commercial advertising: Gilan new 24W HID umbilical coming soon
24W HID ( virtually unbreakable bulb) 1:45 hours burntime NiMH batterypack tricklechargher only at introduction: GPB 400,- prototype pictures: <...

Salve a tutti; vendo Muta Cressi Sub classica 5 mm. 2 pezzi: pantalone salopette con bretelle + giacca con cappuccio a maniche lunghe, aggancio sotto inguine. Guarnizioni nere stagne ...

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best part of Belize to dive?
I'm heading to Belize in March and was wondering if anyone here can recommend a good spot to dive the "2nd Largest Reef in the World" (tm) ? Preferably less touristy! Thank...

Diving in Borneo (Sipadan/Kapalai)
Hi all, Will be honeymooning in Borneo in May and am about to qualify Ocean Diver next month. Have booked 4 days at Sipadan/Kapalai Dive Resort and am having to hire 95% of kit to save luggi...

Diving in Borneo (Sipadan/Kapalai)
Hi all, Off on honeymoon to Borneo in May & thought I'd learn to scuba dive first. Signed up with SVAC (Glos) end of last year and will hopefully qualify as Ocean Diver in a month or so...

loaded mortgage insurance
Hi I've just had 200.00 ukp per month loaded onto my mortgage insurance because I dive Does anyone else have this problem & more importantly, can you suggest a scuba savvy insura...

[photo] Large 2005 update
Hi. Very large 2005 update of my site : Thailand, The Philippines, St. John's cruise, Mauritius, Crystal River manateees, The Bahamas ...

Regulator, first stage and housuses compatibility
Hi all, I have got question: are all the first stage regulators are compatible in terms of conncting hoses from different suppliers (developers). For instance: I have BCD -...

Hi, Is ther anyone in the group who has been to the Chathams (New Zealand) and is willing to shar some information about this Island and the scuba possibility's? We found f...

Compressor overhaul-south scotland
Hi, We've recently been given an old portable compressor and it's petrol engine in a frame. Can anyone recommend anywhere (preferably Edinburgh) where we can get both overhauled d...

setings for spiro nordic
does any one have or know where I can down load the service manual for a aqua lung Spiro Nordic 2nd stage cheers taz

Mobile phone use at sea
Hi all, I am a final year undergraduate student, studying Marine Navigation (BSc) at the University of Plymouth, conducting a study of the use of mobile (cell) phones by recreatio...

A Little OT. Homer Simpson in SCUBA gear.
Hi Guys. A little OT, but has anyone got a picture of Homer Simpson is SCUBA gear. Best Regards Baz

Diving in Sharm El Sheik
Is anybody going for a diving trip to Egypt- Sharm el sheikh? if yes have a look at the winter offers of one world divers, we guarantee the best service and cheap diving with accomodation ...

Diving Tenerife
Hi Guys I've got a freebie break in Tenerife in early March and of course want to go diving. Can anyone please help with advice? Diving centres, dive sites, what to take in the wa...

UK Military SADS. past or present.
Any Military SADS present or past who have passed the course at Fort Bovi visit: Eddie SADS 158

Sealife DC500 - unavailable
Please can someone tell me where I can get a Sealife DC500 pro underwater camera. Apparently the importer has gone bust and no-one is allowed to import these. I've tried Jessops and many oth...

Links to some of my diving photos.

Contact Lenses
Hi, I am part way through my SAA Novice diver course. So far I've only been in the pool. I use rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses for swimming and have done during my trai...

Age restriction in Canary Islands.
Interesting position come to light ... last year we went to Fuerteventura where my son undertook his referral PADI OW course ... this was at a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre .....

Mmmmm I wonder ?
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Shipwrecks/sonar/google earth
Hello, on shipwrecks side scan sonar images mapped on Google Earth. Many more to follow from all around the world. bon voyage on the underwater planet. Bertrand SCIB...

Beaver Consoles?
Just wondering if anyone out there has or has had experience of Beaver consoles. I like the look and compactness of the Beaver Vantage Console "GA VAN" (if you go to their site http://www....

Icebreakers pictures It was fun as usual. I've never surfaced from a dive to be snowed on before. nigelH

Estartit, Spain
Anyone know when the season starts, and any dive shops worth using in Estartit, Spain. I've just checked Ryanair ticket prices, and you can go in March for a couple of days for 50 re...

Runnymede Dive - what happened?
I dropped in on my way back from work - gone! These were the Good Guys - far friendlier and less cliquey than many other shops in this part of SW London, better range of gear and serv...

Mains supply in Dahab
Anyone know the plug type and mains voltage in Dahab please? Cheers, Mark T.

Poseidon regs - triton - service
Has anyone any experience of getting these serviced recently? My triton regs have been with a local shop for two months apparently the UK dealer is unable to acquire the service parts ...

Icebreakers 2006
Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone who came along to Icebreakers this year, it was nice to see a reasonable turnout after last year's pretty poor effort. Full report an...

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