Diving in Kavos, Corfu
Hi gang, was wondering if anyone has dived recently with the outfit Cavos Diving Centre. Going there as part of a holiday but fancied fitting in a few dives to keep the numbers up.

Spaces on Weymouth dives
I've still got 1 maybe 2 spaces on my trimix trip out of Weymouth 1/2 July. Depth will be less than 60m, so suitable for intermediate trimix divers. Plus I've got a grand total of...

Dive Kit - sorry if this is the wrong place
Hi all, Although I haven't been here in many many months, It was the first place i thought of to announce my small kit reduction. I apologise now if kit is no longer listed ...

The Last Dive by Chowdhury
I just finished reading The Last Dive, which chronicles the experiences and deaths of divers Chris and Chrissy Rouse. Interwoven into Chowdhury and Rouse stories was the history of diving...

Spaces - 29th/30th St Abbs
Hi I've 2 spaces left on the North Star out of Eyemouth - 25 a day for 2 dives Sat & Sun. Give me a ring on 07968487596 if interested. Graham

Bombs in Egypt
Breaking news on tv, three bombs in Dahab, Egypt, including at a dive centre.

flythomascook has just gone straight to the top of my most useless airline list, and we haven't even been on the flight yet! We wanted to reserve seats and order a veggie meal. You can res...

Hi, Always seem to develop a really bad migraine like headache mid way through a dive. Had it in the red sea so pretty sure its not the cold, also not dive particularly deep - well with...

proplanner download
Anyone know if theres an evaluation copy or otherwise of proplanner online.? I can't seem to find a link Tthanks

Sharm Veterans ?
Doing my first trip to Sharm next week, anybody got any tips on where to eat, what to do out of the water ? Also any tips for avoiding the free for all for a visa at the airport ?

Spaces - May 6th
We've a few spaces on Nauticat out of Brighton on Sat May 6th. It'll be a 30m wreck & drift. Drop me a line if you're interested, regards Nick

Poseidon "Besea" BCD?
Does anyone in this NG have any experience of the Poseidon "Besea" BCD, or know anyone who has? Any constructive criticism, good or bad, about it? Thanks in advance, <...

M/Y Anggun/Thailand Liveaboard
Does anyone have recent experience with this liveaboard?

FS: Coltri Sub Compressor Brand New
Coltri Sub MCH 16SH Compressor For Sale Brand new with all manuals and Zero hours run time. Honda petrol engine and factory set to 225 bar maximum. Specs shown here: <...

Scuba after a Heart Attack
DAN advise that scuba after a heart attack is probably not a good idea. Has anyone else got any experience, advice or resources to consult. After my heart attack, I'm looking at a dry ...

As a Reminder
in case there is anyone new to the group, several of the James Bond movies were filmed in Nassau, Bahamas. On my summer vacation, I videotaped three of the sets: the British Colonial Hilto...

VHF recommendations
Hi folks, I'm in the market for a VHF radio having recently completed the RYA short-range course. I'd like a handheld unit that is: Waterproof (1m/30 mins is fin...

Din Fittings
Is it ok to use a 300bar 7 thread din fitting in a 232 bar cylinder? I know using a 232 bar 5 thread din on a 300 bar cylinder is no good cheers

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Making up some numbers for a trip with Hazel Grove SAC. The boat is the North Star =E2=80= =93 a 10.5m Offshore 105 with a tail lift. www.marine-quest.co.uk. (See =E2=80=98G= et Charter=E2=8...

Rebreather training
Can anyone recommend a good Instructor for Inspiration training? One close to S. Wales would be useful, cheers

Typhoon membrane dry suit material
Hi there, I've got some fairly major repairs to do to my Typhoon Nexus membrane dry suit and I wondered if anyone knows a source in the UK to buy the material that the suits are m...

Bikini Atoll
Hi Guys, Anyone going to Bikini Atoll, or just dreaming about it, you might like to look at my website www.lonesharkproductions.com I was a diveguide/videogrpher there, and...

Red Sea diving!
I'm just back from a week in the Red Sea! Whee! Water temps 24C... See story & pictures here: http://www.drogon.net/scuba/Sharm-March-2006/ Then I was silly enough t...

I found this link on a list I'm on - these are some really cool 360˚ pannable photos... http://www.refocus.de/work/underwater/ Enjoy. Dan L.

underwater Photography
Had my Ikelite UW housing delivered yesterday, for an Olympus C-8080. Any keen photographers out there .... be interested in advice over best settings for UW use. I bought t...

seeking diver yellowsauce
A diver calling him/herself "yellowsauce" recently posted some good reviews at www.thescubaguide.com. Since the review form is anonymous, there is no way to contact yellowsauce. Y...

PLUG for club Scapa Trips 2 & 9 September - places
unashamed plug as we have spaces left on these dates..... Spaces on Scapa Trips 2 & 9 September weeks (or fortnight trip) We (Standard Life Dive Club)have spaces available for 1 or 2 w...

Car and Deep Cycle (Including SLA) Battery FAQ
Hi all, The Car and Deep Cycle Battery FAQ has been updated. The current version is 5.4, dated April 1, 2006 and can be found on www.batteryfaq.org. Answers to Frequently Asked ...

Frog kicks
In a couple of posts I have read that Frog Kicks may be better in some circumstances ... can someone explain what these are ? are these the type of kicks you do when swimming breast st...

www.nw4you.com in the picture
Do you like amazing beautiful wallpapers and pictures, look than on www.nw4you.com and dont forget to look to the underwater world. Go now to www.nw4you.com

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