South-west France
Does anyone know (or can anyone recommend) any dive outfits in or near Narbonne, on the Med coast? Or anywhere between, say, Montpelier and Perpignan? I'll be near there for the 2nd half o...

Inspiration 4th cell holders
A new batch of the original Inspiration 4th / 5th cell holders is now available. Details here Regards DaveH -- Header is false real a...

Stretching Neoprene
Anyone got any good tips for stretching an overtight neoprene neckseal??? I've tried leaving the neckseal stretched over a cylindrical object for a few days, but it just shrinks right ...

wing question
Anybody have tried one of this ? How does a single fit? thanks

OT : Where to buy Neoprene in UK ?
Hi, sorry for the OT nature of this post. I need a sheet of nylon laminated neoprene rubber 45 inches by 60 inches to make a protective case for a telescope and I wondered if any...

Where to go - Turkey, Tenerife, Spanish Med
Looking to grab a last minute holiday in late June early July from the bargain bucket at Thomson, can go to any of the above (and more) for around the 150 each mark (I've got to take (and...

DOT cylinders
I have a US DOT - 3AL Oxygen cylinder, made in 2003. Does anyone have any information as to whether these DOT cylinders are legal in the UK as I am having difficulty getting it filled...

Lidl Diving Bits
orth a look ? Not one of the first places that springs to mind for Diving Gear but Lidl are selling a few bits and pieces in a Diving promtion from Mon 29th May Neoprene w...

Dive Log Refill Sheets

Print Your Own Dive Log Refill Sheets
Comes on a CD in PDF format and you can print off as many as you like. Print in full colour to bring your dive log to life. Loaded with features this one will save you heaps of money and ...

50 x A5 Dive Log Refill Sheets
PADI Style dive log refill sheets: Cashy's Dive Log Refill Sheets PADI Style You'll never buy retail again.

Weymouth / Portland must do dives
Our Club is going to Weymouth / Portland over the spring bank week - as a lot of you dive this area regularly what dives would you say are must do for a bunch of northerners, most of which s...

Anyone want to trade swap guitar equipment for dive stuff?
Hi, Subject line says it all really... I've got a lot of guitar equipment that is surplus to requirements - electric guitars, effect pedals, amps & I'm looking at acquiring ...

new underwater gallery have rebuild his underwater gallery

Sepia's in Holland (Sepia Project 2006)
Check our site for a log of our special made enviroment for Sepia's (Seecat) to put their eggs. The site is in dutch but the big number of photos and movies will make it clear. ht...

Spaces - Portland - 3/4 June
Hi All I have two spaces diving with Ivor on Protector: from Portland Sat 3 & Sun 4 June! Max Planned depth is 50m, hopefully on the Salsette &/or anything else the maj...

Reef hooks
I recently used a reef hook on holiday and thought it could be useful when diving in the UK. Does anyone use them in the UK - I had some difficulties finding a supplier. Thanks <...

Shore diving in Dorset
Hi Guys, I'm thinking of taking a couple of days off and doing some gentle shore diving off the coast of Dorset. The "Dive Dorset" book suggests the beaches at Seatown, West Bay ...

Anyone know where I can get a quote for a Junior II Honda Compressor?

Liveaboards in Belize?
hi, Myself and another diver will be going to Guatemala in early September, ...

Newbie "seeking" gear jargon
Hi I am halfway through my PADDI Open Waters and have been looking at all the nice shiny cool looking gear on the tinternet. It looks as though I could chuck money away soooo quickly. <...

Algarve diving - a brief report
Hi All, I guess it may not interest everyone, a there'll be no mention of nitrox or deep wreck penetration, but I thought I'd write a little note about the pleasant afternoon I sp...

Aquarium diving
Could someone let me know the name and location of the sealife type centres that you can dive in with the sharks. Thx

SS Politician
Hi Has anyone got the marks or long /lat for the wreck of the SS Politician in the sound of Eriskay. I know there is hardly anything left but the film was one of my favourites a...

Diving in Norway, Isle of Hidra
Hi, we are going to Norway soon. Hidra is a small island just outside the Flekkejjord, between Christiansand and Egersund und SW Norway. Does anybody have any hints for diving t...

Insurance for hired kit
Can anyone recommend an insurance company which will cover sponsored and hired equipment please? Going to Dahab in June with a VR3 borrowed from Delta P but Divemaster will not in...

Diving in Poros and Aegina
Hi NG I'm going to these two Greek islands in July. Are there any good companies that arrange diving tours? Or some companies that should be avoided? Thank you Steen

New dating site for Scuba Divers
Hi All, ScubaDates is your virtual dive site Take a plunge and meet new friends from all over the world. Your buddies are waiting for you

Sport Relief 2006
Today the Sport Relief Mile was launched, its going to be walked, staggered or some idiots might run it, on July 15th, do you know where your local Mile Event is going to be held? Just...

Job descriptions for positions on club committee
Hello We are amending our club's constitution and we'd like to include job descriptions for the positions on the club's committee. Does anybody have any job descriptions, please?...

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