in this region of ibiza ? couold you please recommend a dive school, club, outfit etc etc thanks in advance

Readers might recall some posts about a year ago regarding a home-made bracket and flash housing for considerably less than the commerically-available equivalent. I've been using mine for ...

"Newbie" Question
Hi, can any kind sole advise on a suitable mask for the slightly bigger face. I was told about the "TUSA VISUALTOR" , has anybody any experience with this, can it take optical lenses etc <...

Diving centres / clubs in Santa elulia
hi could anyone recommend a dive centre/school in the santa elulia region of ibiza ?? thanks in advance

Buddy Line (Poll)
Hi all, I'm about to investigate the pros and cons of using a buddy line on a scientific basis. In the first step I need to acquire as much data as possible. So I'd be ...

Scyllia for next Saturday
Hi Newbie here has anyone contacts for diving the Scyllia saturday next around the 1st July. I'm flying into Plymouth for a family weekend with minimal gear, just thought I'd div...

Key West Tomorrow
Fly out of Akron Canton Airport around 10:00, stopover in Atlanta, then Key West Airport around 4:00. Staying at the Hyatt Beach Resort. Probably diving with Key West Divers or ...

[photo] A fairly large update ...
Hi. A fairly large update of my underwater photography site : Manatees of Crystal River (Florida), San Salvador island (Bahamas), Mabul and Sipadan (Sabah, Malaysia). http://per...

Useful to know - Thomas Cook
will give 10kg per passenger for scuba gear if phoned up a few days ahead. Not advertised in the brochures as far as i could see!

An Italian personal Diving experience with photo
Hello to all, I want to signal the section of my site dedicated to the Diving, I started my diving adventure in October 20...

New dating site for scuba divers
Hi All, I just found this great new site called I made some incredible contacts already, Australia, Spain, UK, California. Wonder where my next holida...

same filter for med as red sea?
Hi, I have a colour correcting filter for my digicam, this is a "blue water" filter - ie pale orange? used for the red sea with good results. I assume that for the med (cyp...

Red sea questions
We are off to the red sea and I have heard mixed stories about being able to eat the fruits and veggies. Any thoughts about this? Also would you know what the water temp is now? T...

Stoney Cove
Hi, Does anyone on google groups dive at stoney?

Which Glue For A Minor BC Repair?
Hi, Call me vain, but the lettering is coming off my Mares BC and I want to stick it back down (I think it's going to end up spelling AR S if it keeps on). Can anyone suggest an...

Anyone dived Rhodes
seems to be a choice of only two dive centres - Med and Wavehoppers. Any comments on either? Cheers

152mm 7L ALUMINIUM FLAT BOTTOMED cylinder boot wanted
Anyone know where I can get a boot for an aluminium 7L flat bottomed stage cylinder? Cylinder diameter is 1522mm Gordon

Log bookfills
Does anyone know where I can but beaver log book fills on line? I have gone to the Beaver web site ( all they give me is a list of shops, none of which are that...

Anyone been diving in Dubai/UAE?
I'm moving out to Dubai at the end of the month so time for some new haunts. Diving on the mussandam peninsula in Oman and the east coast at bit further south in Fujeira are supposed to be...

Digital Camera & Housing for Sale (Warning - Add)
Olympus C-8080 highly rated 8Mp Prosumer camera. and Ikelite Professional Housing ... rated to 60m - full TTL flash support. CR-PRO filter for housing. Both Camera & Housing...

Any Shallow trips coming up
I've ummm had a bit of an absence and wish to get back into it but gently :D more for the kits sake than my own, it's been hung up for about two years now. EEK A buddy would be g...

$100 Underwater Video Housing
Go to I guess they don't make this videocam anymore, that's why they are blowing the housings out. From the dimensions...

hello, I spent a week on M.Y. Juliet (Oonas) out of Sharm at the end of May with 13 other buddies. My first liveaboard! Best thing I ever did !! So to my point..... <...

Sell, Auction Trade, New and Used Scuba/Norkeling Equipmentd
Sell With free listing your new and used Scuba diving and Snorkeling equipment at auction or fixed price, locally or worldwide. check it out here:

Whale Shark Diving in Utila Honduras
In case anyone is considering heading out to Utila in Honduras to do some Whale Shark diving I can thoroughly recommend it and that's not just for the Whale Sharks. Great vibe, off the beate...

Lake Windermere
Could anyone tell me of any good dive sites in the lake Windermere area as I plan to visit the area later this summer. Regards Dr Five Fum

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