Menorca in Late August
Can anyone help with information on diving in Menorca? I am going in late August and wonder where is good to dive, what Dive Centres you would recomend and what the sea temp would be...

Who is DUI dealer in UK?
Which company is now the DUI drysuit dealer in the UK please? I'm after another pair of Rock Boots. cheers, Mark.

Greek diving?
I've just been forwarded a copy of the Dive Magazine article "Greeks prepare for diving odyssey" see: <> <...

algave any where good
just wondering if anyone could supply me with any info on the algave best places to go what is around in terms of entertainment. thanks

Red Sea Liveaboard (Blue Fin/Blue Seas/Typhoon)
Looking to book a liveaboard for the first time (only been shore based so far) Narrowed down avalibilty/dates to a couple of Northern Itineries on either Blue Fin, Typhoon or MY...

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Joint Service SADS
JointServiceSADS is a Yahoo meeting and discussion group for UK Joint Service personnel who have completed and passed the Joint Service Sub-Aqua Diving Supervisors Course at Fort Bovisand,...

Anyone going to Bikini this year?
HI guys, anyone off to Bikini this year? If you want the low down, drop me a line. I was a dive guide there last year. Also would like someone to drop of some post for me for the lads ther...

Complete pumping station & Mixing panel for sale
Posting for a friend, so not me who's selling, but if intersted, follow the link. It's eBay item no. 7220639672. G ==================== Hi everyone, I have f...

Any read about the 'leather' diver of Pymouth retiring
In the Sunday Express yesterday, some bloke who has been collecting Reindeer hide from a wreck 100 ft down in Pymouth Sound for years, which was used to make 2000 shoes for the likes of P...

Going to the Maldives in April for the first time and wondered what sort of wetsuit to take? Ive got a long 5mm or a 3mm shortie. Would the shortie be enough considering I might...

I'm back
Did you miss me? Jason -- See for trip reports including the Costa Blanca, Gibraltar, Gran Canaria and the UK

Nitrox compressor
Hi group, My compressor has recently died, so it's time to think about a replacement. I've been toying with the idea of a nitrox compressor like this one:

Apeks Pulse / Dive Rite Nitek PLus
Anyone changed a battery on one of these? Does it really require a shop if a person has appropriate tools & takes care? Thanks for any help/hints Lets_tour

news from have change all his pictures.

Dive report and info. on Oman
For all those that missed our recent post, has info. on a recent trip to Oman through Regal Dive- just look on the site for diving, photos, logbook, holidays etc.

Scuba Diving Buddy Search
We are looking for dive buddies who might be interested in sharing an > inexpensive live aboard trip to Andros Island in May or early June of > this year. The intro trip wil...

Sealife DC500 - Problems
Joe Iocona the export manager of Sealife has just emailed folk with the following page of issues with the DC500, rather hidden on their site at:

Just found an amusing flash animation
I just found an amusing flash animation it is at <> Quite well done if a bit simple. Enjoy -- >replace spamblock wi...

Travel aid
--_NextPart_00009763-00000C20-0D695BB5-5159 Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Check out for some of the best travel rates <...

Great Job Board
--_NextPart_00009763-000008FC-0CFF415E-0EFA Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit There is a great job board located at the employment section of http://ww...

Oman diving - a dive holiday report - blatant plug for my homapge
Greetings group(s), First off apologies for the slight cross posting, but its a UK residents trip report to Oman, so uk.rec.scuba and rec.scuba.locations seemed a sensible idea....

Diving In Turkey
Any info on where and what to dive in turkey. Going to a Resort called Pegasos Palace in a place called Sarigerme. Any details appreciated

Diving Tunisia
Off to Tunisia in two weeks time, anybody got any feedback on the dive centre based in Port El Kantaoui ?

Red Sea ship carrying 1,300 sinks

Fantasea underwater housings
Does anybody have any experiences (good or bad) of these housings? Specifically the CP-3N which houses the Nikon Coolpix 2200, 3200 or 4100. I have heard mixed reviews about these and woul...

Pegasos Palace Diving
Hi Going on a family hoilday (bird flu included) to Turkey staying at the Pegasos Palace/Tropical resort. It mentions a Padi diving school of some sort there. Does an...

GIS programs 2006 - revised
GIS programs 2006 - revised GARAGE SALES, buy, risk-free purchase, working, tested, fully functional, very cheap discounted price, low cost, quality OEM software, -----------...

Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets Latest Software
Technical Analysis of stocks/commodities/futures markets Latest Software GARAGE SALES, buy, risk-free purchase, working, tested, fully functional, very cheap discounted price, low...

"Plotting" a wreck on a map?
Hello, all. I am doing some reseach for a book into the histories of several WWI vessels that were sunk in the waters off of England and Ireland. As far as I can tell from my res...

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